Shoreleave #259 - 260 "From bad to worse"


<Torpedo Magazine One>

Melina had removed one of the probes from the rack finding the captain had been difficult it would have to wait, she'd come down here to work on the probe they would launch. She still didn't like that they had only one shot at this. Going home was important, she crouched back down with a phase ajustment tool and was working on the device as she was thinking.

Home it would be nice after all the chaos that they had seen here, Melina stroked the area where she had been stabeed, the information she had gained had been down loaded into the main core.

Melina continued her work, if anything else was going on she didn't know about it, the magazine was sheilded anyway in case of trouble. The entire structure could be ejected into space by blowing the restraining bolts if need be. Work had been slow but Melina didn't mind that she liked it as she could make sure nothing was over looked. She looked down and tested the targeting computer. Nodding that she liked what she was looking at, she reached for the casement sealing device and closed the three hatches and sealed two of them. The third she left open a little longer as she fitted a upgraded sensor package. She slipped her hand in and flippped a switch. Green neon light pusled from within the probe and Melina smiled.

"We have a pulse" she said to herself.

Melina Bradbury Cheif Science Officer USS Pegasus