A Mirror Shattered #263 - 265 "Endgame"


"OI! What the hell'd you do that for?! That was totally uncalled for!" Fairfax yelled, stepping up to Petrova, and grabbing her phaser. "She said she was going to get your crew!"

The Lt Cmdr reacted quickly, leveling her other phaser at Fairfax's face the moment he grabbed the one weapon in her other hand. "Right now, people are DYING because my ship is held up here, because We Are Missing Crew Vital To The Operation Of My Ship ! Miss Levy has done nothing but LIE to us, and if I'd let her go, she would have ran away, to escape the blame ! Now, unless you want the same blood on your hands as SHE does, I 'suggest' that you fucking CO-OPERATE, and get my crew here, NOW !"

"Are you even denser than I am?! Has it ever occured to you that there might be noone down there at all to grant your request?" Fairfax countered, "And by the way, the Chief'd never do that to us! She always keeps her word and then some!" Fairfax said, even though staring down the focusing crystal of another phaser....

"Then. She. Should. Have. Sent. YOU." She snarled at Fairfax.


At that moment, columns of light appeared, resolving into the requested security team. They poised immediately, looking for action, well-armed... and took in the scene, the ruined bar, the grunts lying all over the place. The team leader couldn't help it.. the remark was out of his mouth before he could think. "Whatever did you need Us for?" he muttered quietly.

Two medical officers beamed down as well, and after a quick glance-around, assisted the casino's medical team in setting Lt Cmdr Petrova's leg. The officer looked fierce, ready for anything, still her phaser at Fairfax's face, her other one in both his and her hand. "Secure a perimeter. Sweep the building. Locate Lieutenants Evans and Black and bring them to me." She told her security team.

Fairfax was still holding one of Kris' phaser pistols, but was still staring down the other, and saw the overwhelming securityforce appear in his bar... Knowing that the situation was either fragged up (polite form) WAY beyond his control, or things were just looking up... Either way, he decided that the best course of action was to slowly let go of Petrova, and stick his hands where EVERYONE could see them .. Sheepishly, he added: "Ye'll find them two floors down... Take the staircase down that corridor, the hall to the right, second door, can't miss 'em... The chief was just on her way to get 'em... You might need a key..."

The head of the security team nodded to a couple of his guys, who nodded back and started down the corridor, one of them hefting his phaser rifle. The silent message was clear... 'who needs keys?'

".. Miss Levy has the keys. You will find her face down near the end of the bar." Kristiana told her security officer. No sense in destroying more than is nessecary. No matter how fun it actually is to do.

"Yes ma'am," he replied, heading to the end of the bar to locate the key.. or keys..

Fairfax was relaxing a bit. He hadn't been shot yet... That's always a pro... However, now that the Boss *and* the Chief were out, he was in effect in charge of the casino, and he was very curious where this all went out of hand. He looked around, and saw that Crabtree and Geerhart werer keeping their hands up as well... Suddenly his eyes went wide as something dawned on him... "Where's Leclerc!?"

Lt Cmdr Petrova had been concentrating on not whimpering from the pain of her busted leg, as the medical officers worked to set the bone and tie a sturdy splint to her leg, as Fairfax wondered about Leclerc. She looked at Fairfax again, looking less like the pissed-off, dangerous, bloodlusting fiery redhead, and more like the pained old woman that just wanted to get this over with.

"You .. " she called out to Fairfax, her voice tired. ".. Go find the rest of your people. See to Miss Levy and Mister Evans." She felt that she could atleast trust him to not doublecross her. Not him, after all HE had shown was duty. And not now, with a half a dozen heavily armed security officers in the same room.

"Yes ma'am!..." Fairfax just responded, as he had not much of a choice. He activated the com-unit integrated into his collar. =/\=Fairfax to all security personell, do NOT engage the starfleet security detail. Stand down, I repeat, stand down... That means you, LecLerc! =/\=

=/\=...Eh, if you say so, Fairfax... Whoa! Easy! I'm standing down already!=/\= Could be heard, as LeClerc almost bumped into the couple of security officers, before he had the chance to close the channel.

The leader of the security team grabbed the keys from the unconscious woman and followed the instructions Fairfax had given him, moving quickly to catch up with his team. LeClerc found himself staring down the barrels of a couple of phaser rifles.. until he announced his intention to stand down. They nodded and continued their journey, one of them keeping an eye on him as they passed.

<Secure Guestroom>

Evans was sitting on the couch, not wanting to sleep in a situation like this, so he had offered the stretcher to Kitty. He was pondering his latest adventure, milling around in his head what he had done *this* time to cock up so completely *again*, when he suddenly heard heavy footsteps in the hall, and the rustling of keys against their door again. He immediately shook Kitty's shoulder to wake her up again. "Kitty, wake up... We got company..." he whispered urgently.

