A Mirror Shattered #285 &#286 "Old Hobbies."

[ON:] <<USS Pegasus, Transporter Room>>

Ryylar as the leader of his team stepped up on the padd and checked is phaser rifle.

"Rrrrrrrready when you arrrrrrrre. We'll beam overrrrrrr and sssssssecurrrrrrrre the landing site... then the rrrrrrresssssst beam in behind ussssssss." Said Ryylar to his security detachment. The resounding 'Aye Sir' was a good sign and he disappeared into the glow of the transporter, rematerializing aboard the Jem'Hadar vessel.

The sounds of fighting could be heard in the semi darkness. The usual sound of Jem Hadar weapons, intermixing with Vulcan phasers, and strangely enough, the sound of a modified Federation phaser could be heard in the din of the battle.

"Shoot to kill!" Ryylar barked to his troops as they beamed in. Several Jem'Hadar took up positions in the corridor, leaning against the bulkhead walls for cover as they fired on the intruders. Ryylar swung out from behind a vertical support and pumped several shots off down the corridor to lay down cover fire and advance up a bit, moving back behind another vertical support.

Further down the corridor, the beam of a single fedration phaser flashed into existence long enough to vaporize its target before fading into the darkness. The jem' Hadar were now pinned between to groups of forces: Sulan's ragtag Vulcan security team, and Ryylar's fresh troops. They reacted well, moving into position and trying to find cover though each of the clone troops knew the tables would turn if the Vulcan forces became aware that help had arrived.

Ryylar waved his arm amidst the phaser fire and signaled his troops to move forward into close combat, Ryylar unleashing his claws as he launched his phaser rifle at the head of the closest Jem'Hadar, leaping forward to tackle the large goon in the midsection.

A Vulcan trooper looked up in surprise at the eviscerated Jem Hadar Corpse that flew over his head. He had only the barest look of surprise on his face at the sudden sight of yellow and black federation uniforms. "Federation reinforcements have arrived!" He called over his shoulder, as he pressed the attack. The news of the arrival of help emboldened the Vulcan fighters, like a hypospay of vitamin B12. "Now that our friends have decided to join us, we must show them the hearts of real warriors. Slay all the enemy, to the last man." She orders, laughing. "Kill them all."

"Sulan!?" Ryylar whirled about after dispatching another Jem'Hadar, surprised to see the Vulcan woman aboard the ship as well. Another soldier snuck up behind Ryylar and grabbed him around from behind in a hold. Ryylar slammed his elbow back and doubled over, sending the Jem'Hadar flying as he executed the throw.

"It is agreeable to see you again, Mr. Ryylar." She said, as she hammered the butt of her phaser rifle into the face of a Jem hadar, and smiled at the wet crunching sound. "I was unaware that our vessel had managed to repair the communications system. Had I known you were coming to assist, I would have-" she ducked a disruptor bolt and returned fire hitting the jem hadar's exposed head. "I would have better coordinated the operation."

Ryylar nodded and smiled grimly as they turned to face several Jem'Hadar charging into battle down the corridor, screaming in fury at the Vulcan and Starfleet personnel. Ryylar growled and snarled right back, turning to Sulan and nodding to her to signal a counter-charge.

Sulan moved with the inhuman Vulcan speed that was a trademark of her species. Firing as she went, a savage half smile on her face. Each shot was a perfect head shot, she only paused long enough to knife the fallen jem hadar that she encountered in her charge. "At the enemy!" she shouted

Ryylar howled in savage fury, leading the Starfleet forces as he vaulted himself up with the agility of a panther, slamming his bulk into Jem'Hadar soldier. He was damned for using his claws... but if he was going to be damned. Let him be damned doing something for the cause of good. His claws tore into the Ketracel White tube and buried themselves into the Jem'Hadar's throat, the creature's eyes widening as Ryylar tore through its flesh.

Sulan pressed herself beside the closed door of the bridge, and readied an anti personnel grenade as the Vulcan security forces removed the cover of the doors control panel and began to hack it with their tri-corders. "Miller, Rodriguez, it is agreeable that you have done well in my continued absence. Truly, your a are a credit to your species. You as well, Mr. Ryylar."

"Thankssssss." He said with a grin as Ryylar waited for the bridge doors to open so they could charge in.

"Door breach in three...two...one!" The Vulcan officer shouted as the door opened with a hiss. Before it had opened more than a few centimeters, Sulan casually tossed the grenade in, and ducked back behind the jam. "Grenade away!" she shouted as a muffled boom was heard. The alarms and alerts blared as the bridge was flooded and screams of Jem'Hadar and their Vorta master was heard.

"MOVE!" Ryylar shouted, running forward onto the bridge. It was in that adrenaline rush that he stepped over the body of a Jem'Hadar and didn't notice the disruptor pointed at his back as he tried to survey the bridge. The disruptor fired and the blast slammed into Ryylar's shoulder before two Starfleet guards came forward and blasted the dying Jem'Hadar warrior.

Ryylar pitched forward and collapsed in pain, the disruptor having been set to a high setting, but not enough to vaporize him. Sulan stomped on the throat of the Jem hadar that had fired on Ryylar in a rage. His neck snapped like a dry twig, but she continued to stomp his corpse till its face was a bloody pulp. She moved over to Ryylar, hesitantly, expecting to look into his dead, glazed eyes.

His eyes were tightly shut and his arm was nearly detached. The bone splintered and stuck out through the meat at odd angles, making the wound look like a gaping bloody maw with cruel teeth. He shivered as he lost blood, the anti-coagulant properties of the Jem'Hadar weapon seemed to be a constant for both universes and he grit his teeth against the pain.

