A mirror shattered #247


He slowly rose to his feet, leaving his terminal. He glanced over at the picture of him, his wife and his daughter, once more. Heaved a sigh as he walked his tired self over, and picked up the picture, tracing his fingertips over the two women, still smiling on that picture, so many years ago.

He gently put the picture down again, and turned, to make himself some tea. He put the kettle on, waited till it boiled, the poured the steaming hot water into a glass cup. Added the tea-bag, stirred a few times, added a half-spoon of sugar, then set the tea down on his table.

He went outside, first. The tea was too hot to drink, right now, anyways. He went to his chicken coop, and fed his chickens. Then checked the time, and glanced skywards. The sky was overcast. A frown came over his aged features.

He went back inside, and sat down on his couch. Tentatively took a sip of his tea. Ah, it was manageably warm, now. Good. He took another sip, then reached for his telephone, dialing his life-long friend and poker-buddy. "Yes, hey, it's me. Look, I can't come to our poker-night tonight. No, everything's fine, I'm just feeling a bit under the weather. Yes. No, not at all. Yes. I'm sorry .. See you when next we meet, alright ? Right. Bye." and hung up again.

He finished his tea, and heaved a deep sigh. Looking around his living room again. A living room that he'd built up himself, and he knew the story behind every little thing there. The trophees, the old weapons - most deactivated, but some .. Not.

He glanced at the terminal again, and the message that was milling through his head. The Pegasus .. Missing. Nobody know where they'd gone, nobody had any idea where they could be. Slowly people started to realise that the ship might be lost.

"I'll never see you again .. Kristiana .." Old man Petrov mused, quietly, to himself. ".. Somehow .. I just Know .. That I'll never see you again." He sighed, closing his eyes for a moment, shoulders slumping, then opening his eyes again, and rose to his feet.

Moments later, a single shot rang out.