A Mirror Shattered #278-279 - "Planning for Miracles"

-={On}=- [Main Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus-F]

Kayim was running around his bridge, trying to keep everything in one piece, Sparks flying as his ship was running from three Dominion ships at maximum warp, which was about 4.7 in his current state… and dropping.

The Emergency Tactical Hologram was off-line but Falor was doing everything in his power to get her back online, it would be his only hope racing for Federation space, however little was left of it. Not to mention that his Prometheus Class saucer was a pitiful excuse for a Federation vessel. He hit his hand on the Console "Work Damn it!!!"

A form flickered, then vanished again. A moment passed, then it flicked again, and she appeared on the bridge. "Please state the nature of the tactical emergency." The ravenhaired ETH, program code- name 'Mirabelle' spoke, matter-of-factly, coldly, efficiently, like Falor has programmed her.

"Finally!" Falor added in a relieved shout walking back to the helm "We're outrunning three Dominion Fighters at Warp Four point Seven and dropping. Shields are at Thirty-Four percent... but I'm sure you already knew that" he tapped some controls on the console "Tactical is all yours Mira"

"Confirmed." She spoke, simply using that one word to let him know that she understood. "But our warp field is collapsing. They're gaining on us. We don't have the manpower to stabilize our warp field, and the moment it collapses, we're sitting ducks. I'd rather be able to shoot back, instead of being useless." she explained her decision to charge the phasers. Of course she knew she couldn't fire them at warp. He programmed her to know that, for the prophet's sakes.

The fact that Falor had an Emergency Hologram for everything he ever needed on this vessel didn't bother anyone, except himself. When computer systems went down he would be the only one choking to death... all alone... in space... all forgotten. "Is there anyway we can get through this alive?" he asked then knowing that the situation looked desperate.

"Analyzing .." Mira replied, and remained silent for an agonizing amount of seconds. ".. Unknown." She finally spoke, glancing at Falor. ".. I don't kno-o-o-o-o-o-o-o - " and she vanished in a shimmer, as she ship shuddered. She reappeared again reclaiming her place at the console. "Losing warp integrity, Captain ! Taking incoming fire ! Decks three through eight damaged, deck six decompressing !"

"Seal it, I don't want the atmosphere to vent... I need air you know" Falor ordered before sighing and rubbing his head "continue last Analysis"

"Confirmed." Her holographic hands flitted over her console, working faster and more efficient than any human could. "Aft section of deck six sealed off. Sir, I think we could reach Earth. The mirror Pegasus is in combat there. We could help it, and it, us."

Falor frowned a bit, what was the mirror Pegasus doing there? "Are there any other ships in orbit of Earth?" he then asked.

"Am reading .. Three renegade vulcan vessels, damaged. One dominion battleship, disabled. Three dominion gunboats. The mirror-Pegasus." she replied, still her voice cold and to-the-point.

"Any news from the Resistance on the Surface?" Falor then asked, remembering now what the Pegasus was doing in orbit and why the Vulcans were there as well, they were trying to re-capture what was once the homeplanet of the Federation. From the plans he heard the planet would be burning now, with the fires of justice.

Receiving scattered Dominion transmissions, Sir. Unable to pick out any details, but there are reports of simultaneous attacks on several key locations." Mira replied, parsing the flurry of alien transmissions with her AI mind.

"Setting a course of Sector 001" Falor made a decission, he was going there, hoping that the Resistance would be victorious on the surface and help them out in orbit. He dropped out of warp shortly to make the course correction, letting the Dominion vessels overshoot them by quite a bit. Then he hit the warp drive again, on a course to Earth, "Let's hope it's still there when we arrive"

-={Off}=- A JP by:

Captain Kayim Falor (Mirror NPC) Commanding Officer USS Pegasus-F (As Played by Caelen LaBrie)


Kayim Mirabelle (Mirror NPC) Emergency Tactical Hologram USS Pegasus F (As Played by Kristiana Petrova)