A Mirror Shattered #225 - "Headin' Out"

-={On}=- [Main Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

Caelen stood tall in front of the main viewer, head up in a proud posture as the viewer switched from the stars to the insides of a Galor class warship. "Captain, glad you could make time for me" he stated as he saw T'Rell appearing in front of him.

"Commander, I simply complied with your request…" Mirror-T'Rell raised an eyebrow "…It was the logical thing to do, would you not agree?" he asked rhetorically before walking slightly back to his Command chair "State your proposal so we can all be on our way" he then came to business.

Looking down a bit trying to arrange his thoughts, he then looked at the viewer again "I have a Vulcan on board who can no longer keep her emotions in line, I was told you weren't that different from our little problem" he looked around a bit, to measure the reactions from his bridge crew "I was hoping you could help us"

The leader of the Renegade Vulcans pondered a bit "How would this be helpful to us?" he then asked bluntly, in this universe there was no such thing as charity.

"The way I see it you need all the help you can get…" Caelen stated stepping a bit closer to the view screen "…Sulan is the most capable Security officer on my vessel, probably the most capable one in this universe…" he folded his arms and smirked a bit "…I am sure you can be very helpful to each other"

Mirror-T'Rell nodded to one of his officers "You have received co- ordinates, you can beam over your…" he hesitated a split second "… problem there" he stated.

Caelen nodded "Thank you…" he stated motioning the on duty Ops Officer to send the co-ordinates to the transporter room. "…I expect her back alive, Captain" he added looking back at the viewer.

"I shall treat and protect her like one of my own Commander…" T'Rell stated, not really clarifying how he treated his officers, for all they knew he used them as living shields. With a firm nod the connection was broken and the viewer returned to the view on the stars and gasses in the Badlands.

Tapping his combadge Caelen ordered "Commander LaBrie to the Transporter room, you have the co-ordinates, energize" he then closed the channel again, walking back to the Command chair. "Helm set a course for the third planet in the Badlands, Maximum Impulse" he ordered his own 'Renegade Vulcan' and he leaned a bit towards the Communications console "Contact the Medical freighter, tell them to lead the way" he stated.

Jennifer nodded and transmitted the orders, they had been asked to escort a Medical freighter to the third planet. Caelen had accepted, wanting to help the people here but not wanting to put the ship in unnecessary danger, as was expected from Captains and Commanders here.

Caelen then tapped the PA system online "All Hands, This is the Commander, we are headed for the third planet to deliver Medical supplies, We will be on constant Tactical alert, all Senior Officers, report to your stations" as he closed the PA he turned to T'Rell "Ensign, Engage"


Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus