A Mirror Shattered #265 - 266 "It begins."

OOC: “spoken” , =via Comm, #computer voice#

-=/On\=- [Stygian Birds’ launch bay, USS Pegasus]

G'ulf-fey found himself almost panting with anticipation. He sat in the ready fighter in the launch cradle. Glancing out to his right he saw Stockwell in his fighter, looking for all the world like he was about to go over the first hill of a screamer coaster

“G'ulf-fey to Fang 2, Take it easy, Brreath deeply, I know you vant to get out derre, but ve need to vait. Keep like dis and you vill be in sickbay not in flight” then he shifted to a more gentle tone “Stockvell, it is okay to fearr, just shift to attacking vat skares you.”

then he turned his attention back to the bridge repeater hating the waiting. After launch he will be too busy to worry about what would come next, but before he had way to much time to think. According to what he was hearing they were flying in under cloak and right into the thick of it, probably hoping for surprise to give them an advantage over the enemy. He just hoped they didn't launch while slowing. He had that happen once, the tactic was sound but hard on craft and the pilots stomachs.

A moment later he saw the lights in the bay go red and heard Sha-dar, and Strange check in as they powered up and their fighters move to the second position. The blast shield would not cool much between the launches. Good, better to possibly die on launch than to have the ship take you to death before you can deploy.

He cursed such a fate as his ship shuttered as the ship took a couple of hits and his display told him their shields were down below 30% “Cum on, “ he muttered making sure he wasn’t transmitting “launch us let us fight , not die trapped in this bay our claws untested”

Perhaps the Capt. heard him, perhaps not, but a second later the light went from gold to green and he howled his glee as the crush of acceleration caressed him. “Stokvell, stay on my rright ving as you can, yourr job kill dose who tarrget me vhile I kill dose who seek to challenge us.” Then he went buster and flew directly at the nearest enemy fighter and growled at it.

#warning, object in path, collision vector#, the computer voice said #warning, approaching stress maximum#

“Discontinue warnings unless critical” he growled “fighter pilots do not take a safe path, and do not walk when we need run”

=Fang, Shadow launched , mind if we join the party= came Sha-dar’s voice over the com her voice joyful with the chance to destroy the vile creatures

“glad you’re here shadow, remember the Capt. expects us back for breakfast, no death but for the enemy” G'ulf-fey said “now lets show them our claws”

Describing a fighter engagement is difficult, flashes of action, warnings of enemies, and shouts of joy as a foe becomes a ghost. G'ulf-fey worked hard making sure both he and his wingman didn't end up as plasma and scrap. He smiled as a pair of enemy fighters rammed each other in their fanaticism to get them. And almost laughed as Sha-dar played her engine wash across one when he heard something that chilled his blood

=Lt., behind you= came Stockwell's voice = I cant get a phaser lock, trying=

G'ulf-fey looked back and saw a slightly strange looking Jem-Had fighter boring in on him, looking like it had been launched from one of the other enemy ships. “Acting, don’t vait for full lock, sometimes dat wont worrk, use yourr judgement and kill dem”

Still he began dodging as best he could heading for the dominion capital ship. Hoping to reach it and then to be safe because most enemy pilots wont fire where they is a danger of hitting the ships where their ‘false gods’ might be. Then he saw it, one strut of the ship was damaged but the other wasn’t but better the exhaust of the things engine was right there and if he timed it right he might do some damage there as well.

“Stokvell, where are you” he transmitted hoping the other pilot would assume he is panicked then aimed his ship strait for the engine cowling on the huge ship. He then smiled as the thing that sought to kill him begin to fly almost strait and level and close on him ‘that’s it, closer, come closer fill your display with me, get so you can see my blood’ then he concentrated on not pulling up too early. Then it was time and he ignored the computer screams as he pulled up going past 125 degrees and did his best not to ‘grey out’.

The enemy had almost no chance as the prey suddenly wasn’t in front of it and the impulse engines of its battleship were. Then there was a massive explosion as it impacted there and a war whoop form Stockwell as he scored a hit on a second ship that was following the first.

“Good job Stockwell, now lets see how Shadow is doing” G'ulf-fey said and took a few deep breaths at his luck. A few more seconds and he might have been dead, but he wasn’t and they were and that was the only thing that mattered.


Lt. (jg) G'ulf-fey Marine Fighter Leader USS Pegasus

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