A Mirror Shattered #238-239 "Oy! You Sunk My Ship"

-={ON}=- === Location: Strategic Ops Station, Deck 5 ===

Giovanni paced back and fourth in his office, which he had just recently finished decorating it. The room had the Italian flag hanging behind Giovanni's desk, paintings by some of Italy's most famous artist hung on his wall. There was also a library in the far corner of the office.

Hannah hit the door chime outside the Strat Ops office. She hadn't met the man before. <What was his name...DeResio? Something like that. I hope I can work with him - now is not the time to have a personality conflict. >

"Enter," Giovanni said in his deep voice.

Hannah stepped into the office, and raised her eyebrows at the decor. <Italian much? I wonder if he'll offer me some pizza? > She mused sarcastically. "Lieutenant?" She asked, careful not to reveal her lack of knowledge about the man's second name.

Giovanni turned to the young woman "Yes?" Giovanni walked over to his desk "Have seat," he said in a friendly tone.

"Thank you." Hannah said, stepping towards the seat. Before she sat down, she offered her hand. "I'm Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll, CTac."

Giovanni smiled "Pleasure to meet you lieutenant, my name is Giovanni DiRisio, your Strategic Ops officer. Can I get you something to drink, Tarkalian tea, coffee?"

<DiRisio! Of course! > "Coffee would be fine, Lieutenant." Hannah smiled. "Has Commander LaBrie called ahead to tell you why I'm here?"

Giovanni stood up from his desk and walked over to replicator "One coffee and one Tarkalian tea, warm." Two cups appeared before him he grabbed the cups and walk back to the desk, he handed Hannah her coffee "No," he said with a smile.

"It's time for us to prove ourselves, Lieutenant." Hannah said. "We've been called to this universe's version of Earth, to help take it back from the Dominion. We've got a space battle to plan."

Giovanni thought for a moment "We'll let us hope that our battle will not be life costly as the Dominion War in our universe was."

"Here's hoping, Lieutenant." Hannah said. "Do you have a holotable in here that we can plan on?"

Giovanni stood up from his desk and walked to another door, when it opened it revealed a dark room "Computer, turn on light level two." He walked over to a table a long table and pressed a button.

The table flickered into life. Hannah slipped an isolinear stick into the input slot, and a holographic display of the Sol Sector appeared above the table.

"These are the ships we're expecting to face." Hannah said, tapping a couple of controls on the table. Five Jem'Hadar ships appeared around the planet. "What kind of positioning do you think they'll take?"

Giovanni observed the ships "They'd be spread apart the sector, I am going out on a limb here but I bet they are as arrogant as the Dominion in our Universe. They don't see anyone as a threat."

Hannah worked the table with sure hands. "Here, here and...Here?" She asked.

"That looks about right, except." Giovanni moved one of the Jem'Hadar vessels next to another on near Earth."

Hannah nodded. She tapped the controls again, calling up holographic images of three Jem'Hadar fighters, and a Galor Class warship. "This is what we've got to play with." She said. "What do you reckon?"

Giovanni thought for a moment "Plan an ambush we focus on the more important target...Earth. We can activate the cloaking device on one of the Jem'Hadar fighters have it act as a decoy to catch the attention of the other two vessels orbiting Earth. We send the one of our other fighters and the Galor class in to fight the Dominion, the other we send down to Earth."

"What about the Pegasus?"

"We use her along with the Fighter going into Earth we stay out of the fight until it's really necessary, don't want to return to our Universe with a missing warp core."

Hannah frowned. "On the other hand, we are the greatest attacking threat - surely we owe it to the renegades not to simply think of ourselves."

"Would you rather go in as the decoy? Or as the defense?"

"Defense, preferably." Hannah said. "This ship's up to it, and that would be the ideal role for us."

"It won't take long for the other Jem'Hadar attack ships to realize our presence I say we conserve our weapons until the other ships show themselves. We should focus on returning Earth to the renegades that's their home I'm sure they're dying to place their flag back on its soil."

Hannah frowned again. "I guess..." She shrugged. "You're the Strat Ops man." She smiled. "You'll take this plan to the boss?"

"But your the Tactical officer, your responsible for the protection of the ship, if you have an alternative idea I'm all ears. You wouldn't be Chief Tactical/Security if you weren't damned good at your job."

Hannah tapped in a few commands. "I think sneaking in is the wrong way to go. If we hit them...here, here and here. Delay the Pegasus and the Galor entering the system till we see where they concentrate their forces, and then hit them hard there. I think we have to wipe out all five ships in one fell swoop, if we're to have any hope of keeping what we grab."

"Too aggressive yet there's logic but I say we hit them hard here draw the other ships away from their locations. Keep the idea of sending in the Galor and Pegasus."

Hannah nodded. "Ok, a compromise - I can do that."

Giovanni nodded "Now to publish the idea, I say we both report to the Captain."

Hannah nodded. "Makes sense to me." She smiled. "This was fun. I should plan massive planetary assaults more often."

"Hey whenever you're free I've got some holo programs you'd like one is based on an old Earth movie called Star Wars, it's all about being a tactician."

Hannah flashed a pretty smile. "That'd be fun. We'll make a date sometime."

Giovanni smiled "Sounds good," he hands ran across a PADD completing the final plans.


Lt. Hannah Driscoll Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus


Lt. Giovanni DiRisio Strategic Operations Officer USS Pegasus