A Mirror Shattered #228, 229 & 230 - "Those Same two People and a CO

<Old> Caelen tapped the PA system online "All Hands, This is the Commander, we are headed for the third planet to deliver Medical supplies, We will be on constant Tactical alert, all Senior Officers, report to your stations" </old>

<New> -={On}=- [Cargo bay one, USS Pegasus]

Kitty was a lighter sleeper and awoke with a start as the PA message sounded. She blinked and then blinked again, and for a rare occasion came out with a couple of words that nobody probably realized that she knew.

Evans had Kitty still in his arms, in his little Tipi, that he was the main support column of. He shuffled a bit, but yet another light snore betrayed that he wasn't planning on waking up yet...

As the alarms went off, Kitty sat up with another start and started shaking him. "Hey.. Hey! Wakeup! We're on alert!" She was instantly on edge, every sense active, more fully awake than if she'd just downed a cup of coffee.

"Mwa? Huh? What's happening? Computer, Snooze..." Evans answered almost automatically. He started to wake up, though, and when he got his mind wrapped around things, he got up too... "What the hell... Now what?!" he said, at noone particularly...

The computer reacted to the question "the ship is on tactical alert, all senior officers are to report to their stations" in an emotionless and automated response.

"We're on tactical alert," Kitty said, already on her feet. "We're supposed to be at our stations. Drat! And my uniform is in my quarters. I've got to run..."

Evans got up too... "I'll be at the bridge then..." he answered, before looking down at himself. "Oh, crap, I've got grease and grime all over my uniform..."

"You'll have to change it.. I'm going to give my group instructions and sneak in a quick sonic shower." Kitty smiled, looking at him, then blushed just slightly. "You still look cute."

"Thanks, but not as cute as you... OW! Crap!...My back!" Evans was having another crick, as he had fallen asleep in a most unusual position again. "Let's go..." he said, as he staggered to the cargo bay doors.

"Let me try something... It's another trick my grandmother taught me." She positioned herself behind him, placed her little knee very carefully at a certain point near the area he'd been complaining about, and pushed... holding his shoulders to keep from simply pushing him over.

"Hey, what are you..." A loud snap could be heard, before Evans could finish his sentence..."WHAAAAAAHOW! Ow... Hey... That hurts... a lot less..." Evans was amazed... "Thanks..."

Kitty chuckled at his response and stepped around to give him a big hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. "Anytime for you. But we've both got to RUN." And she headed for the cargo bay door full speed.

"Hmm... Hey, wait for me!" Evans said, as he saw his girlfriend run towards the door. He had no choice to run after her...

Kitty was heading down the corridor at a good speed. Of course, she stayed in shape and she had a small frame... both good for a decent turn of speed. She fumbled her combadge out of the pocket of her robe and pressed it. =/\= Engineering, this is Lt. Black, I'll be there in a moment. I want the first run of diagnostics done by the time I get there. =/\=

[Meanwhile on the bridge]

Caelen was looking at the Ensign behind the Ops console, wondering what took his Chief of Operations, he repositioned himself on his chair and sighed. He wasn't one to tell people not to see each other, he knew how much of a pain it was, he had been through it, but now his and her duties were suffering he needed to have a chat with them... Both.

As Kitty dove around the corner where the turbolifts were, he yelled after her... "Hold the elevator!" and he too dove around the corner...

Kitty heard him and called out "Hold!" to the elevator. She backed up a little to give him room to come charging in, as she got the response back from Engineering. "We're shipshape here, Lieutenant, I'll have those diagnostics for you by the time you get in." She smiled, letting herself relax just a little bit.

Evans looked at Kitty, already setting things in motion, still in her pyjamas, and Evans felt a bit out... He was in full uniform, and still hadn't had a chance to do anything... He too tapped his combadge. =/\= Evans to bridge, I'm on my way... Do I have time to change into a clean uniform? This one is REALLY dirty...=/\= he said a bit sheepishly...

