A Mirror Shattered #234&235 - "Enigmatic News"

-={On}=- [Main Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

Hannah stepped onto the Bridge. When the general alert had gone, she had gone to Combat Systems Control first - they had been having some problems with the Phaser Banks, and she wanted to make sure they were in perfect condition before reporting to the Bridge. Besides, she had every confidence in her deputy, Saunders. She nodded at him as she entered the Bridge, and he moved aside, allowing her to take over the desk.

Caelen looked over his shoulder to see Hannah reporting to the bridge "How nice of you to join us, Lieutenant" he stated, he was getting aggravated by the continued stream of people being late, "Is it something in the replicator or am I just not doing my job?" he asked sarcastically at no-one in particular. He rose from his seat and walked up to the Tactical station. "Report" he stated, wanting an explanation for her being to late.

"Sir, Phaser Banks I through VII have been acting up lately - it's my opinion that it's something to do with the flux array. I was down in the CSC trying to locate the problem. We realigned the flux source, and switched to plasma injection. It'll slow our recharge rate by two tenths of a second, but it's 100% reliable."

Caelen gave a firm nod "Whenever you feel like doing this during a tactical alert again I would prefer being informed, when I sound the tactical alert I want my best people on the bridge" he stated leaning against the station Hannah was behind "How are you holding up with your double-job?" he asked, wanting to know if she had covered for Sulan the way he had expected her to.

"Fine, Sir." Hannah said. "Sulan has some very able deputies, and she'd got the department running fine. I've left most of the job in their hands, although I've been overseeing training when I get the opportunity."

"That's good to hear... the way I see it we'll be in trouble before we get back..." Caelen sighed a bit, this mirror universe was hell in disguise, giving people little hope but still enough to cling on to, only to systematically chisel it off.

Caelen his train of thought was interrupted by his wife and communications officer, "Sir, I am receiving an encrypted message from one of the Renegade Vulcan ships..." Jennifer stated immediately starting to decipher the encryption.

A frown formed on his forehead as he stepped back into the pit "On screen..."

"I can't sir... it's a text message..." Jennifer frowned and looked up at Caelen "...According to our databases it's been encrypted with an Enigma machine"

"An Enigma machine?" Caelen sighed, knowing what that would mean, he turned to Hannah "keep your eyes and ears open" he said.

"I think I got most of the message..." Jennifer said, even though the Enigma machine was one of the most ingenious coding machines ever devised in human history a fully functional Starfleet Starship was still a bit better. "It loosely translates to: 'heading to Earth, recapturing planet, resistance'" she looked up at Caelen "I'm sorry it's in an ancient Vulcan I can't fully translate..." she apologized before continuing "...'more resistance... initially thought... need help'..." she hesitated a bit before reading the last part "...'Five Jem'Hadar vessels... in 23 hours' ... and a set of co-ordinates is send with it" she looked at Caelen and then at Hannah, Five Jem'Hadar fighters, this was bad, Real bad.

Caelen snap turned to Hannah and walked back up to the Tactical console "Looks like you might want to get ready for a fight" he stated bluntly.

Hannah raised her eyebrows. "Five Jem'Hadar? That'll be some fight, Sir."

"We have the Renegades on our side, Lieutenant" Caelen knew it would be a toughie but they had to do this, for the people of Earth. "Were you able to get any readings on their vessels as they were in orbit with us?" he then asked.

"Aye Sir." Hannah nodded, calling up the stats from memory. "Three JH fighters and a Galor class - none of them in anything near perfect condition, but they're all combat-ready."

"If we assume we'll be facing 5 Jem'Hadar fighters in orbit of Earth..." Caelen sighed, knowing that the odds were so against them "...work together with Lieutenant DiRisio and device the best course of action..." he rubbed his forehead trying to think of a better way out of this "...and let's hope the Renegade Vulcans take suggestions"

"Aye, Sir." Hannah said, tapping in the page request to get someone to cover her on the Tactical desk.

Caelen gave a firm nod before turning around to his Captain's chair again and sitting down "Looks like we're going to war after all..." he said tapping the arm support of his chair, hoping that the Pegasus would hold together under all the stress.


Commander Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus


Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Tactical Officer/Acting Chief Security Officer USS Pegasus

Also Starring: Ensign Jennifer LaBrie (NPC) (Acting) Chief Communications USS Pegasus (Played by Caelen LaBrie)