A Mirror Shattered #275 - 277 "Miracles and plans"


<Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus>

Caelen set a course away from the battle before leaping from the seat behind the Helm and T'Rell took his station again. He walked back to his own seat and sat down in the center chair. "Two down, three to go..." He looked at Kris "...Status?"

Kristiana quickly wandered back to her seat as well and punched in some commands on her console. "Shields gone, Sir. Minor damage to decks five through seven, no casualties." she read from the console, as she sat down again as well. "Helm, don't let up on those evasive manouvers ! They still want us dead !"

Caelen shook his head a bit, the bridge was a bit foggy from a burst conduit or two. He pressed his combadge =/\= Commander LaBrie to Engineering, please report =/\=

=/\=Engineering here. We're holding together, sir, but I'm going to need a little notice before we can go to warp...=/\= Kitty hurried from one repair over to start another. =/\=We're by no means 'in trouble' down here, though. =/\= With the quick and accurate coordination between Engineering and Ops, they were in increasingly good shape.

=/\= We've lost shields Lieutenant, I want it Back! =/\= Caelen ordered before turning to his Strat Ops Officer "How long until they can expect reinforcements?" he asked Giovanni, the only full Lieutenant in red on the vessel.

"There are Dominion Reinforcements Twenty Minutes away, three Jem'Hadar Fighters to be exact" Giovanni responded.

Caelen then looked at his wife "Any news from the ground?" he asked a bit hopeful, but Jennifer shook her head in disappointment as well. With this Caelen looked at Kris "Any ideas?"

"We can still fight, Sir, but one direct hit to anything critical and we're spacedust." Kristiana replied in her normal oh-so-tactful manner. "If Black and Evans can get shields back online before those fighters are here, we can show them where to stick it."

"T'Rell, keep us out of their weapons range, give me a sign when we're safe" Caelen pressed in a view commands in his shields =/\= Lieutenant Black, when I give you the sign you have two minutes to recharge the shields =/\= two minutes was about eight minutes to few but he was confident his CEO could work some miracles.

Lt. Black didn't say any of the first few things that crossed her mind. What finally came out was a rather surprised =/\=Aye sir. We'll be ready. =/\= Her voice could be heard for just a moment giving frantic orders before she closed her part of the channel.

Kristiana furrowed her brows a bit, looking at Caelen. She just stared at him, biting back all kinds of comments that she knew weren't very constructive. Like 'Why not ask for the moon while you're at it' or perhaps 'Damnit, Cap ! She's an engineer, not God !'

Caelen caught the glare "I don't want to hear it Commander" he made clear to her that it was a good thing she had kept quiet.

"Sir we're out of weapons range" T'Rell notified the Captain when they had entered safe space.

Caelen gave a single nod hit the final code into his command console and then notified Kathleen with "Kitty, Now" it seemed to be void of the panic and nervousness he felt inside his head. He knew he was putting a lot of pressure on his CEO but it had to be done.

"I'm not saying a Thing .." Kristiana mused quietly as she turned her attention back to her console, pulling up some damage reports, trying to decide which damage needed immediate repair and which could wait till after the battle.

'Diverse alarums' from Engineering, safeties overridden, and Main Engineering itself grew several degrees hotter... in temperature, thankfully, not in radiation. All over the ship there were minor mishaps. Replicators lost power. Unused parts of the ship lost life support. A series of relays sparked all throughout the ship as the shields went through the fastest recharge theoretically possible... and finished precisely two minutes and twenty seconds later. =/\=Shields recharged. Best I could do. =/\= Kitty was already silently blaming herself over the extra time.

Caelen reactivated the shields of His ship, =/\= Thank you Lieutenant, start co-ordinating Damage control teams, bridge out =/\= he ordered before closing his channel and looking at Kristiana "Commander, take security and co-ordinate a boarding party..." he ordered, but before she could react he added "...you're not going to be on it, mind you, I need you here"

Kristiana rose, nodding. "Aye, Sir." and tapped her comm-badge. =/\= Petrova to Ryylar. Meet me at the armory in two minutes. Bring Beta Squad and Delta Squad. Petrova out. =/\= as she exited the bridge via turbolift.

Caelen sighed, "Helm, take us about" he ordered before tapping his command console to route everything Kris had on her console to his. "Lock onto the lead ship and charge weapons... Evans, keep the shields up and the power flowing" he then ordered his Senior Officers. He rubbed his chin a bit with his right hand "There we go... Fire!"


Cmdr Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus

Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus


Lt. Kathleen Black Chief Engineer/Miracle Worker USS Pegasus