A Mirror Shattered #142 "Hold the line."

[Vulcan attack vessel. Near Earth, Sol system.] {On:}

T'Rell looked at the padd in his lap once again. The plan had been so perfect, so logical. Yet it had failed.

Failed miserably.

The ship rocked under another enemy barrage, and a console several meters off to T'rell's right exploded in a booming roar of sparks. Yet the Vulcan never moved from the state of composure in which he sat. An island of calm in the chaos that was a dying vessel.

He looked at each of his crew in turn. All of them good and loyal men and woman fighting for the federation that had been. And could be again. T'varr, who had followed him from the beginning, Malek, who fought so ferociously, yet, was utterly logical in times of peace. Even Sulan, their newest addition, concentrated on her duties with single mindedness. Hidden was the arrogant sociopath, bent on her own destruction. She now performed her duties with a quiet humility.

As if she felt his eyes on her, she turned, and began to report: "Sir. Shields are gone and warp drive offline, along with our aft torpedo launcher, and ventral phasers." Though she shouted the words perfectly calmly over the din of battle T'Rell could see the emotions on her eyes. Not fear, but rage. Rage, and something more…. A dark bloodlust.

"We only have to survive long enough till the Pegasus can reach us. I have faith in the abilities of each and every one of you." He said steeping his fingers under his chin. "What's more, the Pegasus is of the same cloth as the federation we seek to restore. She will come for us, you can count that as fact."

"Sir, I recommend we-" but she never got to finish. The sounds of transporters could be heard as Jem' Hadar troops beamed on board the bridge. Sulan was the first to react, drawing her phaser and firing before the troops had fully materialized. The phaser has set to maximum, and the trooper disappeared in an orange flash of ash. She charged the second one, just as he finished the materialization, severing the ketricell white tubes at his neck. She smiled at the look of shock on the troopers face, exclaiming: "Oh, by Surak how I love that look they get!" T'Rell had little time to wonder at her words, as he aimed at the third Jem Hadar of the group and fired. The shot passed within centimeters of Sulan but she never flinched, having complete trust in his skill with a phaser.

T'Varr, Malek, and the rest of the bridge crew were engaging the Remaining Jem Hadar, allowing the combat emotions to overtake them. They killed with a savage glee that matched Sulan's.

Glancing back at her console, Sulan raised an eyebrow at the readings she saw there. "Sir, the Pegasus is closing! Nearly within weapons range!" She said the joy bleeding into her voice. "It is as I said it would be." T'Rell said simply. "Now, we shall see an undamaged and fully operational Starfleet vessel in action. And above earth, no less. Were it logical, I would belive this an auspicious day."

A cheer went up in the bride. But it was cut short by the sound of transporters as another wave beamed in, shouting a Jam Hadar warcry.


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