=/\= We are on tactical alert, Evans, that means: get to your post As Soon As Humanly Possible =/\= Caelen responded, getting a bit more annoyed by the question of his Chief Ops, he sighed a bit =/\= if we were in a battle situation a dirty uniform is the least of our worries, Lieutenant =/\= he hesitated a bit before stating =/\= have Lieutenant Black report to the bridge as well, I assume you two are near each other... =/\= he stated over the com-link before closing it.

Kitty blinked at that and frowned, waiting for the channel to close. "I didn't get you in trouble, did I?" she asked Evans.

Evans gulped again, and looked at Kitty... "Guess so... Well, actually, I was the one going for a midnight tinkering session..." He said, looking at his uniform again... "Computer, deck one..."

"Deck four," Kitty told the computer. "I won't be more than two minutes behind you.." she said, turning back to Evans. "But if I'm going to get hollered at, I'm not doing it in my nightclothes."

The turbolift reached deck four, and the doors opened, and Kitty jumped out... "See you soon..." Evans called after her, just as the doors closed again. The lift rushed to deck one, and opened up again. Evans stepped out, and walked out, intending to walk to his post...

"Lieutenant" Caelen stopped Ronald as he rose from his seat and stepped up to Evans "where is your significant other?" he asked standing rather close to him, visibly not at all amused.

Kitty, meanwhile, dashed into her room.. she always kept a uniform laid out, so she was already half-into it by the time the door closed... she knew she didn't have much time. She silently told herself she'd make it up to Evans later, for making him face the captain first.

"Aaaah she... ahhh... Who? Oh, Kitty... Yes.... ehm... I guess she's in her quarters sir..." Evans tried to cover for her, poorly... "I'm sure she will be here shortly..."

"I don't recall telling you to be at ease Lieutenant" Caelen referred to Evans' rather relaxed composure, as he then tensed up into an attention stance Caelen gave a stern nod "We will just wait for her then" he told him not moving away from him looking him in the eyes constantly, in the hope of intimidating him.

His intimidation tactics worked perfectly, as Evans snapped to attention like a piece of memory metal exposed to heat... "Yes sir, sorry sir"...

Kitty meanwhile zipped up the uniform and grabbed a hair elastic and ran out the door again, heading for the turbolift.. once inside the turbolift, she put on her combadge and started braiding her hair. She finished putting the elastic again just as the turbolift opened.. she took two quick steps out of the turbolift and came to attention, trying to not look nearly as nervous as she felt and failing.

"Report to my Ready Room Lieutenants" Caelen ordered the two love birds, as they marched off he turned to Petrova "you have the bridge" he told her before following the Lieutenants into his Ready Room.

"Yessir..." Kitty said quietly.. she reached over to touch Evans' hand just for a moment as she follow

"Yes sir..." Evans answered , as he walked briskly to the room behind the bridge, Kitty next to him, and Caelen behind him. The two lieutenants stood in attention in front of the desk...

Caelen walked in and sat down behind his desk "Please... do explain..." he then said, not stating what they should explain but he had hoped that he didn't need to explain.

Kitty tried to pounce on that before Evans could respond. "Explain, sir?" Being a child with an innovative mind, she'd long ago learned to never admit to anything until she knew what she was in trouble for.

"Eh, yessir..." Evans stammered..."I couldn't catch my sleep, so I went down to the cargo bay to work on my car a bit, and then when I sat down to rest for a while, I fell asleep... That's why my uniform is so dirty..." Evans said, explaining exactly the part that he could not deny...

"And this gives you the right to always be the last one reporting in when were are in an emergency situation?" Caelen stood up from his chair, not being able to sit comfortably when talking to them about this. He then looked at Kathleen "Please explain why you are so special that you don't really need to be anywhere when the alarm bells ring"

"I'm not, sir.." That bit really threw her off. "I got up as soon as I heard them. I was on my way to my station. I have already contacted Engineering and they are already on full alert. I ordered the first set of diagnostics to be finished by the time I got there." She answered as calmly as she could, but her cheeks burned. She never did take a dressing-down well.

