'Renegade Deception' #33&34 - "Welcome Aboard"

-={On}=- [Captain's Ready Room, USS Pegasus, 12 hours 37 minutes after launch]

=/\= Ensign Hadarin for Commander LaBrie, please report to the bridge =/\= Caelen's combadge announced, he hit the combadge as he stood up =/\= on my way, LaBrie out =/\= he said in a friendly tone walking towards the bridge. The doors opened and cleared the way to the nerve centre of the Pegasus, "What's wrong?" he asked looking around the bridge, the Ensign that had contacted him stood up from the center chair "We have arrived in orbit of Tarsonius Prime" he stated

Caelen nodded and walked to the center of the bridge. "Contact the transporter room and tell them to expect two officers" he said waiting for the Ensign to carry out his orders. He took a deep breath, well this was it, his crew was complete and they got an extra, foreign, hand on operations as well.

"Sir, somebody is hailing us from the planet" the communications officer said after he had relayed the message to the Transporter room.

"Open a channel" LaBrie answered, he had a pretty solid idea of whom it could be.

"Good day Sir." came the voice "It's about time you guys showed up. Two hours of Romulan interrogation can seem like forever!" said Kennock jokingly. "I hope everything's alright up there, we were expecting you a while back."

"Yeah we had a minor hick up, but now everything is ok" Caelen explained to his future Chief Diplomatic. "The transporter room is expecting you, I'll meet you there" he then said, not wanting to have a long conversation over the unsecured channel.

"Aye sir, two ready to beam up."

Caelen nodded to the communications officer notifying him that he should close the channel, after that he made way to the turbo lift. Once the doors closed Caelen needed a second to think about the deck listing "Deck five" he said and the lift started moving down. Arriving at deck five Caelen got out of the lift and walked towards the Teleporter room, where the Andorian Diplomatic officer and the Romulan Operations Officer should have already arrived.

In a flash of sparkly blue light, the two men materialized on board the Pegasus. Kennock took a long look around the transporter room. He was used to more recent designs. The retro look didn't exactly bother him, but it was slightly unsettling. He then took a look at the officer manning the transporter controls. She was a centauran, a Chief Petty Officer. He gave her a nod, which she returned.

Caelen stepped into the Transporter room, a blue lieutenant in purple, a Romulan officer and the yellow clothed Operations officer, it was some sight. "Good evening Lieutenant" he said putting out a hand towards the Andorian.

Shaking the extended hand, he replied "Good evening sir. Permission to board sir?"

Caelen smiled a bit "There's no stopping you now really..." he said as Kennock was already aboard, "...plus it would make all that paperwork useless, which would be a pity." he added remembering what a bane all the request forms, letters and other forms of requests were. He let go of the Blue, rather cold, hand and extended it to the Romulan officer. "Good evening, Lieutenant Commander Caelen LaBrie, Welcome aboard" he said with the same smile he greeted everybody.

Stepping down from the transporter, he brought the sailor bad to his shoulder, holding the black tube in his other hand. "The Romulan admiralty didn't give you too much trouble did they? I mean about all the Neutral Zone business?" he asked.

"It was to be expected" Caelen reacted, there was an uneasy truce between the Federation and the Romulan Empire. "But that's all behind us now, let's hope it wasn't all for nothing" he said shaking the Romulan's hand. "First lets get your stuff in the right place, then I'll give you a quick tour" he said leading the way towards the corridors again.

"Thank you sir" said the Andorian, letting the commander and the guest out first and joining the two in the corridor, taking the time to take one last glance at the transporter chief and smiling at her as he leaves the room.

They stepped inside the turbo lift, Caelen must've done this a million times already, and every time it became a bit less special. "Deck Seven" he said, he would first show the Romulan exchange officer his room and then have a more private talk with Kennock. The Lift hummed downwards and they arrived in a matter of seconds not allowing anyone to start a conversation. They walked out the turbo lift towards the designated quarters of the exchange officer Patahk.

Caelen turned towards Patahk "Well these are your quarters, unfortunately you have to share it with another crewman due to the limited sleeping facilities onboard but I think you'll manage" he said opening the door to the quarters. "If you get settled in a bit I will send your immediate superior over, for a meeting and what not" he said as he took a step back from the quarters.

"Much thanks to you sir. I'm sure the experience will be..." he looked pensive for a moment "fascinating. I will get settled a bit and will await further instructions." said the visitor. The man entered the room, and the doors closed behind him.

Kennock could not resist the urge to comment on the last sentence spoken by the Romulan. "I'm sure crewman Lopez will find him 'fascinating

Caelen smiled, "ah well..." he said "...they'll get along surely..." with this he started to head towards the turbo lift again. To his ready room, he had some official things to discuss with his new Chief Diplomatic Officer which should be talked about in private.

Kennock followed the commander back to the turbolift. "It's a fine ship you have there sir. It is a piece of history you're commanding!" he said. From the look on the commander's face, it was clear that he was misunderstood. "In no way is that a bad thing sir. The design has made proof of it's efficiency time and again. To serve on one is an honor."

Caelen nodded, "I know..." he reacted to the history statement "...and it's an honor really" he said, Caelen was a bit in thought as they stepped into the turbo lift. "Deck one" he said and the lift got into motion, "you have a lot of experience, why didn't you take up your own command?" he asked in the time they were shot back upward.

"I loved my job with Starfleet intelligence and would never have left it, had I any say in the file regarding my... injury... As such, I haven't had much time to put into considering a command of my own." Smiling a bit he continued "I am however flattered that you hold my experience in such high esteem. I do hope it can come in handy here."

The turbolift stopped and the doors opened "so do I" Caelen said with a smile stepping out on the bridge, he felt that it would be a bit useless to take the Andorian to his Ready Room, he got to the command chair and motioned Kennock to sit down on his left.

It is with some measure of surprise that he obeyed the non-verbal command of his CO. He knew full well that that meant. He was honored. A smile formed on his face. It was his first time on one of the big chairs. He would come to enjoy it. This was one promising cruise, he thought.

-={Off}=- <Tag Evans... you've got yourself a new Assis. Chief Ops Officer>

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Lieutenant Commander Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus


Lieutenant Kennock Chief Diplomatic Officer USSPegasus

Also starring: Sublieutenant Patahk (NPC) Assistant Chief Operation Officer Romulan Exchange Officer