"Renegade Deception" #28 - 29 "The other side"


<Counselor's office, USS Pegasus>

She wasn't in a good mood. Everything seemed to go from bad to worse already during this mission, and her shoulder still stung a bit - though less than before. She was going to have to see the doctor again, soon. But first: another nessecary evil - the ship's counselor. She had a few things for him to busy himself over as well. And so it came to be that Kristiana Petrova rang his doorchime.

Andrew was concentrating on reorganizing his desk, AGAIN, that he only caught the tail end of the chime. "Enter", he said without looking up from his work. <Why is is I'll never get any work done around here before someone comes for help...>

The doors slid open with their trademark hiss as the tall auburnhaired lieutenant stepped inside, glancing around a bit. ".. Haven't finished settling the place yet, ensign ?" the first thing she said.

Andrew glanced up, saw the pips on the woman, and immediately shot up and performed a salute. "No ma'am, it will never be as comfortable as my office back in Toronto, but I'll cope with it. Now, what can I do for you?"

A halfhearted salute in return and an "at ease" followed his salute, before she'd offer a hand in greet "Lieutenant Kristiana Petrova .. Pleased to meet you, Ensign Kennedy. Any relation, by the way ?"

Andrew thought about this for a moment, then instantly recalled Junior High, when the bullies made fun of him for having the same last name as the old President of the United States. "No ma'am, though it is a common mistake. Please, make yourself comfortable" He sat down at his desk, watching Kristiana nervously.

"alright .." And she'd sit on the couch, semi relaxed - but that ofcourse also implies - semi tense. She shifts a bit to make more comfortable then speaks again. "... It's that CO's wife .. Jennifer. She's driving me crazy .. First she stabs me, then she always gives me these _looks_ .. It's becoming so that I can't even do my job in peace when she's around, doc .. "

Andrew thought back to the discussion with Jennifer. <This all seems familiar...only She isn't checking my credentials> He thought, half amused. "I had a discussion with Jennifer about ten minutes ago about this same thing. I can't give away any information from that conversation, due to the doctor-client relationship. Privacy and all. I heard about the little "incident"while fencing from Dr.Floyd and it seemed during the meeting that she was tense about this as well. She's afraid that you'll go after her husband without her knowing, since you'll be around him more often than her."

A blink and a snort "Me ? Go after Caelen ? No. No. I don't go for the old rocker look, sorry Doc. Besides, I prefer younger men." a soft sigh, though, and she'd nod. "Our relationship is purely professional - his and mine, I mean. And I'm more than happy to keep it that way."

Andrew snickered. He thought the exact same of Caelen's look himself. " Regardless of that, Jennifer was still unsure. But I got her to think differently, at least for the moment. I'm not sure whether she will keep that state of mind, however. We shall see shortly, won't we?" He half smiled at Kristiana as he said this.

She gave a nod, and managed a half a smile. "Yeah, I guess so. In the meantime, what should I do about Jennifer ? I mean, if she keeps on treating me like the enemy, I'm going to have to talk to Caelen about it. I need to be able to do my job. In peace."

Andrew pondered this. <What TO do about her...she definately is feeling more secure about herself and Caelen, but I think she still has hostility towards Kristiana...> "Perhaps my talk with her did the trick, and she'll leave you alone. If not, then tell Caelen, and tell me. I'm sure both of us combined will be able to change her mind on the issue." <Hopefully, it won't come to that, however. I'm certain she's fine with Kristiana now...>

"Eh .. I'll see how it goes. " She'd give a nod towards the Ensign. "But I really should be going again .. Got tons of work to do. Thanks doc. " As she'd rise from the couch, wincing slightly at her shoulder, then offers a hand to Andrew again. "Oh by the way, you enjoy chess, right ? I play a bit myself - maybe we can get together some time for a quick game."

Andrew stood up and shook Kristiana's hand. "I'll look forward to it. I'm sure a person who can read a person's moves every time will have a challenge with a professional tactician. You're sure your arm will be alright? Every time you've shifted position, you've winced and looked at it, then quickly looked back at me."

"My speciality is Hurting people, not Healing them - I leave that to you doctor types." she nods "But I'll be fine, I've had worse." With a wink and a smile. "See you later, doc." as she'd turn to head out of the office again.

Andrew watched the door close, shuffled some papers, and pulled out an old deck of cards. "Both of them within the span of ten minutes, what else can happen today." He said to no one, then started to deal the cards for a quick Solitaire game.


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