A mirror shattered #248, 249 - "...But what happened to Evans?..."


[Pot of Gold Casino, 'guestquarters', Kitty is just taken away by Susanna Levy]

"She will be fine. As will you." Susanna sighed...

After that, she took Kitty by her arm, firmly but not hurting her, and guided her to another room.

Evans was left behind in the 'guestquarters', but it didn't take long...

One of the goons who had dragged them inside paused in the doorway and then re-entered. He pointed unceremoniously at Evans. "You. With me," he said, each word dropping like a lead brick.

He pointed at himself, looking questioning. He had to resist the urge to look behind him, hoping that the bouncer was meaning someone else, as he knew there WAS no one else... "Me?"

"You're the only you in here," the guy grumbled. "With me. This way. That means get up..." he elaborated patiently, "and walk."

"glp... Yes sir..." Evans said, as he got up, and carefully walked past the guy, through the door, not wanting to upset him evan more...

The big guy pointed where he wanted Evans to go.. down a couple of corridors, down a couple of staircases, and into a room. It was a simple office room, with a woman behind the desk and a couple of comfy chairs on the other side. She looked as if Evans was interrupting a VERY busy day, and sighed, not bothering to rise from her seat. "You. Sit." It seemed she was as comfortable with monosyllabic sentences as his escourt.

Evans looked around a bit, and frowned at the barked out order. "Eh, you could say please..." he said, a bit defiantly, but only a little...

The woman raised her eyes to meet his. The look she gave him spoke volumes. It spoke of endless days dealing with countless idiots. It was a look that had seen it all, including the overweight male crossdressers and the guy who got drunk each week and claimed to be God. It was a look that was Not Impressed. She held his gaze for a moment, then looked back at the chair. "Sit. Please."

"... Yes, ma'am..." Evans replied, as he sat down into the chair that the woman pointed at.

The woman activated a recorder on her desk, to the side of her paperwork, and spoke as if she'd said these words millions of times each day, as if they were written into her subconsciousness forever. "I-am-now-required-to-inform-you-that-your-words-are-being-recorded-and-therefor\ e-there-is-a-record-of-anything-you-say-during-this-session." That being done, she looked up at him again. "Name?"

"...Eh, Okay... Eh, Ronald Evans, Lieutenant Jg, USS Pegasus..." he said, and then added his serial number.

"Oh god," she said dully. "Starfleet officers make the worst drunks."

Evans looked at her a bit oddly. "Yes, they do, don't they? But what does that have to do with me?" he said smartly, not wanting to take the bait yet again...

"Nothing, yet," the woman replied morosely. "Ok, so you're a witness to a barroom brawl. So what happened? What did you see?"

Evans decided to just begin with a little background. "Well, Kitty... Eh, Lieutenant Black and I came to this casino to meet her father, and we were supposed to meet him in this bar. Kitty went to sit at the bar, and I went to the toilet quickly, but wen I came back, this guy that looks a lot like me was trying to court her... The next minute, he received a knee in his groin, probably a deserved one, and he sank to the ground... After that, Kitty started to hit him with a bottle, until I stopped her... By then it was time to skedaddle, but then we bumped into one of your gorilla's, and that's it, really..."

Evans took a breather... "After we were locked into your *ahum* 'guestroom', she told me that that bastard tried to touch her where she didn't want to be touched..." he finally added.

"Well, that part's hearsay," the woman responded, leaning back in her chair. She closed her eyes for a moment, then nodded. "So basically, you returned from the men's room in time to see her assault someone and then continue to beat him after he was disabled. At which time you thought it prudent to 'cut and run'. Do you often help your... 'companion'... escape responsibility for her actions?"

"Hey, that's not what I said!" Evans responded "I said I saw him courting her, I believe he had his hand on her leg, and then Kitty knee-ed him. And I thought it prudent to get the hell out of there, yes. Wouldn't you?"

"I'm not in the habit of letting strangers put their hands on my leg," the woman said wryly. "Neither am I in the habit of fleeing the scene of a crime."

"Well, I would flee, if I were the victim... Kitty was defending herself!"

"Ah." She smirked slightly. "Interesting means of defense." She sniffed the air a couple of times, then her eyes narrowed slightly. "And how much have you had to drink tonight?"

"Should I include the freshly pressed OJ, this morning?" Evans said sarcasticly. He was not getting through to this woman... "Not a drop.. The bottle smashed against the bar, and whatever was in there sprayed all over us..."

"You don't want to get smart with me, mister," the woman snapped in response. "I'm on your side," she said mysteriously, despite the evidence to the contrary.

Evans startled a bit at the woman's sudden bark... "Eh... Sorry, ma'am... My side?..."

"Yes," she responded, looking back at her paperwork. "If I interpret your statement correctly, I can convince them that your.. 'companion'.. was working on her own, and you were not included in any premeditation."

"WHAT?! Have you been listening to ANYTHING I said?! That guy was violating MY girlfriend! He was lucky I didn't see all of it, or I would have had a piece of him too!" Evans shouted angrily.

"Please calm down," the woman said in response, looking back at Evans tiredly. "So are you prepared to swear that you specifically saw this man... 'violating'... her? Think carefully before you speak."

