A Mirror Shattered #280, 281 - Emotional Goodbyes

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Armoury>>

Ryylar stood just outside of the armoury after Petrova has chirped his comm badge and ordered he and Delta along with Beta squadron to report in. What Kristiana had in mind, Ryylar had not one clue.

Kristiana made her way to the armoury not long after, arriving slightly out of breath after running the whole way. "Ryylar. Good. You're here. Where's Delta and Beta squads ?"

"Inssssside ma'am waiting forrrrrrr orrrrrrrderrrrrrrrsssssss." He said, nodding to her as he snapped to salute when she approached.

She nodded and stepped past inside, passed Ryylar. "Alright, everybody listen up. I'm going to divide you into two teams. Delta team under Nunez, Beta team under Ryylar. Grab your bodyarmor and compression rifles, team up in pairs and check your buddy's equipment - your life will be depending on it."

"Yes ma'am!" Came the hard reply of the security officers assembled there. Ryylar turned as well with the others and began suiting up.

Kristiana stepped back to allow them some space, helping some of the lesser experienced security officers and marines with their gear. "We're going into combat with three Dominion Fighters. Our plan is to hit them hard and fast, drain their shields, then beam you over, to take out their crew and either disable or take over the fighters. The freedom of this universe's Earth depends on our success, men. Now, I know that this universe isn't our own .. But Earth is Earth ! And We Are Starfleet !"

"YES MA'AM!" Barked the assembled men and women, even those still half suited up.

"Now Nunez, this will be your first time as Group Commander, right ?" Kristiana asked the hispanic man, Delta Group's new commander.

The lesser experienced officer saluted Petrova. "Yes Ma'am !" and Kristiana nodded, taking a moment to talk to the man. "Now, I trust in your ability to go in there and Get The Job Done. That's why I'm putting you in command of Delta. Because you're the best fucking man for the job." as she rested her hand on his shoulder, looking straight at him. ".. Yes Ma'am !" Nunez replied, feeling strengthened by Kristiana's words. Kristiana then turned her attention to the other men. "Alright, when you're suited up and got your weapon, report to transporter room One. Be ready to beam out at a moment's notice ! And be careful out there - I want you all back alive, and there'll be ice cold beer waiting for the team that does the most damage and brings everyone back ! Am I Understood ?!"

"Hmmmmmm well then Beta sssssssquadrrrrrrron... prrrrrreparrrrrrre to drrrrrrrink well..." Ryylar grinned proudly and punched his fist into the air.

Kristiana smirked, and stepped back. "Well then, men .. Show them why they whouldn't mess with Starfleet ! Dismissed !"

The teams began falling out and Ryylar hung back as they made their way to the transporter rooms.

Kristiana turned to head back to the bridge, but paused when Ryylar hung back .. Frowning, she turned to him. "Was there a question, Warrant Officer ?" She asked, though the words were made a bit less cold and impersonal by the slightly more gentle tone to her voice.

"No..." He said, walking over to her.

She blinked a bit, and sighed, shoulders slumping some. ".. Ryylar, we're on duty, in the middle of a battle. We don't have the Time for this." as she looked at him.

"I know." He said and reached down and squeezed her hand.

"But I don't think we should have any delussssssionssssss about thissss. I jusssssst wanted to let you know I love you Krrrrrrisssss before I go. And I won't let you down Commander." He said with a nod before turning and walking out.

".. God damnit." She muttered, shaking her head, as she turned to stalk back towards the bridge, looking and feeling like a thundercloud was hanging over her head, following her wherever she stepped. <tag ?> Ryylar walked into the transporter room with Beta Squadron. He would be part of the first wave and ensured that the men were all present.


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Acting Security Officer USS Pegasus