"We really need an extra loud horn in the cargo-bay, sir... I almost didn't hear it..." Evans added, quite seriously... However, it could be taken completely the wrong way...

Caelen shot Evans a look to make sure he held trivia inside for the remainder of his time here "Starfleet frowns upon relationships between two Officers..." he looked at Ronald and then at Kathleen before strolling off a bit "...I, however, haven't frowned on your situation yet... this is not really that weird as I was the one wanting to set it up" he turned to both lieutenants again, seeing them both tense up as he did. "But it's getting out of hand... both of you are cutting several minutes of your duty shifts, you have the lowest response times to the alarms..." he then turned to Evans "and your Ops report was... insufficient" he turned around again and walked up to the window "So what are we going to do about it?"

Kitty just remained silent now, her lips pressed tightly together as she kept herself completely still.

Evans looked at Kitty, from the corners of his eye, his head turning redder than a beetroot... "We're gonna get this under control, sir..." he said.

"You are going to do nothing... I am..." Caelen simply stated looking at Evans "...I have been lenient with you two long enough..." he turned around and leaned on the window frame "...When you are on duty you will be at your station, either on the bridge or in Engineering, if you want to leave your station you are to ask me for permission... unless it's an absolute emergency" he stepped closer again "furthermore I will avoid putting you on different time schedules so that you have enough time to see each other after duty hours..." he glanced at them both a bit to see if they understood and complied "...and next time the ship goes into an Alert status I want you to be the first at your stations... am I understood?"

"Yessir.." Kitty said in almost a whisper, remaining as still as she could.

Evans blinked, at the special treatment he received.. "Yessir..." Evans added, actually still thinking about the words...

"Good... report to your stations..." Caelen nodded firmly "...you're dismissed" he added not noticing any motion in the two Lieutenants, "ohw and Evans..." he stopped his Chief of Operations "...first thing you do when your duty shift ends is take a shower... that's an order" he added with a smile and a wink.

"Sir.." Kitty ventured, looking as if she'd want nothing more than to just march right on out of there.

"Yessir!" Evans shouted, once again remembered of the state of his appearance...

"Yes Lieutenant Black?" Caelen responded to the sir, which seemed like she wanted to ask something. His mood was now lightened, he seemed a lot more friendly and a smile was decorating his face.

"Sir.. as Chief Engineer, I'm usually all over the ship.." This was quite true. She cheerfully did a lot of the repair work, especially the tricky things. "And I'm not in the habit of going on dates during work time." She had, admittedly, felt that this part had been a little unfair. <You're going to get into trouble, Kitty...> she thought to herself... but she knew that had never stopped her from simply voicing her concerns as evenly as possible. <He's the captain. It's his job to listen to you and then make the final decision,> she reminded herself.

"You are the Chief Engineer..." Caelen repeated her "...doesn't this mean you have about thirty to forty people working under you?" it was a rhetorical question "and I didn't say you were in that habit, Lieutenant... I'm just protecting you against yourself"

"I do, sir..." Kitty said unhappily. She really did prefer to keep a closer eye on things.

"You better get back to Engineering..." Caelen said in a friendly tone, placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder "...they need you down there" he added with a smile.

"Yessir..." Kitty said, her voice choked just slightly, and then she simply turned and walked out of the Ready Room.

"I'm going to go to my station now, sir..." Evans added, while nervously pointing to the door. He saw that the 'chewing out' part was over, and it wasn't too bad...

Caelen followed the two back onto the bridge and made way back to his seat, the viewer was still focused on the Medical freighter. They would arrive at the other planet in a matter of hours, perhaps half a day if the plasma storms were working against them.


Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus "I'm not one for Frowning… it brings out my wrinkles to much…"

Lt. Kathleen Black Chief Engineer/2nd Officer USS Pegasus


Lieutenant Jg. Ronald Evans Chief Operations Officer USS Pegasus "WD-40 is not a color that goes with a Starfleet uniform..."