"Renegade Deception" #32 - "Ruminations of an Engineering Geekette"


[USS Pegasus, Main Engineering]

Lt. Kitty Black watched an engineer replace the faulty EPS conduit. Always thorough, she was already thinking ahead to the next potential problem. "Ok, I want you guys to check the other conduits before we start up the engines. It'll take an extra couple of minutes with everybody doing it, but we might as well do this right." She walked over to help check. She opened one panel, holding it tilted slightly so that any potential leaking fluid would drip down the panel onto the floor instead of on her arm. <I hope that Ensign... who? Evans. I hope he's doing ok,> she thought. <It's a pity he got such a bad impression of the place. He's cute.> Almost instantly, she shook her head as she put the panel back.. that conduit was fine. <Kitty, you shouldn't be thinking like that. He's a fellow crewmember, and you're just looking for trouble. Besides, he's probably got girls all over him. Just do your job.> Kitty sighed and then smiled as she put these momentary troubling thoughts aside and turned her attention back to her engines. <Extra time with the cello tonight, just to make up for all this,> she decided. "Alright, everything checks out? Good." She typed in the engine startup sequence and listened with satisfaction as the engine hum sounded clear as a bell to her ears. Kitty signaled the bridge, letting them know that they were ready to go, and then settled back in her seat, relaxing. For a 'first disaster', that had gone remarkably well. Nobody had shouted at her. The Captain seemed to be generally an easy-going guy, and the XO wasn't as bad as she'd feared. And maybe she'd contact that Evans guy later just to ask if his arm was ok. Then again, maybe not. Definitely not. No way...


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