"A Mirror Shattered" #273&274 - Global Liberation Army


[H.O.P.E. HQ, Ten Minutes to Zero Hour]

Jennifer was pacing back and forward nervously through the cavern that was their sleeping hall, sickbay, briefing room and everything really. She clenched on to her phaser rifle "How long?" she asked, knowing she asked probably ten times before and she would at least ask it ten more times after getting the answer. She turned on her heels, facing Russell "How Long?!" she insisted.

"Ten minutes and counting." Russell said smiling and put his hands on her shoulders. "You shouldn't worry that much. Everything will go down as planned." he said looking straight into her eyes. "It all depends on timing."

"That's what we said last time..." Jennifer looked down a bit "...when we lost Alexandra..." she gave a deep sigh giving her rifle another check "...we'll get her back, Russell. We'll get her back today... so help me God I'm gonna get her back"

Russell nodded and said on a decisive tone "We will. For sure!" He picked up his rifle to do a final check, for the third time or so. He felt a bit anxious as well, but on the outside he appeared very calm. "We'll hit the Jem'Hadar at several locations at the same time. If our timing is right they'll never know what to do first." he said with an evil grin on his face.

"Let's just hope our Timing is right then..." Jennifer sighed, checking the chronometer again to see if they had to go yet, only five minutes left "...they'll never know what hit them"

[Meanwhile "Down Under"]

Les was throwing rocks against the wall of his hide out, trying to warm up, only five minutes left, only five minutes to Victory... or Glorious Death for the free people of Earth. "Let's Do This!" he shouted to his men picking up his phaser rifle and heading to the transporter pad, for the final checks.

Alan, the second in command of the Australian resistance let out a big roar to encourage Les' words and followed him, waving his right arm to direct their men to the transporter pad. "Let's get moving guys. The enemy ain't waitin' for us. Y'all READY?" he yelled.

"Aye SIR!" the group responded almost in perfect harmony. Most of them were making final checks on their equipment.

[Meanwhile in the hideout of the African resistance]

Mbele stood in front of the map they obtained of the Jem'Hadar cloning facilities in the south of the African continent. Their part of the plan was to destroy these facilities to make sure there would be no additional fighters to suppress the people on Earth.

He looked at the chronometer and mumbled "Four more minutes." He turned around and faced his group. "Just four more minutes and we strike back!" he said on a louder tone. "Everybody knowns what to do. Get to the transporter. For EARTH!" he yelled with his balled fist raised in the air.

"For Freedom!" they reacted in harmony throwing their balled fists in the air as well.

[During all this in a seemingly unmoved English Mansion, London]

The Brit just sat there, slowly sipping his tea, his men were preparing for the attack and he was just sitting there, staring into nothing, slowly stirring his tea. He sighed a bit glancing at the chronometer, just three more minutes. But he was still sitting, in front of his fire in a relaxed red chair made of the softest leather, showing scars of time and war but still quite comfortable.

"Sir!" a rather nervous rebel came into the room carrying two phaser rifles "it's almost zero hour" it was the only resistance cell that actually had to operate at midnight as all times would be GMT.

The Brit slowly rose from his seat, having finished his drink just in time for the fireworks, he took one of the rifles from his rebel "And each man stands with his face in the light. of his own drawn sword... Ready to do what a hero can." he stated with a heavy British accent, he then smirked at his comrade in arms and some of the others who had heard him

"It's time" he then stated emotionless walking to their transporters, only one more minute to Zero Hour.

[H.O.P.E. HQ, Tora Bora mountains]

Russell was making the final adjustments to the transporter system. Mere seconds separated them from a new glorious battle in a prison complex in India. This mission was not just for the liberation of Earth, it was personal. "Everybody ready!" he yelled while hastily stepping onto the transporter pad next to Jennifer. A time delay on the transporter controls was counting down. 3... 2... 1...

