A Mirror Shattered #226-227 - "Two people, two wrecks and a cargobay


[Uss Pegasus, Cargobay one, Berth one and two, a couple of hours before "Headin' Out"]

He was pretty comfortable, actually... All sprawled over on the floor, a nice pillow under his head, a blanket covering his body, and someone had made sure that his feet were liberated from the constriction of standard issue shoes.

His uncounsious mind was calmed down considerably by the words "G'night... hon..." that even now still rung through his mind. He shifted a bit, and suckled the knuckle of his thumb. Yup, Evans was sleeping like a baby, on the cargobay floor...

Kitty was still enjoying her motor vehicle therapy. She turned the wheel.. "Eeeerrrrr"... straightened out again.. "Vrooom"... and shifted her hands on the wheel, accidently touching the same lil button she'd tried out the first time she'd sat behind the wheel. The little car's distinctive horn echoed across the cargo bay in a single sharp blast.

"Njp!" could be hear very loudly in the whole cargobay, but Evans is a sound sleeper... Very sound. He did slowly wake up, though, not being entirely comfortable at all on the metal surface, that doubled as his mattrass... He opened his eyes, and needed a moment to wake up...

"Oops.." Kitty frowned, straightening the wheel. She glanced in the mirror at Evans, but he was still in the same pose, and she figured he hadn't awakened. "Wow..." she mused. "He's a sound sleeper." She gave the wheel a couple more turns and then opened the door. "It's time I went to bed, anyways."

"Where am I?" Evans mumbled. His first thought was that he was in bed, because of the blanket and the pillow. However, he really needed to talk to the quartermaster about that new mattrass... He looked around, and saw G'ulf-fey's ship. "What the... How did I get up here, and where did I get the bed-gear?" he murmered. He looked the other way, and saw his car. <Yup, this must be cargobay one...>

And then, he could swear that he saw the weels steer a bit... He dismissed it as his own imagination again, until he saw the door opening... "Eh?..."

Her small, slippered feet were seen first, then the rest of her followed as Kitty slid gracefully out of the driver's side and landed neatly. She pushed the door closed easily and looked up, spotting half-awake Evans. She hadn't expected that, and it flustered her a bit.

"I... uhm... hoped you wouldn't mind.." she started, stepping towards him, and then the vision of grace rather abruptly ended. The edge of her silky robe had been closed into the door. She only had two steps before she blinked and dropped to her knees on the floor. "Ack!"

Evans blinked, and was completely stunned for a while, but when Kitty fell, he was up and at her like lightning... Something he immediately regretted, as a cramp in his back hit him with a vengeance... Even though he complained, he was only concerned about the girl next to him:"Ow, ow, owie... Are you okay? ...Och... That hurts..."

"I'm ok.." Kitty looked up at him, then climbed to her feet, tugging fruitlessly at the edge of her robe. "Nothing hurt but my pride... Are you ok?" She looked at him again, feeling more than a bit shy, watching his reactions.

"I'm fine... Owie.. No, I'm not... Crick in the back..." he said, both pointing to and holding his back... He got up too, and walked to the car door. He opened it with his free hand, let the robe slide out, and closed it again. "What are you doing here?" he asked, completely amazed. He was really sure she would want to have nothing to do with him for a while...

"W-well.. I..." Kitty said hesitantly, feeling more than a little silly. "I didn't want to wake you up.. I didn't want to bother you.. but I felt like I wanted to be near you." She blushed. "So I sat in the car instead. It's yours, so it's kind of like being near you, and it made me feel better."

Evans couldn't help but chuckle at that:"...Ehm, I don't want to sound mean, but you... kinda... sound like on of those groupies, right?" Then his mind started to wrap around a lot of things that happened while he was asleep... "...Did you tuck me in?" he finally asked.

