A Mirror Shattered #234&235 - "Enigmatic News"

-={On}=- [Science labs, USS Pegasus]

Nalash had a stroke of genious, or luck, probably a bit of both. The scans that were ran inside the anomaly now all came together, she was viciously going through the motions of finding out if her theory had any ground but it would definately appear hopeful. She tapped her combadge while changing consoles =/\= Petty Officer Nalash to Ensign Bradbury, please report to the Science labs, I have something very important here I want you to see =/\= she then closed the comchannel, hoping that would further push Melina into coming to the labs asap.

Melina looked up as the com-signal came she looked to her console and sent for another science officer to cover her post. As soon as the officer came Melina made for the turbolift, she took it down to the science labs and looked into each till she found Nalash.

"You wated to see me Nalash?" she asked as she stepped inside.

"Yes... yes" Nalash said hasted, she motioned her over the main screen in the science lab "I have been studying the anomaly we came through for several days now, I think I've found a way back" she tapped a few buttons on a console and on the main screen a simulation of the anomaly appeared, with readings on how they could open it up again.

Melina looked at the anomaly and the projected results, most of it looked good "Is that a sign wave of a neutriono flush. That could help if we use the main delfector grid we could force the anomaly open ourselves. Is it possible for a single ship?" asked Melina.

The Caitian wasn't very sure, if this was what she had sai it maybe something naturally occurring if so that might explain why she had been getting unusual readings before they had accidently entered this universe.

"It is possible for a single ship but I have no idea if it leads back to our own universe or how long it will stay open... there simply is no way of telling..." Nalash rubbed her forehead "...I mean we could send a probe through but for all we know it will collapse before we can confirm it's our universe"

Melina's ears twiched upwards and came errect. "Hmm we'd need a type nine probe with instant data stream transmission. What if we launched two or a type one probe to confirm our findings and run dimetional tests?" replied Melina.

The type nine could do what the wanted but did they need a warp capable probe or just a impulse driven one.

"Suggestions on how we can confirm if this anomaly is natural or...constructed such as the Bajoran wormhole?" asked Melina.

"All indications suggest that it was a natural phenomenon" Nalash stated, wondering who Melina thought would have made such an anomaly. "I think we need a sublightspeed probe... who knows what's inside the anomaly... I mean, we had trouble coming here as well"

"Hmm did you notice any residue from a Ion storm while where on the other side. The sensors say the area had been under rather unusla graviton particles and positive Ions. Such anomalies have never really beached into other realms like this before. I was expecting some sort of trouble getting a probe back, perhaps if we shield it?" asked Melina.

Nalash frowned at that "Get the probe back? I thought that would be the least of our troubles... we need to send it through the anomaly and find the fastest way possible to have it confirm it's the right universe" truth be told she couldn't give a rat's ass about getting a probe back.

"I meant back throught the anomaly to our universe I did hear of a probe that aged a thousand years in a blink of an eye when it was sent through an anomaly. We need to keep the probe in one peice so we can make sure it's our universe on the other side. We should have it search for a Federation time/base beacon" replied Melina.

"Well actually, I think it would be able to read things from the otherside about halfway through..." Nalash tapped in something on the console "...if we just send in a type nine probe at maximum impulse, on a constant sensor sweep we can still get readings from the other side and save all the information it gathers... when it's destroyed we can use the science labs to confirm the data the probe has send back to us, to see if it's the right universe" it sounded easier then it in reality was, first off it needed to get through half of the anomaly, which was very irregular, as they experienced on the way there.

"What if we send a type four probe to map the disturbances within the anomaly first I'm sure our chances of success would greatly increase Nalash" commented Melina.

The Caitian's tail twiched in excitment it would be good to return home and she was sure Nalash was onto something.

Nalash sighed deeply "We Might not have Time!" she protested "Heck we might not even have time to fly through it ourselves!" she leaned on the console, she had lost a lot of sleep over this "I'm sorry ma'am, I didn't have a lot of sleep last night... this entire Mirror-Universe thing... it's got me on edge... I found out that in this universe all Orion girls are still slave girls"

Melina itched her right eyebrow with her nail. "It's alright I know I didn't sleep well myself. I can't say I like one shot deals but I guess we'll have to take what we can it would have been nice to give the Captain a choice or two. Never mind, we'll go with what we have prepear a probe and I'll let the Captain know" replied Melina.

Nalash nodded and started to work on preparing the probe, this might be their ticket out of here "aye ma'am, can't wait to get back" she said, a small smile now becoming appearant on her face, they were going home!

A JP Between

Melina Bradbury Cheif Science Officer USS Pegasus


CPO2 Nalash (NPC) Scientist's mate USS Pegasus (Played by Caelen LaBrie)