Kitty startled awake, frowning. She hadn't been enjoying her dreams, and the reality wasn't much better... locked away, not knowing what was next. She sat up, reaching to take hold of Evans' hand, tensing.

The door was opened, and the first thing seen, was the business end of a compression rifle, quickly followed by the Starfleet Security officer wielding the weapon. He halted and snapped into a salute, when faced with the two higher ranked officers. "Lieutenant Black, Lieutenant Evans. I'm here to escort you back out, Petrova's orders. This way, please."

"Oh, thank Deity..." Evans mumbled, as he got up himself, and helped Kitty get on her feet too... "What's with the rifles?" he asked, not knowing about the major 'situation' upstairs.

Kitty was glad for the help up.. her knees were weak after that particular view of the rifle, and one was increasingly bruised, as it had been hours since her own little.. incident. "Petrova's come to get us out?" She felt a rush of gladness at the sight of the uniform.

"Yeah. She had a little mishap upstairs, so a full security and medical detail was sent down." The officer replied to both Evans and Black's inquiries. "Are you two hurt ? Can you walk ? .. This way, please." To lead them back up again.

"We're fine actually... We've been taken good care of." Evans said. "Couldn't be better" he added under his breath, quite sarcasticly. Evans saw Kitty limp a bit, and he immediately shot to the rescue, putting an arm around her back to support her. "You ok?"

"I'm ok, I think I kind of deserved it," Kitty said wryly. That didn't keep her from wholeheartedly accepting her boyfriend's support, of course. She smiled and reached down, tugging at the hem of her dress. It was her only dress that was above knee-length and she wasn't used to it. "Let's get out of here."

Evans and Kitty walked out of the room. "Whereto?" Evans asked their rescuers.

"This way." The security officer said as he went up the stairs again, leading them both back to the main room.

<Main room>

Lt Cmdr Petrova had her leg fixed again, atleast to the point of being able to use it. She stubbornly refused a painkiller, and limped about a bit, stretching her legs some.

Kitty brightened when she saw her friend and superior officer waiting for them. Despite the rest she'd had, she was tired and emotionally overstrained. She immediately tried her best to show she was tough and alright.. doing her best to not limp.

<Oh, god, no, not her...> Evans thought, involuntarily drooping his shoulders, seeing his direct superior walking through the room in full cammo.

At the same time, a form on the floor at the end of the bar was stirring "mmm..." was the only thing left from what was actually going through her head: <My back... That go<censored>ch shot me in the BACK!>

Lt Cmdr Petrova let out a relieved smile and a sigh as she saw Evans and Black appearing. "Lieutenants .. Good to see you. Here are some comm-badgers .. The ship is holding geo-synchronous orbit over this position, please report back, have medical check you over and report to your stations. We have work to do." One of the security officers noticed Susanna Levy stirring again, and headed over, offering the woman a hand up. "Are you alright, ma'am ?"

"No I'm not... Someone just shot me in the back with no bloody reason..." Susanna tried to yell, but only a whisper came out.

"Yes-s-..ma'am," said Kitty, finally starting to remember how Petrova preferred to be addressed. She accepted the combadge. "It's good to see you too..."

"Eh, Yes, Ma'am..." Evans just said, pinning on his own badge, confused that he wasn't being chewed out on the spot...

Lt Cmdr Petrova nodded to her two officers, then turned her attention on the situation at hand. She tapped her comm badge. =/\= Petrova to all Pegasus security personal. Report back to the ship. We have Evans and Black. =/\=

The security officer near Susanna blinked at Levy's words and shook his head a bit, still offering the woman a hand up. "The Commander is many things, ma'am, but she doesn't use force unless nessecary for the safety of her crew or herself."

"I was going to get those two officer for her myself..." she hissed. "When I went for them, she just shot me... Oh, there's going to be a complaint or two..." She said this with enough venom to poison all the water in the federation...

Kitty did feel somehow as if she had to explain something to her superior as soon as possible. "It wasn't Evans' fault..." she told Petrova, pinning on her combadge.

Lt Cmdr Petrova watched as all her officers reported back and beamed back up to the ship. Except one. One who was talking with the evil hellspawn with boobs, Susanna Levy. Petrova tromped over, just in time to hear her officer say. "Well, I'm sure we can wait two more minutes, and it's in all our best interest if we get to the bottom of this, before people start losing their jobs and rotting in jail. Let's see this recording."

"Oh, it all started at the front door..." Susanna said, as if she was going to tell a bedtime story.

".. Where I was insulted and refused access to the casino, even After handing over my ID card, stating my business and giving them a chance to check up on me." Petrova spat venom in Levy's general direction. "Just check with your employees, see what they have to say for themselves." she added.

"Geerhart, Crabtree, get your asses overhere. Now." she said, meaning to shout. It actually made the order even more pressing, and the two bouncers responded immediately. "What are we looking at here?" Susanna demanded, all five of 'em looking at the recording from a PADD.

