"Renegade Deception" #30 - 31 "I'm a doctor, not a nanny!"


[Sickbay, USS Pegasus]

Ensign Ronald Evans had just left sickbay after being called to the bridge after Russell quickly treated Evans' plasmaburn he got in Engineering. Russell had just cleaned up after him when the Sickbay doors opened. Jennifer LaBrie walked in with Alexandra holding her hand. "Hello, what can I do for you?" Russell said with his trademark smile on his face.

"Alex wanted to see you again..." Jennifer said letting go of Alexandra's hand so that she could rush towards Russell "...you promised her something" she added reminding Russell that he had promised Alex a show and tell in sickbay.

"Ah yes, now I remember..." Russell said while Alexandra ran towards him and grabbed his hand. "I was going to show her around sickbay. You're lucky to be here now." he said to Jennifer. "Just five minutes ago my patient left." Then he looked at Alexandra and said "So now I'm gonna take _you_ for a tour, OK?" with a friendly face.

Alexandra smiled and nodded fiercely, and then looked back to Jennifer. "Well, I'll leave you to it then" Jennifer said stepping back out of the door, back into the corridor towards the counselors office.

"So what are we gonna see first?" Alexandra asked overly excited, she was really anxious to see all the cool stuff in Sickbay.

"Let's walk around sickbay and if you want to know something just ask. Ah, let's check out the biobeds." he said to Alexandra. With Alexandra still holding his hand he walked to the nearest one. He lifted her up and let her sit on the edge of the biobed. "This is where the sick or injured people are being treated." he said. "First I get my medical tricorder and scan them." while getting a tricorder from the nearest drawer. "Shall I see if you're okay?" he said while activating the scanner.

"Yeah. Sure" Alexandra said excited, she had never been 'scanned' before. She leaned on her arms sitting back a bit as Russell moved the tricorder across Alex receiving the data on the display. Alex giggled a bit as Russell completed the scans.

His face turned from cheerful to pale when the tricorder sounded alarmingly and he saw the readings. She appeared to have a rare blood disease, called Xenopolycythemia. At least that's what the readings from the tricorder said, but those weren't the most precise instruments available. He decided to take a more exact scan on the nearby surgical biobed. Before Alexandra could ask anything he turned on his happy face again and said "Let's go to that large biobed over there. I can show you some more things and do even more scans." He would not let her know yet what his scans told him.

Alex hopped off the bed ever cheerful, "OK!" she said jolly as she made a hasty walk towards the biobed Russell had pointed out. She stood next to it not being fully able to lift herself on there yet, not large enough, not strong enough. She waited for the Doctor to lift her up on the bed.

He lifted the girl up onto the larger biobed with a smile and said "You'd better lay down and hold real still so I can do some scans." as he activated the biofunction monitor for some additional scans. He had to know if the tricorder scans were correct and if so, how long she already had the illness. As always he tried to look jolly as he completed these. To his shock the tricorder proved to be accurate. She indeed had Xenopolycythemia and it seemed to be a rather recent case of it, but a while before she boarded the Pegasus. So he could exclude the fact that she got it from someone on the ship, but he would order full scans nonetheless. "I have more to show you. You still think it's fun?" he asked trying to keep a happy face.

"Yeah!" Alexandra still oblivious to what was going on and thought this was all part of the tour. "What's next?" she asked still excited about the Doctor and the entire sickbay for that matter.

Glad she was still cheerful he decided to let her meet the EMH, so he could do some research in the meantime. Russell wanted to find out as quickly as possible what he had to do about this illness. He wasn't sure if it was contagious, what the cure was and if it could be replicated. "There's another doctor on this ship. I'll introduce you to him. Computer, activate the EMH."

The EMH materialized in the centre of the sickbay and immediately said "Please state the nature of the medical emergency..."

"Hello doctor, this is Alexandra. Could you show her around sickbay and answer her questions?" Russell said to the EMH. "I have to check something."

"I am a doctor, not a nanny!" the EMH protested. "That is not a part of my programming."

"Can you answer questions?" Russell asked the EMH.

"Yes, but..." the EMH said.

"Then your programming is fit to be a nanny for a moment." Russell smirked. He now turned to Alexandra and said "This is the EMH, he'll answer all your questions. I need to do something else for the moment, I'll be right back, OK?"

Alex nodded with a smile, starting to wonder why the Chief Medical was acting so weird. "So, you're a hologram right?" she asked when turning to the EMH.

The EMH, who just got stuck with a 7 year old, "That is correct" he said placing a hand on her shoulder. "Walk with me" he said giving her a tour of the sickbay, which wasn't all that big. He pointed out the Intensive Care Units and surgical beds, explained what they did and when they were needed.

At that point Jennifer had returned from the Counselor's office and saw Alexandra being shown around by the EMH, Alex ran towards her mother when she saw her who hugged her with a broad smile. "So he dropped you at the EMH, huh?" she said jokingly looking towards the EMH but really wondering why Russell would do that, he seemed like a nice enough man. She walked into his office and cleared her throat to get his attention.

Russell sat with his back turned towards the door and was reading up about Alexandra's apparent illness from his viewscreen. He was so absorbed in his thoughts he didn't hear them come in. When Jennifer cleared her throat she startled him. He turned his seat around and said apologizing "Ah, Mrs. Labrie... Eh, ensign, I didn't hear you come in." He saw Alexandra standing next to her. "Hey, you left the poor EMH all alone?" he said to Alexandra with a friendly smile. "You'd better go to him, he's got lots more to tell you." Alexandra said "OK!" and rushed out to harass the EMH some more. Russell then pointed out the seat in front of his desk to Jennifer and said "Mrs. LaBrie, I have to tell you something, you'd better sit down."


Cheerful but fearful posted by:

Ensign Dr. Russell D. Floyd CMO, USS Pegasus


Ensign Jennifer LaBrie (NPC) Acting Chief Communications, USS Pegasus


Alexandra LaBrie (NPC) Passenger

Both NPC's played by Caelen LaBrie