The blue light embraced them and the soothing feeling of nothingness comforted Jennifer who was already fire ready when the transporter engaged.

When they rematerialized near a prison facility there were no Jem'Hadar forces visible, although that didn't mean they were safe. But with Jem'Hadar it was a good omen and boosted the morale quite a bit. With hand signs Jennifer split up the group, all business now, all signs of nervousness gone, into the grind. They ran silently towards the nearest wall, although the Dominion had many resources they just left the prisons stone aged... that is if they had deadly forcefields in the stone age... and automated phaser sentries.

Russell signaled his team the other way. He expected the USS Resistance any time soon to destroy the defenses of this prison complex. Suddenly he heard the noise of a vessel decloaking overhead. Immediately followed by a full spread of torpedoes directed at the energy facility of the prison defenses.

"Right on time" Russell smiled.

"Cloak! And set a course to our Australian target, Maximum impulse" David G. Hopegod, leader of the Flying resistance cell, CO of the USS Resistance, ordered right after the torpedoes had hit target.

The helm officer turned back slightly, "Sir, are you sure that's safe to do in atmospheric flight?" she asked seemingly a bit worried.

David stood up from his command chair and walked up to the helm officer "Listen to me girl, there are over two million Jem'Hadar soldiers on that planet below us, most likely a whole armada of Dominion fighters heading this way on high warp..." he shook his head "...don't you dare talk to me about safety" he stated poisonously "Engage!" he ordered in a low but loud baritone voice.

"Nice work, Dave." Russell mumbled and signaled his team to engage the attack on the prison complex. Emerson was the explosives expert on his team and placed several charges on the prison wall to blow a nice hole in it.

Lake did the same about fifteen feet west of Beta team's position, they all took cover to avoid the incoming debris. As the smoke cleared from their photonic charges they snuck up to the holes, making sure nobody would have a clear shot at them. Jennifer was the first one to step through the hole, inside was mayhem, prisoners had broken out of their lock ups the moment the USS Resistance had bombed the facility. The Jem'Hadar guards were doing their best to keep the prisoners in control, but the security was understaffed and between the chaos and the explosions they had lost several soldiers, but killed many more prisoners. Jennifer pointed to two of her people and motioned them to take up sniper positions on top of a watch tower. She looked over at where Russell his team had breached the wall and nodded before rising to her feet and releasing the first salvo of shots from her Phaser Rifle "Charge!"

Russell stepped through the hole in wall and nodded back at Jennifer. The attack on the prison complex was on. Two Jem'Hadar guards alarmed by the wall breach headed their way, guns blazing. Russell quickly dove for cover while the rest of his team stepped through the hole. He fired at the guards and hit one of them. The other guard dove to the ground but kept firing. Russell's team used that moment to find cover as well. Emerson sneaked around to approach the Jem'Hadar guard from the side. The guard didn't notice Emerson until it was too late. Emerson took a jump to take him out. The guard quickly turned around and fired, grazing Emerson's upper arm, but it was the last thing the guard could do. Emerson swiftly dealt with the guard using his knife. Two down, a lot more to go...

[In Other Chaos]

After the blue glow disappeared it became apparent that the targeting sensors were a bit off, in stead of re-materializing several meters away from the target compound Sergei and his team found themselves smack center in the middle of Chaos. "Dameet..." he cursed, his speech dripping of Russian accent. He lifted his weapon up and started firing on everything that moved, this was an all Dominion facility so he didn't have to look out for Humans... because if they would be there they would be traitors.

The rest of Sergei's team followed his lead, shooting down the Jem'Hadar advancing on their position. While being in the center of the room they could be hit from any side. Sergei's second in command Boris recognized where they were. "Dees must be ze barracks." he yelled to Sergei next to him, shooting at the guards approaching. "Control room is through ze left door."