"Well... No, but Kitty doesn't lie to me. She said that he was creeping up her leg with his hand, and I know that she really doesn't like that. REALLY doesn't like that..." He said, rubbing his chin, remembering that very 'pleasant' conversation...

"But that statement also is hearsay," she said in satisfaction. "The only 'proof' you offer is that you don't think she'd lie to you."

Evans leaned back in the chair and sighed heavily. This was getting very old, very fast... "I saw this guy looking at her as if she was a piece of meat, and he had his hand on her leg. Okay? And then she kicked him in the cherries-on-a-stick... Alright?" he said, trying to explain exactly what he had seen happening.

"I think I've heard enough," the woman responded. She looked up at the monosyllabic goon, who nodded and stepped up to Evans' chair. "You," he grunted. "Back you go."

Evans rolled his eyes, sighed and got up. "...Lead the way..." he mumbled.

He was led back up the staircases, back down the corridors, and to the door. His escourt was apparently tired of long speeches, because he merely unlocked the door, opened it, and then pointed through it. Kitty had already been returned.. she was curled up on the old couch, her eyes closed.

Evans stepped in. "Well, don't expect a tip." he dared to say to the gorilla. He then saw Kitty curled up on the couch, and stepped toward her, as the door closed behind him. He put a hand on her shoulder. "You ok?..." he whispered.

"No..." Kitty whimpered, opening her eyes and looking up at him. "They don't believe me. ...Well, I guess I think they Do believe me... but the truth is 'politically inconvenient.' They erased my statement. What're we going to do?"

They what?!" Evans called out, pretty much hearing what he had suspected... "They tried to do the same with my statement... They tried to turn it into whatever was convenient for them, trying to pin it all on you... I had to talk like a Romulan preator, to keep the truth in there..." he mused. "Ow, c'm'ere..." he finally said, seeing the desperation on Kitty's face. He pulled her into a tight hug, he wasn't planning on releasing any time soon...

Kitty snuggled into the hug, pulling her legs up underneath her. "I've never been in this much trouble before," she said quietly. "And I never even got to meet him."

Evans had no idea what to say, so he just shushed and rocked her very gently. "It's Ok, we're going to be alright... I'm sure..." he just said, trying to calm Kitty down.

Kitty looked up at him. His calm tone was driving away her fears, and curiousity was always much closer to her core than terror. "Have you been in this much trouble before?" she queried.

"Well, at the academy... But never like this..." Evans answered. "This time, we're being accused as criminals... That's something completely different than being sent to the principal...."

"Criminals!?" There went her sense of calm. "Us? Me? But I'm not! You know I'm not... don't you? Criminals....... what Would my grandparents say?"

"Well, I dunno... Probably that they're proud of you for defending your honor, probably..." Evans said, still holding her tightly.

"Do you think they'll notify our ship?" Kitty asked worriedly. "How long are they going to keep us in here with no food and no bed?"

"I really don't know..." Evans answered truthfully. At that moment, there was another knock on the door. "Stay away from the door please. Coffee and sandwiches, courtisy of miss Levy." was heared through the door.

"Well, that answers that..." Evans mumbled, finally releasing his hug, to turn to the door.

Kitty frowned, her eyes narrowing. "Oh, Her..." she said acidly. "Wonderful."

The door opened, and a goon stepped in, carrying a tray with a plate of sandwiches and a couple of mugs, and in the other hand a thermos with coffee... He put it on a small table in the corner and stepped out again. Susanna stood just outside the door. "I don't want to hear I don't keep my promises." she said dead seriously. "I'll see what I can do about some sleeping material, and I'll try to get a hold of the Pegasus..." And with that, she closed the door again.

Kitty took a deep breath and nodded slowly, which just showed how annoyed she was by this woman. Usually she would have been polite enough to say Thank You, even if she felt that she was among enemies. But then her stomach spoke for her in a low growl, at the sight of the sandwiches.

"Well... That's more than I expected..." Evans drawled. "We might as well dig in... Who knows when we'll get another bite..."

"She did suggest that we'd get some coffee," Kitty said wryly and with no appreciation in her voice, "when she was laughing at me." But she reached for a sandwich anyways.

"Yeah, that sounds a bit like my Susy..." Evans mused, as he too took a sandwich from the plate, after pouring two cups... "Who, strong stuff..."

"'Your' Suzy?" Kitty asked, taking a bite of the sandwich. She should have realized it was just a differentiation between this universe and their home universe, but she felt a flash of insanely strong jealousy, along with some irritation at the thought that the woman Evans was such good friends with was like the one who had taunted her.

"Well, my susy always follows up on her promises, and adds a little, just to be on the safe side. Here we are, being promised coffee, and actually getting coffee AND sandwiches... And we have been promised a decend bed, and that she would try to contact the Pegasus. At least she's not trying to arrange for cement shoes..." Evans reasoned.

"Yeah... that's a plus," Kitty said, blushing, now embarrassed to think that she'd suspected the latter. She started eating away at the sandwich, making a slight face. The fact that it tasted very good didn't agree with her defiant mood.


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