A Mirror Shattered #258 "Black vs Black"

OOC: the word “Bitch” is used in this post. I am not using foul language but the original meaning of the word. That being a fertile female (canine). To G’ulf-fey all gender female are Bitches unless they are not yet adult or are proven otherwise (post menopausal). Hope this doesn't offend anyone.


[pilots ready room, USS Pegasus]

G’ulf-fey was bored, which was not a good thing for any fighter pilot to be. Word had come down that they were going to “Planet Three” to deliver supplies, then that they were headed for battle. But, instead they had instead stopped at this world and were sitting in orbit. Worse he knew why and his blood was calling to join in the task of retrieving his pack/crew mates, but this was not allowed by their Pack leader.

Second of the Pack Kristiana Petrova, had beamed down to collect their missing personnel. Officer Ryylar had asked permission of the Pack Leader Caelen a tongue width before G’ulf-fey could and had been refused. There was no point then in him asking after that. “Diplomacy is needed” he heard and knowing that his tendency was more about avenging insults that sweet words he remains silent. He would wait and see and plan what to do it this ‘den of sin and lost pay’ needed to be removed form the map. True they might not do such, but a pilot never knew. He also considered that perhaps a mission by shuttle with armed escort might lead to less problems but what did he know.

Still he listened and heard reports as they came in. these reports had him showing teeth. Apparently Lt. Commander Petrova had arrived and was confronted by someone with Testosterone/steroid poisoning. Apparently also her ‘mirror twin’ was also in this world and they had offered insult by assuming she was that person. Uniform, transporter effect and ID being shrugged off as tricks.

They subsequently attacked her when she went about he business and were placed under arrest. All fine and good, but then almost as soon as she was inside she was again assaulted by someone , and this time it was not an honorable attack but someone who treated her like she was a pleasure slave. Unacceptable , even had she been common crew, but as she was #Jairy# (first protector of pack leader) this would demand blood in apology. More over as she sought to defend her honor she was attacked again and wounded.

Were G’ulf-fey there his teeth and long tooth would have been out and used and the one who did that pay three fold for that. Weather the culprit was a civilian , a rich man , or a sector admiral , he would know , NO ONE messed with a vargur’s Pack without paying for it. He knew this much, if this ‘other’ Evans ever came under his paws the man would be taught some manners and learn to respect females of any species , be they Bitch or not.

## Petrova to Pegasus. Requesting immediate back-up, full security detail, armed with compression rifles. Also request medical team. ##

G’ulf-fey all but howled in pleasure as he hard that they had crossed the line and now the pack would strike back he nodded to Stockwell, indicating they might see some action then hit the comm system.

+/\+ Lt. G’ulf-fey to bridge, I have been monitoring the situation. I have a two fighters ready to launch, to escort the shuttle back up, but would request permission to join the security team on route. +/\+

perhaps he might be able to get his teeth onto this false Evans and keep him alive perhaps he would witness Ryylar reduce him to the quivering work he was. In either case he hoped he might stand with his pack/crew-mates and get those two back here. Perhaps even show this Fairfax why one should respect military authority and procedures. Besides , from the sounds of it she might be a good addition to the ships crew , once trained in knowing the enemy she might serve with honor. He would see what the Pack leader decided


Lt. (jg) G'ulf-fey Marine Fighter Leader USS Pegasus

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