"I know I do, and I feel silly about it. But I just wanted to anyways." Kitty smiled sheepishly. "Yeah.. I didn't want to wake you up, but I didn't want you to be so uncomfortable either... so I did it like I'd seen my grandmother do for my grandfather, whenever he fell asleep in the lab. Y-you don't mind, do you?"

"...I... Mind?... How... No, nonono! I don't mind... I love you, remember?" he looked down after that, and something else hit him:"... eh... Where are my shoes?..."

Kitty smiled, relaxing a bit. Despite the rather rocky end to their date, he seemed to be just as comfortable with her presence. She pointed. "I put them over there. Sleeping in your shoes is even more uncomfortable than sleeping in your uniform."

Evans just had to agree with that. He walked over, retrieved his shoes and put them on. "That's better..." He planned to walk back, but once again, the wiringloom that had caused him to totally freak out only hours ago, tripped him yet again, and yet again, Evans was sprawled on the floor, his fall cushioned by the blanket and pillow.

A split second of unlimited rage coursed his mind, immediately followed by uncontrollable laughter. Evans was just lying there laughing his lungs out...

Kitty squeaked in alarm as she saw him go down, then pattered over to his side. At his laughter, she chuckled, kneeling down by his side. "We're hopeless, both of us, aren't we? I think I'm going to clean that up before someone else trips in it. Are you ok?"

Kitty was the only reason that Evans would not have stuck in his rage, instead of seeing the incredible slapstick humor of this whole situation... "I am so going to ritually ANIHALATE that wiringloom..." he chuckled, his mind a mixture between anger, love and humour. He recomposed himself. "You know, I found the cause of the gearbox malfunctioning... It was a faulty servo..." And guess where I found a replacement?" he added...

"Where?" Kitty asked, interested, as she started untangling him, determined to get this dangerous wireloom out of the way before any ritual annihalation occurred.

Evans just thumbed into the general direction of Wulfie's aircraft... "I'm telling you, this whole thing is one big conspiracy!..." he joked

"No way!" Kitty exclaimed. "How? I mean, it's so.. well... then again... come to think of it... there are only so many ways to get an engine to run, aren't there?"

"Are you kidding?! Do you have any idea how many different forms, shapes, sizes, functions, types and variations of electric servos there are?! Let alone motors in general! But there it was, designed to move that thruster about a bit, and here is mine, designed to shift gears... And they happen to be the same! Looks like you get to drive around for real, in a little while..."

"Eee!" Kitty smiled brightly. "That's so cool! I'd love to try." Then she frowned a little. "But.. we ought to talk first.. but... probably that's not something you want to do while you're so tired."

"...Ehhhh... Yes, we do... " Evans turned serious in an instant. "... I... I'm not tired..." he mumbled after that, immediately surpressing a yawn.

"You sure?" Kitty asked seriously, looking up at his eyes. "It's ok if you need to leave it 'till the morning.. if it isn't morning already."

"What time is it anyway?" Evans asked at that, and the computer answered. "The time is 3:23 AM." -"Well, that answered that..."

"Ohh..." Kitty groaned. "Another late night. Oh well, better to do them now, before I get old."

"You're already twentyfive..." Evans let slip, and immediately planted a palm on his forehead...

Kitty just giggled at that. "I was raised by my grandparents, remember? Life starts at fifty. And.. I'm twenty-six."

"I was erring on the side of caution..." Evans joked... "You said you wanted to talk. I agree... But I don't have a clue what to start with... Do you want to start?" he added more seriously

"Well.. uhm..." Kitty finished putting aside the wreckage of the wireloom and sat herself right down on the cargo bay floor. She picked up the pillow and sat it in her lap, leaning on it. "...tell me about her?" It seemed like a good place to start.

<...Ouch...> Evans winced "...Ahem... Yes... Well, I guess I owe you, don't I? Her name is Susanna.... Susanna Levy... We were best friends, still are, actually, but one time, we fell in love, one week before we went on a vacationtrip. I should have known that that was a bad idea, because after only two weeks, we had a fight, breaking up, ruining our vacation. It was the day after we... Well... Yeah... It took us about a year to restore our friendship... That's the short version..."

