A Mirror Shattered #250&251 - "Starfleet Boy Scouts"

-={On}=- [Main Bridge, Deck One, Pegasus]

Caelen yawned a bit, the trip to the third planet had been so uneventful that he almost hoped that behind every plasma fire there would be a Jem'hadar, but without both his Chief Engineer and Operations who knew how long they would've lasted. He rubbed his eyes and gave a relieved sigh as the Helm officer put them in a high orbit over the planet.

Kristiana yawned and stretched a bit, rolling her shoulders some. She then cast a glare at Caelen. Damn infectuous yawning. It's the devil's work, she was sure of that. She rose to her feet, stretching her legs a bit. "Maintain general alert status .. " She quietly mused. ".. and keep a sharp eye out for any trouble." She didn't think that she needed to actually remind the crew that they were in a possibly hostile situation, but it felt good to seem in charge.

"Ensign, hail the Medical transport" Caelen stated standing up from his chair coming to a stand still next to his XO. The main viewer came online and a worn down captain came into view.

"Thank you for the escort..." the man said with a appreciative nod "...I am sorry it was so uneventful... but you never know when the Jem'Hadar find a way through" he added apologizing a bit.

"It's ok, I am glad we could be of help" Caelen smiled and gave a nod back, "If it's all the same to you I would like to get on my way again, we have important business to attend" his face had turned a bit more grim, blood was going to be shed today and he didn't like that idea.

"Yes, we're fine now, I just hope we can control the crowds... they are near desperate..." the captain stated "SS Los Angeles out" the view screen returned to the view on the planet.

Kristiana glanced at Caelen, and gave a nod. "Well, our good deed for the day is d -" and at that exact moment the comm officer spoke up. "Sir, receiving message from the second world. Shall I put it through ?"

Caelen frowned "On Screen" he said turning back to the viewer again "I am Commander Caelen LaBrie of the USS Pegasus, how can I help you?" he asked wondering what people from the second planet would want with them... unless... something happened to his officers. His heart skipped a beat but on the outside he remained unmoved and calm.

A woman looking like she meant business appeared on the view screen. "Yes. Commander. I am Susanna Levy, of the Pot of Gold Casino. We have two of your crewmembers here .. They are being held for starting a brawl and unprovoked attacks on innocent people."

Caelen his eyes widened, Kitty and Ronald? He looked at Kristiana with the questioning look before turning to the screen again "We are talking about the Lieutenants Black and Evans right?" he asked, nothing finding them in the least capable of starting an unprovoked attack.

Susanna gave a nod. "Yes, the very same." Kristiana then spoke up, narrowing her eyes. "Thank you for contacting us, Miss Levy. We will take the situation under consideration and respond appropriately." with the venom dripping from every word. She didn't believe for a single moment that either Evans or Kitty could ever be guilty of something like That.

Caelen was glad Kris interrupted; he turned slightly around and motioned the Comm officer to kill the com-link. He then looked at Kris "I guess that Boy scout pin will have to wait" he said referring to the good deed remark from Kristiana. "Helm set a course for the second planet, maximum impulse, engage" because they were in the badlands and a solar system they couldn't use warp without tearing the ship apart. He looked at his XO "Any theories on what happened, Commander?" he asked her.

"I doubt either of them is capable of hurting a fly, without proper provocation, Sir. Something smells, and smells bad. And I intend to find out exactly what happened, and bring them back. Permission to take a phaser, go down to the casino and find out just what the bloody hell is going on there ?" She asked Caelen, a calculating, ruthless and lethal steely coldness in her eyes and her voice.

"Hold your horses there Commander..." Although Caelen admired her determination to bring them back three officers behind forcefields was even worse then two. "...Diplomacy before Aggression" he walked back to his chair and sat down "e.t.a. One hour forty three minutes..." he looked at Kristiana "...see if the info we got from the HQ includes a schematic of the Golden Pot casino... if Diplomacy fails I want a back up plan"

"Yes Sir." She agreed, grudgingly, and sat down again, quickly pulling up all data they had gotten .. Which was considerably less than she was hoping for. "No ... No layouts or schematics of the casino. It's a civilian owned establishment, and what's left of this reality's Starfleet doesn't have anything to do with them."

Caelen sighed "The moment we are in orbit I want you to run a level four tactical scan of the compound and trace our officers" he ordered her, knowing that with her background she was probably better at this then him and probably even Hannah, who was mostly Tactical after all.

"Of course, Sir." Was her short reply, as she didn't even look at him at that. She had already begun preparations, bringing up several tactical analysis programs, starting to calibrate them for surface- building scans. She was already planning how to get them out. By diplomacy at first. She knew that you could get a lot done with a kind word. But she also realised that you could get MORE done with a kind word and a two-by-four than by a kind word alone.


Commander Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus "Keep Yer Shirt on Commander!"


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer Firing on all cylinders USS Pegasus "You get more done with a kind word and a 2x4 than with a kind word alone"