"Well," Geerhart responded, "Here we see her *nods at Petrova* and a security officer beaming down, and I ask for ID... Here's me checking said ID, and finding it in a bit too mint condition, so I turn to Crabtree..." "Oh yeah..." Crabtree added his two cents..."And there's me telling you, *nods to Geerhart* to not scare our customers, because we had a business to run..." "And that's where the brown sticky stuff hit the fan..." Geerhart added, rubbing his jaw, seeing himself getting decked with one kick...

".. Told HIM to not scare your costumers ?!" Petrova blinked. ".. While looking straight at my ID .. Facing Me .. I figured you were telling Me off." She narrowed her eyes at Crabtree.

Crabtree looked up at this... "Waaait a second... Nonononono... You thought I was talking to you?! No way! I was talking to Mr. Fanatic here!" he said, pointing at Geerhart with his thumb. "He's been this anal retentive about those ID's since he started work here! Oh... Shit..." he said, as the whole truth dawned on him. "This whole mess is *my* fault?!" He looked around at the damage, and saw his paycheck fly away in front of his eyes...

Petrova's mood plumetted that final bit. Both at the realisation that everything happened because of misunderstandings heaped onto eachother, as well as all of Levy's attitude, aimed at Petrova, insulting, obstructing a Military investigation, lying through her teeth .. when it was one of her own people who had inadvertently caused the whole of it. The aged redhead turned to Levy, balling her fists, eyes narrowed to mere slits, muscles tensed, as she awaited the other woman's response.

Levy payed no attention at Kris at all, and planted her hand against her forehead, and groand heavily. "My mom always told me there would be days like this... You two, report to my office... and please be aware that you're THIS close to being fired! As for you, Lieutenant Commander, I'd sugest some anger management courses... You haven't heard the last of this."

Petrova glared at Levy at that, and with a swift motion planted her hand on the other woman's shoulder, pulling her closer, till their faces were only half an inch from eachother, as she hissed at Susanna. "Anger management ? 'not heard the last of this' ? .. YOU are threatening ME ?!"

Kristiana threw Levy back, livid again, her eyes flashing with bloody murder. "Right now, at this very moment, another member of my crew is fighting for her life, alongside renegade vulcans, trying to defend the Free Worlds ! And We Should Be There ! We COULD have BEEN there, if you hadn't detained My Military Crew under false pretenses and lies ! Right now, people are fighting and dying, to ensure that you can live free in this godforsaken hole, and all you care about is bloody anger management ?!"

Petrova continued her shouted rant. "I will Personally compile a list of people that Died because My Ship Couldn't Be There In Time, because we didn't have a chief engineer and chief of operations, because you had them locked up ! A civilian locking up military personell ! And when I have that list, I will contact their loved loved ones and give them Your Address, and then YOU can explain it to them, miss Levy !"

Her eyes reflected rage as she continued. "People like me, fight and die Every Day, for people like YOU ! And then it's too much to ask for a little co-operation and - who knows - maybe some bloody RESPECT ?! It's people like YOU - who care only about their little universe, only about money, only about gambling, and trying not to lose your job, that have brought this federation down to it's knees - and DESPITE people like YOU, _Miss_ _Levy_, it is people like Me that continue on fighting ! Because You Fucking Refuse To Lift A Bloody Finger To Help ! Do you think officers grow on trees ?! There are ships out there with Three Crew ! THREE CREW !! Ships designed to operate with a hundred-and-fifty !"

Petrova trembled in rage as she continued. "And what are YOU doing ?! Stuffing your face, collecting your paycheck, endangering innocent lives !" Petrova snarled, as she hauled back and moved to punch Levy in the jaw, yet contained her anger, and stopped herself. ".. People like you make me SICK." Kris spat on Levy's shoes, before turning, smacking her comm badge =/\= Petrova to Pegasus. One to beam up ! =/\= and disappearing in a blue light.

Susanna tried to step back, but couldn't prevent being hit, as she bumped into Fairfax, her trusted lieutenant. She blinked at that particular speech, never realising that her actions, even if they were all executed by the book, well, mostly, may have had such an impact...

"Perhaps we may need to revise our procedures, Chief..." Fairfax said, as he put a hand on her shoulder.

"Yeah, maybe we do..." she mumbled.


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Warmonger USS Pegasus


Lt. Kathleen Black Chief Engineer USS Pegasus


Lt. Jg. Ronald Evans Chief Operations Officer USS Pegasus

Susanna Levy (NPC) Security Management Pot of Gold Casino (Played by Ronald Evans)

Fairfax, Geerhart, Crabtree, Leclerc (NPCs) Casino Goons (Played by Ronald Evans)


Various Starfleet Security and Medical personell NPC'd by Petrova and Black