"Fell.. how much in love?" Kitty frowned, rocking a little idly, leaning on the pillow in her lap and listening. "How was it so much different than any other girls you dated?"

"I don't know... " Evans responded, "I guess we felt differently because we were such close friends already. It made us feel more secure to... ehm... go ahead, something I never felt with my other... few... girlfriends... dates..."

"Boy, how wrong we were..." he mused, looking back...

"Oh..." This particular 'oh' wasn't quite as ominous as the last one, but it did indicate some deep thought. "But it didn't last... you had a fight right afterwards... was it like us, tonight?" She looked back up at him earnestly.

"No, it didn't last... Just after we... Oh, for god's sake... I'll just call it like it is... After we had sex, something felt off... Not wrong per s, just off... To be honest, I think I already felt it before we slept with each other that night. It's a feeling I didn't have with you, it didn't feel 'off'... I said this to her the next day, and she just exploded... That was the end of a beautifull vacation, and damn nearly the end of a friendship..."

"Oh." That oh was definitely contemplative. "I thought.. well.. it's silly. But.. I talked to Kris.. to Petrova... and she said that it was different when you were really, genuinely in love. I'm glad I talked to her."

A slight panic envelloped Evans' heart..."P... Petrova?" he squeeked, fearing that the XO would use any excuse to pounce on him <That's rediculous... Petrova is a professional executive officer, pull yourself together, dumbo!> Evans forced himself back into shape. "Petrova... Oookay... " he said, having his voice under control again... mostly... "Eh, what did she say?"

Kitty got a faraway look in her eyes as she remembered Petrova's various bits of advice. "She said that it would still be new for you.. if.. we got to.. uhm.. that point, because just 'having sex' is different than 'making love'. She said that you were probably really hurting and thought I didn't love you anymore." She frowned. "So I knew I had to put that right. And she said we were too cute a couple and you were too nice a guy to feel that bad... She said she thought.. uhm.. that you loved me more than you'd loved anyone else..." Kitty blushed at that part. "And she said that the whole thing hurt as much as it did because I care more than I ever did before."

All those little bits of information were all in itself eye openers, but one bit of information very inapropriately took priority in Evans' thoughts... "Wa-wa-wait a second... Petrova thinks I'm a nice guy? Cute even?" he asked...

"A nice guy? Of course! Cute? Well, I don't see how she can't... but what she actually said was that we make a cute couple." Another blush. "At any rate, she doesn't seem to have any Problems with you. Otherwise she would have said so, I think. She's... kind of acted like a big sister, watched out for me. If she thought you were a jerk, she'd have told me. I'm certain of that." Kitty smiled, still leaning on the pillow.

"...Wow... I'm actually making amends with two women..." he mumbled, shifting his position a bit. "I can assure you, I never felt as lucky to have any woman by my side, as I felt with you... Susanna should have stayed my best friend, she was never meant to be my girlfriend... I am convinced that you are... And I'm sorry I rushed you..." he stated...

Kitty looked back up at him as he spoke, looking into his eyes, and she was satisfied. She smiled, shifting her own position, putting herself beside him, and leaned into his shoulder. "Entirely forgiven," she said softly. "For all of it. I love you..."

"I..." Evans said, carefully putting an arm around her shoulders again..."... love you too.."

And her reply was silence, as she started leaning more, becoming a bit heavier... and then a very soft snore as the exhausted Chief Engineer finally found her own peace with the world.

Evans blinked at the sleeping girl in his arms, and used his free hands to remove his shoes again. He managed to take off hers too, and wrapped the blanket around them. It wasn't long before he drifted away again too...


Cargobay Sleepover! Invited are:

Lt. Kathleen Black Chief Engineer USS Pegasus


Lt. Jg. Ronald Evans Chief Operations Officer USS Pegasus