"Then Zat is ze Door we will kick in..." Sergei responded before marching towards the door his closest friend pointed out. He covered the backs of his people while they made way through the corridor, another squad of Jem'Hadar rounded the corner, guns blazing. One of his men was hit but Sergei could duck for cover behind an open door. "Take Cover!" he shouted to his people kneeling down and returning fire, hitting one of the three Jem'Hadar soldiers.

Boris gave a last look at the man being hit. Jem'Hadar had only one setting on their rifles. Their only intent was to kill. Boris faced the other end of the corridor where four guards were closing in. He shot down one of them. The others soon fell down as well. "Dees way!" Boris shouted pointing out the route to the control room. "Corner to ze right, last door of ze corridor is ze target!"

[Meanwhile in a Ketracel white Facility on the British Island]

"Ohw Bloody hell, can't you guys do anything yourself!" a queen English accent rung across a dead silent and, nearly, empty hallway. The Brit ran up to his demolitions team and tried to help them setting the charges. "It's a Ketracel white facility for Christ sake, did you think we could just knock on the door and they would let us in?" he sighed, all that careful planning to shit because some nutcase forgot to pack a detonator.

"We can jest shoot it?" his Scottish mate then remarked.

The Brit sighed and motioned all his people to stand back, a new wave of Jem'Hadar closing in on their back, "We're gonna be overrun!" one of the people in the back shouted, warning the demo team that if they didn't hurry up they would most likely fail.

"Take Cover!" the Brit shouted before firing a phaser at the charge, on maximum setting. For a split second he was sure time stopped as the charge heated to white before exploding. There was not enough distance, the Brit spun to the floor in attempt to protect his body from the blast.

"Are ye alright, sir?" the Scotsman shouted not looking back at the Brit but instead he kept firing at the approaching Jem'Hadar. A moaning sound could be heard from the Brit.

"No I'm not bloody alright..." the Brit reacted shouting through his moans of pain, his back felt like it was burning "...now get going. I'll cover your backs!"

An Irish rebel reacted "Sir... tha would be Suicide" he said to his boss.

"That's an Order You Wanks!!" the Brit made clear that there was no room for discussion, he put his head up to see the oncoming Jem'Hadar, they had already shot an killed two of his 'officers', a Welshman and another Scot.

"No arguing with the commander." the Scotsman said. "Let's go and detonate these bastards!" he yelled and entered the room they just gained access to. It was the production facility with the storage of Ketracel white next to it. There were only three Jem'Hadar guards inside the room heading towards the breach the rebels created. The Scot dove to the ground and shot two of the guards. The Irishman right behind him took care of the last one. "Put charges on all main equipment." he instructed the Irishman. "Detonate them by shooting them, preferably from a safe distance. I'll take care of the storage room next door."

"Aye sir." the Irishman replied while he ran over to the main control unit.

Back in the hallway a second squad came to back up for the Jem'Hadar that were already there, the Brit laying still on the floor, bleeding from a shot wound in his back, apparently dead. The Jem'Hadar soldiers walked closer, still cautiously, this wasn't the first time Humans surprised them. "Sir... something's not right" one of the Jem'Hadar shouted, already stopping and ready to run back, but to late. "You bet something's not right" the Brit reacted rolling a pulsing globe towards them, softly beeping as it came to a stop just at the feet of the Jem'Hadar first. The bleeping and flashing stopped, just a split second later the device exploded, vaporizing everything and everybody in that hallway.

[Planetary defense control center, North American continent]

Taki, the Asian resistance cell leader, and her group of Samurai descendants took a more stealthy approach. They got hold of a number of personal cloaking devices the Jem'Hadar used. Taki and her group had the advantage of using a Katana sword, so they didn't have to decloak to attack the enemy.

After they materialized a hundred meters outside the compound they headed for the entrance. Taki took care of the two Jem'Hadar guards standing in front of the entrance with swift chops of her Katana sword. Another one of her group placed a small timed charge to blast the entrance doors open. "Stand back." he yelled simply to let the others know the door would blast open in a mere ten seconds.

