A Mirror Shattered #265 - 266 "It begins."


[Main Engineering]

The battle had begun, and they had just come out of an extended overburn on the engines. The configuration was still all off, and the second shots that penetrated the shields immediately caused havoc. Lt. Black had no sooner gotten outside her office that she started giving orders. The lights flickered and dimmed. "Power drain.." she muttered, then checked the nearest diagnostic. "We've got some burnt relays... here, and there..." Kitty took a moment to send the information up to Ops along with a quick message. "I'm going to shut down these relays for repair, recommend reroute," she said wryly, realizing too late how silly it sounded to "recommend" that you reroute from relays that you're about to lose completely.

"Initiate Cloak" Caelen ordered, raising his voice to top the alert klaxons

Evans immediately reacted by taking energy away from the warp engines that were no longer needed, and rerouted some of it to the cloaking and targeting devices. <Damage already? Oh no...> He cut back on powerconsumption from the warpcore, to free the relays that Kitty indicated, and took a look at the radiological alerts... All green... <Thank god...> =/\=Freed up the relays... Please hurry, we 're gonna need weapons soon...=/\= he sent back to engineering.

=/\=As soon as I can. We're officially in battle, then?=/\= She could be heard over the open channel giving more orders. "You three, on Relay 5, you four, on Relay 2, you're with me on 3." =/\=Yes, damage already. We overburn the engine for hours and go right into a firefight, what do you expect? Ok, 3 is rigged and the engines are in low power mode, take what you need for weapons. Give it back before helm does any fancy maneuvers please. =/\=

The engineers were really doing a bang up job, ripping out the damaged coil, and slamming a new one in, as if they were the cartridges of the gun of an M1A1 Abrams tank... The new coil was in place and active before the old one had stopped rolling on the floor...

=/\=...Good point... Yes, we're pretty much in the thick of it...=/\= Evans sent back, wincing a bit for the warpengine. =/\=Reinstating coil 3, sending power to weapons as needed, shields up, and taking power away from the cloak again.=/\= Power that could yet again be used elsewhere much more efficiently, or not at all, making the engineers job just that little bit easier...

"Tactical, lock on to enemy vessel, prepare firing solution. Quantum torpedo's, full spread." Kristiana spoke as she rose to her feet, expression grim.

=/\=Kitty, do I have enough power for the sublight engines? We're going to go evasive any minute now...=/\= Evans said back, as he watched events unfold, and predicting the moves of his captain.

=/\= Heck no. Hold on a sec. =/\= Kitty didn't mean to be so grumbly, but she was wholly intent on her work. She ran to one station, tapping in some equations, then to another station, pulling out a broken part and slamming in the new one without bothering to shut the whole thing down. She snatched her hand back as a shower of sparks shot out. A hissed "Ouch.." could be barely heard over the channel before she turned her attention to it again. =/\=Ok, you're good. =/\=

Evans tapped in the commands to power up the sublight propulsion systems. =/\=Whew, not a moment...=/\=

"Evasive pattern Omega" Caelen ordered his Helm officer "we want to attract their attention not their torpedoes"

=/\... to soon...=/\=

Evans looked out the window, and kept a close eye on all the readings, and the musings of his captian and the XO... They were ramblng on about that USS Valiant fiasco... The ship they were fighting was absolutely huge, but appeared to have one flaw. The struts were made of a material that was susceptable to Delta radiation... <Oh, I can do that...> Evans thought to himself. He just nodded, as the captian just gave him a quick nod... He tapped in the commands to override the deflector dish's safety protocols, and started to program it for the delta-burst...

"Shields are down to 29 percent" Hannah shouted across the bridge...

=/\=Things are going peachy overhere, but we could really use some extra power to the shields, and I need a 5 second 2.9 GigaWatt burst routed through the deflector at my command... When this is over, we might want to plan a little service on that thing...=/\= Evans sent to engineering.

=/\=You're kidding, right? No, you wouldn't be.=/\= Kitty frowned, then checked the next damage report. "Lt. Kyle, go take a group with you and start taking care of the conduits throughout the ship, important systems first. If you need a quick priority, contact me." She looked up at the engines. "Alright, guys, I want a quick shutdown of the warp engines, be ready to bring them right back up again. You and you, watch those indicators." Kitty sounded slightly frustrated at the inaudible response. "Well then override the safeties! We're already way off spec!" =/\=Alright, bridge, you've got your power. =/\=

Kristiana's finger jabbed down on the button, a pulse thundered from the deflector-dish, ripping through space, grazing the support struts - causing damage, but not enough.