Sulan tapped her combage. "Medic needed, at the Jem Hadar bridge." She said with a slight tremble in her voice, as she ripped strips from Ryylar's uniform to make a tourniquet. "Damn you, you walking carpet... A single compliment from me, and you start making mistakes?" She said tightly, not meaning the words she spoke, but still under the effects of the Vulcan battle meditation. He looked up and opened his eyes as she cradled him in his arms.

"Guessssss I wassssss.... ssssshowing off...." He said, shivering and shuddering a bit as shock was likely soon to set in. He tried to smile and shrug it off, but it was obvious from the blood loss and pain in his voice that he was not in good condition.

"You know, technically, your part of my security team now. So, I order you to survive so I do not have to explain to Petrova why I brought back a fur covered corpse. Understood, Maggot?"

"That should do wonderrrrrsssssss forrrrrr yourrrrrr popularrrrrrrity...." He joked through the pain as a medic moved in and pressed a hypo to Ryylar's neck.

She spoke quickly to the medic and in whispered Vulcan so as to keep Ryylar's condition from him. Then nodded at the medic's assessment without comment.

"You arrrrrrranging my funerrrrrral?" Ryylar asked her, shivering as he knew she spoke in another language so he wouldn't hear. It must be bad.

"Not just yet, Mr. Ryylar... not just yet." She looks at the stunned Vorta that her Vulcan security team had restrain-cuffed to his command chair. "Get some rest My Ryylar... I have business to attend to." She said darkly as the rage she felt at the wounding of a friend found a potential outlet in the unconscious Vorta. She slowly got to her feet and moved to the Vorta, waking him with a punch to his face. "Rise and shine, Mr. Vorta!" She said happily, in a voice that didn't seem her own. The Vorta's forehead was bleeding and he looked up over a swollen cheek at the Vulcan.

"How may I help you?" He asked, his demeanor the typical cold and cruel one held by the Vorta. Sulan drew her dagger and severed his right ear without comment. She held it before him so he could examine it. "Do I have your attention now?" He winced in pain and looked at her, trembling.

"You had it... before..." He said trying to keep his tone even.

"I want you to tell me how many ships are in this sector, as well as their designations, and home ports."

"You will kill me in either case... so I will not divulge that information." He said defiantly.

"Correct. I'll kill you, yes. But it's up to you weather or not you go to hell whole or in pieces." She severed his right index finger and tossed it to the floor, followed by the ear . She next takes some sythflesh as sprays his wounds so he doesn't bleed to death. He screamed but made not an utterance outside of his screams of pain.

"Cut out hissssss hearrrrrrt and jusssssst acccccccesssssss the computerrrrrrsssss Ssssssulan." Ryylar said, laying there shivering.

"That would lack a cirtain... finesse, Mr. Ryylar." She said coldly. "No... I want to see how the Vorta Beg..." She smiles a smile like ice.

"But it would be eassssierrrrrr on my earrrrrrsssss." He said to her softly as the Vorta remained silent, closing his eyes. She severed the Vorta's middle finger. "Your attention should be on ME now, Mr. Vorta. Me." The Vorta shivered and trembled.

"You... are not worthy of the attention... of a servant of... the Founders." He choked out.

"I see." She jabs the tip of the dagger into his right eye. "But apperantly, you don't see my point." She laughs at her pun. <tag> [00:06] rossclannoble: The dagger slammed into his eye, skewering the orb and he shrieked in pain.

"Ssssssulan.... pleassssse... jusssst kill him." Ryylar said.

"Tisk tisk, Mr Ryylar! It has been far too long since I've enjoyed myself in such a manner." She said happily, like someone who redicovered an old hobby. She holds his head in a vice like grip as she puts her face centimeters from his. "There! Now, do you see the predicament your in, my good Vorta?! Don't worry , you'll have no need to worry about ajusting to the lack of depth perception" She laughed so hard at this that she nearly doubled over [00:21] rossclannoble: The Vorta only doubled over in pain and two Vulcans brought him to sit back up straight, not letting the creature give into his pain before it slipped into unconsciousness.

"Hold him steady." She ordered flatly. "Your on control here, Vorta. Tell me what I wish to know, and this can end."

The Vorta was unconscious from the pain inflicted by his wounds and it was no use.: She drover her thubnail into his remaining good eye to wake him. "GYAAAAH!" He woke with a start and a jerk. "I'm not fished, Vorta!" She shouted into his face.

"I am..." He said and hung his head.

She sighed. "Very well, Vorta. Then die. Die, and be damned." She savagely slashed his throat. "Vorta trash...." She wispered as she spat in his dying face.

Ryylar lay there thankful that the Vorta was dead so he didn't have to hear the creature scream. The bridge had been secured and the ship was now under the allies' control. Sulan moved over to Ryylar and touched him tenderly, smoothing his fur. "I belive you shall survive this, Ryylar. What's more, I've shown that Vorta what it means to suffer. That is quite agreeable, is it not?"

"Yeah... that would be..." Ryylar started and then his eyes widened.

"Sss...Ssssssulan?" He asked, his eyes flicking about as panic entered his voice.

"What is it?" she asked concerned, looking around for possible hostiles.

"I... I can't ssssssee you... I'm blind..." He said panicking as he started to tremble a bit more violently.

"What...?" She tapped her comm badge. "Sulan to Pegasus, prepare to receive an emergency transport. I will follow along with the casualty. Sulan out."

"Don't let me go..." Ryylar said as he faded from the world and everything went black. "I won't..." she said as they dematerialized.


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Acting Security Officer USS Pegasus

Lieutenant (jg) Telek Sulan Chief Security Officer USS Pegasus "I should have carved my name in that Vorta's forehead while I had the chance."