An explosion rocked the compound and the Jem'Hadar soldiers were rushing towards where it had come from, but once the smoke cleared up they could see nothing. They looked at each other before one of the soldiers eyes widened and then died. Immediately on high alert they looked around "They're Cloaked!" one shouted shooting like a man possessed at nothing in particular because he couldn't see anything. His rage was literally cut short when the full slash of a Katana nearly severed his head from his body.

The group of rebels quickly spread out to make themselves less detectable and less vulnerable. Each of them knew what their objectives were. Taki headed for the control room to take over the control of the planetary defense system. She headed down the hall when she saw two Jem'Hadar approaching.

One of the soldiers halted. "First, something moved over there." he said indicating the ripples he saw from Taki's cloak. "Someone's cloaked." he added.

"Are you sure, Third?" his superior said and turned around because he was two steps ahead.

"Yes. Look out!" the Third yelled when he saw some ripples quickly move towards his First and grabbed his phaser. The First tried to turn around but it was too late.

Taki swiftly decapitated the nearest Jem'Hadar using her razor sharp sword and quickly dove down and rolled to the side to evade phaser fire from the Third. Before he could pose a danger to Taki she had thrust her sword into his abdomen. The Third fell to the floor, dead. Taki got up and ran through the corridor heading for the main control room.

[Bridge, Deck One, USS Resistance]

David rose from his seat as the ship neared the Australian continent "you know the target, Drop cloak and fire at will!" he ordered his tactical officer, they were only flying on a skeleton crew, would something explode on that bridge and harm a officer then they would be quite screwed but so far so good, they didn't seem to be detected while they had several successful bombing runs behind them.

"Full spread of torpedoes fired on target, sir. The prison facility's defenses are down." The tactical officer answered.

The helm officer responded. "Course laid in for North America, sir."

"Cloak and Engage!" David ordered immediately wanting to move on and bomb another one of these Dominion Filth bases, it made him feel good. Every torpedo that hit a Dominion Compound made him more alive after he felt he had almost died when he lost his wife and daughter.

[Jem'Hadar prison complex, India]

Russell and his team had secured the first cell blocks and blasted the cages open with their phaser rifles. "Come on, people! Move, we haven't got all day!" he yelled at the captive prisoners. He knew most of them were very weak from the very bad conditions in these prisons, but he wanted to get everybody out as fast as humanly possible. The prisoners, mostly women and children, cheered and went as fast as they could towards the cell door. Russell was scanning the massive crowd for a familiar face.

Jennifer tapped her communications device, the Dominion already knew that they were there so stealth and radio silence was no use anymore really =/\= I can't find her Russ! What if she's dead?=/\= it sounded like she was panicking a bit, which she was... more then a bit. Although they were freeing everyone there was only one she actually cared about.

Russell heard the nervous tremble in her voice. His own hope of finding her had sunk a bit after freeing several cell blocks without finding their daughter. =/\= Stay focused, Jenn! =/\= he answered encouragingly. =/\= It's a big compound and our last intelligence indicated she was in here. We'll find her. =/\=


A reclaiming of Earth post by:

Dr. Russell D. Floyd (Mirror) Cell Leader H.O.P.E. Tora Bora Mountains "For God's sake, Jenn. I'm a doctor, not a rebel!"


Jennifer Floyd (Mirror NPC by Caelen LaBrie) Cell Leader H.O.P.E. Tora Bora Mountains "It is possible to fail in many ways...while to succeed is possible only in one way."

Also starring:

Les Australian cell leader & Mbele African cell leader & Sergei Russian cell leader & Taki Asian cell leader & David G. Hopegod Flying resistance cell leader CO USS Resistance & The Brit English resistance cell leader "And each man stands with his face in the light of his own drawn sword, ready to do what a hero can." & Several other rebels with a vision... but without a clue... (All NPC's played by Caelen and Russell)