"Damnit ! Evasive action !" Kristiana cursed. The Dominion Battleship wheeled about to pursue the nimble Pegasus, the movement causing the damaged struts to snap. ".. Target ship disabled, Sir !"

"Moving on People" Caelen barked to dull the cheers around him, wheeling the ship around to face the next Dominion fighter. They were hit again, shileds dropping to 6 percent "This might be interesting" he whispered to himself "all available power to the shields"

=/\=Engineering, all available juice to the shields! They're down to six percent! The good news is, we got the big boss... Time to take out the henchies...=/\=

Kitty didn't reply at first. She'd been staggering about as each hit landed with the sure-footedness of a natural seafarer, but with this one she was thrown and landed on her bruised knee. "Ow..." A different person would have swore. =/\= A'ight, take what you need, we'll make do with what's left... =/\= she gasped, forcing herself to her feet and checking to make sure the others were alright. One engineer had been knocked unconscious. There was a faint bit of smoke in Engineering now from damaged components.

=/\=Fighters away... Looks like they are drawing the brunt of the fire now. Shields are climbing... How are things down there? You alright, Kitty?=/\= And yet again, Ronald glanced at the radiological console, seeing that radiation had stayed where they should be, in the green...

Kitty got caught in the middle of a momentary coughing fit just as Evans asked his concerned question. She cleared her throat as quickly as she could to answer. =/\= Oh I'm alright, we've just had a bunch of components blow, and my knee still hurts. Oh... drat. =/\= She looked up.. waaay up. =/\=That regulator has burnt out again. Someone's gonna have to climb... Well... =/\= She picked up a toolbelt, securing it around her waist, and her voice could still be heard through the comm unit. "Ok, keep on the repairs. Williams, coordinate with Kyle. I have to go up and take care of that regulator."

<Oh, you've got to be kidding me...>=/\=Kitty, please be careful...=/\= Evans just said, feeling quite distracted from his tasks by the stunts Kitty pulled in engineering.

=/\=You've seen me sail, Evans. Do you think I want anyone else way up here if the ship shudders again? =/\= Kitty couldn't help but smile at his concern, even as she knew she wasn't doing the safest thing in the world. =/\=Last time I did this, we were flooded with radiation. It'll be a piece of cake in comparison. Just... give me some advance warning, if you can, before we're going to shake again, ok? =/\=

=/\=I'll try, but I'm far from omniscient...=/\= Evans replied... =/\=... Watch it!...=/\= he called, as a stray bolt from one of the fighters grazed the shields. A slight vibration was felt but not much more, luckily...

=/\= Aieeeeeeeeeeee...........! =/\= Her voice trailed off, and then she chuckled. =/\=Sorry, couldn't help it. My grandfather called me a limpet once...=/\= <tag>

Evans' face turned from pink, to dead pale to flushed red in an instant... =/\=Don't ever do that again... =/\= he just said, in a calm menacing voice. =/\=...Ever...=/\=

=/\= I'm sorry, Ronald, =/\= Kitty replied contritely, catching the tone of his voice. =/\= I didn't mean to scare you. Are you ok up there? =/\=

=/\=Just peachy... Except for that heart attack you gave me. Apology accepted, this time... However, I think we're going to need your magic, as we are going to have to fight again, soon enough... There are still some fighters out there, counting on our support...=/\= Evans responded. <Never again, you hear?>He added in his thoughts.

=/\=What, more magic? I know why engineers complain about power, we Never get enough power, oh it has to go to Important things like shields...=/\= she grumbled goodnaturedly.=/\=Give me another minute... alright... you can take five percent more now, and ten percent in addition in another five minutes, how's that? =/\=

=/\=Never enough, just keep it coming...=/\= Evans semi-joked back, pumping even more energy in shield regeneration... =/\=We make a good team, us two...=/\=

=/\= We do, don't we? =/\= Kitty said affectionately. =/\= How about a date when this is all over? You, me, and a groundcar? =/\= She didn't tell him that she was climbing back down again, because she realized how nervous he got over her monkeying around. <tag>

=/\=It's a date... If not here, then in heaven...=/\= Evans responded.


Lt. Kathleen Black Chief Engineer USS Pegasus Acrobat

Lt. Jg. Ronald Evans Chief Operations Officer USS Pegasus Clown