A Mirror Shattered #231, 232 - What? It's good for Morale...

Because if the XO isn't happy... NOBODY is happy...

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Bridge>>

Ryylar had decided that enough was enough. He needed to talk to Kristiana. Their relationship was going to go through a rocky period with this whole mirror universe junk, it allready had hit some of their harder parts, and damnit, he wasn't going to let duty stop his heart, so in that respect, he exited the turbolift carry a small basket.

Standing to attention and saluting, he announced his presence and asked to see Commander Petrova in her ready room.

Petrova blinked, then blinked again, furrowing her brows a bit. ".. We're kinda in the middle of a situation, Warrant Officer. Is this important ?" She asked the question that could be interpreted So falsely.

"Yessssss ma'am it isssssss a matterrrrrrr of ssssssship morrrrrale that isssss vital to the ssssssuccesssss of this operrrrration." He said back in a strict military tone, not looking anywhere except straight ahead.

Kristiana sighed and rubbed her temples a bit. She didn't need this .. this whatever it was. "Evans, you have the bridge." She spoke as she rose to her feet and tiredly wandered to a more secluded space, knowing that the Commander was in the ready-room.

Ryylar nodded and followed Kristiana over to where she was.

"You look tirrrrrrrred and worrrrrrrn out." He said, setting the basket down on a chair nearby as he gestured for her to sit.

"I am." As she sat down, rubbing her temples a bit, again. "I'm just hoping that maybe once there will be a day where people will just be able to do their jobs, without interruptions, sidetracking or coming late. A day where everything goes smoothly. But somehow I doubt that that is for me to experience. It's almost as if some higher power just keeps sending interruptions my way whenever I'm settling down to do my job. Now, what was it you needed to see me about ?"

"Yourrrrrrrsssssself." He said, pulling out a small thermos from the basket and a sandwich.

"I thought you might be hungrrrrrrry." He said with a nod.

"Therrrrrrrre'ssssss coffee in the therrrrrrmosssss, and therrrrrrrre'ssssss a chicken sssssssandwich herrrrrre I made forrrrr you." He nodded proudly.

Kirstiana just stared at him. Stared at him good and hard for a good long moment, before she sighed, shoulders slumped, eyes closed. "Ryylar .. " She opened her mouth to say something, to tell him that he shouldn't have - reall should Not have done this .. But all that came out was ".. You're sweet. Thank you." As she opened her eyes again and hungrily reached for the sandwich.

"It wasssss necesssarrrrrrry to sssssship'sssss morrrrrrale and to the sssssssuccessssss of thisssss operrrrrration to ensssssurrrrrrre that the Executive Officccccerrrrrr issssss well taken carrrrre of." He told her with a nod.

She looked at him as she ate the sandwich, reaching a hand over to rest on his. "Thank you." Smiling softly. "I needed this .. Though .. This wasn't exactly the best of times." She smirked slightly, shaking her head a bit, taking another bite.

"It neverrrrrrr isssss. But I'll be taking good carrrrrre of you Commanderrrrrr." He said, leaning close to her ear to whisper to her.

"Esssssspecially tonight..." He said, flicking his tongue out to give a teasing lick to her ear as he stood once more and saluted her, asking permission to get about with his duties.

She smiled, and rose to give him a hug and a kiss. "Thank you hon .. But tonight I just wanna sleep .. I'm tired. But it'll be a while before I can get some time off - especially now."

"I didn't ssssssay that we'd do anything but sssssssleep... but I like wherrrrrre yourrrrr mind issssss Commanderrrrrrr... keep it therrrrrre until thisssss thing isssssss overrrrrr." He grinned.

She smirked a bit. "Horny pussycat." And winked, sitting down to finish her sandwich, reaching for the thermos.

"Guilty asssss charrrrrrrged." He grinned, turning to exit the bridge and go about his security patrol, glad to have done his duty of improving ship's morale, even if it was only one person at a time.

Kris chuckled a bit .. This had been one interruption that she could deal with. And, waddya know - her morale was significantly improved. <off>


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus "Aahh .. I needed this."


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Acting Security Officer USS Pegasus