A Mirror Shattered #233 - "Another Side"


[Dominion Ship O'Driscoll, SubCommander O'Driscoll's Quarters.]

O'Driscoll spat angrily on the floor, as she paced around her room, naked. "How DARE they? How dare those lumps of goo order me to do ANYTHING? I handed them the Remnant on a plate, I killed my own father for them, and they think they can order me off the hunt like this? Just who the hell do they think they are?"

The slave in her bed reached out his hand, and stroked her behind. "Forget them. Come back to bed."

Hannah reached backwarrds, took his hand in hers, and absently broke three of his fingers. "Touch me again without my permission, maggot, and your life will be forfeit. You're here for my pleasure, and that's it."

She cursed again, and curled up her lip at the slave's whining. "Oh shut UP! It was only three of your bloody fingers." She strode over to the drinks cabinet, and made herself a neat drink. She tossed it back in one motion.

"I needed that." She looked at the slave, who was still whimpering. "Get out, wimp." She growled. As the slave hurried to comply with her wish, she considered the strange nature of the Dominion Council's 'request' - calling her back from the frontier, back to Earth. Could they be displeased with her? Since she had defected to the Dominion, single-handedly bringing down the Remnant's greatest advance since the beginning of the war, they had had nothing but praise for her - providing her with her own command, unlimited wealth, and all the slaves she could desire. She had been the most ruthless commander they had, and had easily justified her position, so what could they want?

Hannah frowned, as she turned to the shower. She would wash that maggot's stench off her, then dress and go up to the bridge to order the change in flightplan.

She hated surprises.


Subcommander O'Driscoll Task Force Commanding Officer DS O'Driscoll