A Mirror Shattered #208, 209 - Secrets...

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Corridors>>

Ryylar left Kris with a gentle kiss upon her cheek as she slept to begin his shift early. He enjoyed taking a tour around the ship as it helped him get exercise and Kris had been wonderful to him the night before. He smiled and chuckled to himself.

"I sssssssee morrrrrrre of herrrrrr in that black - Ninety Nine bottlesssss of beerrrrrr on the wall!" Ryylar said to himself, breaking into song as he passed an engineering crewman, not wanting the engineer to interrupt his private thoughts.

Hannah stormed blindly out of the bathroom she had been sitting in. She had to do something to get her mind off of what had happened. Sulan's kiss had felt...hell, she had no idea how it had felt. She was so confused. She turned on autopilot, not even caring where she was going. She never even saw Rylaar coming.

His hearing let him brace for the impending person coming roaring around the bend and he caught her up in his arms, not falling back.

"Whoa... hey wherrrrrre'ssssss the firrrrrre?" He asked her with a gentle smile as he moved her away from his chest and looked down at Hannah.

"Not, not now..." Hannah said, distractedly. "I have to...uh..." She tried to pull free of his grasp.

"Have to what? What'ssssss wrrrrrrrong?" He asked her, letting her go as he saw the distress and his concern became very apparent.

"Something happened." Hannah said. "With Sulan."

"I know... Krrrrrissss told me." He said with a smile. He wondered why Hannah was getting so upset over it all.

"She knows?" Hannah said, confused. "But...it just...I mean...how does she know?" Hannah's whole world was rapidly falling apart. Bad enough that she had to figure out how she felt, but now she had to deal with everyone else knowing what happened? <Well, this sucks.>

"Well I prrrrrresssssume that it'sssss becaussssssse ssssssshe and Caelan orrrrrrderrrrred herrrrrrr to leave the Pegasssssussss and help out that otherrrrrr sssssship." Ryylar said with a nod.

Hannah looked at him in complete confusion. Petrova told Sulan to kiss her? <Well, that makes no sense> "Sorry, are we talking about the same things here?"

"Ssssssulan leaving the Pegasssssussss..." Ryylar said and realizing that something more was happening here with Hannah and Sulan.

"But you'rrrrre talking about ssssssomething elsssssse." He said, gently placing a hand on Hannah's shoulder.

"Yeah." Hannah said, smiling wryly. "Something just a little different."

"Do you want to talk about it?" He asked her, obviously concerned for his friend.

Hannah looked at him, curiously. "One sec." She said, and impulsively surged up onto her tiptoes. She planted her lips on Rylaars, and kissed him briefly. Afterwards, she stepped back. "Thanks." She smiled. "I just needed to check."

He blinked and shook his head.

"What wassssss that forrrrr?" He asked, his eyes wide.

"Something happened with Sulan." Hannah said, smiling. "I needed to work out how I felt about it. I figured this was the easiest way to find out."

"Kissssssing me? Sssssssulan kissssed you didn't she?" He asked her, figuring it out as it was the only reason that Hannah would kiss him like that.

"Maybe." Hannah said, with a twinkle in her eye. "You'll never know, will you?" She grinned, and turned to go.

He shook his head and followed her.

"Want to take a walk Hannah?" He asked with a gentle smile.

"I guess we could do that." Hannah said, a big grin on her face. As they walked, she had to restrain herself from skipping. "So how's your day been, so far?"

"It jussssst sssstarrrrrrted." He said with a smile, noting her exuberance.

"Sssso... what did you learrrrrrn by kissssssing me?" He asked her, wondering what she was happy about now that she had kissed him.

"Well, don't tell anyone, but I might have had a bit on a crush on you at one point." Hannah said, conspiratorially.

"Oh... might have? Orrrrrr do?" He asked, skeptically.

"That's what kissing you was designed to find out." Hannah grinned.

"And what did you find out? That you no longerrrrrr have a crrrrrrusssssh on me?" He asked her, folding his hands behind him as they walked on.

"That's for me to know, and you to find out, Sir." Hannah said, cheekily.

"Well I'm with Krrrrrrrissssstiana ssssssso the only way forrrrrr me to find out isssss forrrrrr you to tell me." He said with a shrug.

"Well, that's boring." Hannah pouted. Her face brightened quickly. "I know! I'll race you to the other end of the corridor. If you win, I'll tell you the result of the experiment. If I win, though, I get to ask you any question I want."

He grinned and nodded.

"Verrrrrrry well." He said with a smile as he held out an arm to mark their starting position.

"One... two.... thrrrrrrrrree... GO!" He yelped, taking off like a shot.

Hannah giggled as Rylaar tumbled to the floor, tripping over her outstretched foot. She leapt over him, and sprinted to the end of the corridor. She grinned as she slapped the end wall, and her grin broadened as she saw Rylaar's face a moment later as he arrived. "What took you so long?" she teased.

He smiled at her as he rose up to his full height. Had she not tripped him, he would have easily taken her.

"You won... ssssssso assssk." He said, panting a bit with a smile as he leaned down to catch his breath, his head level with hers.

Hannah smiled sweetly "Did you ever have a crush on me?"

He looked at her and shook his head with a smile.

"I'm with Krrrrrrissssstiana... I love that woman dearrrrrrly with my whole hearrrrrrt. But if therrrrrre wasssss no Krrrrrissssstiana... I could sssssssee you and I being togetherrrrrr." He admitted with a nod. There was no harm in admitting something that would never come true.

"It's the ass, isn't it?" Hannah joked. She looked over her shoulder at here rear-end. "I gotta be honest - if it wasn't mine...I wouldn't mind hitting that."

"It'sssss actually yourrrrrr laugh." He said with a soft smile, patting her... shoulder.

"Are you saying my ass isn't nice?" Hannah said, in mock outrage.

"I didn't ssssssay that." He chuckled, turning down the corridor to continue their walk.

"And you'd better not, boyo." Hannah said, looking sideways at him. "I've got my eye on you."

"Mmm which parrrrrrt?" He asked jokingly.

"Don't flatter yourself, bub - you ain't nothing but a walking carpet to me." Hannah grinned. They arrived at an intersection. "Well, this is where I must leave you, my dearest fuzzball." She smiled. "I gotta go make myself pretty before I go talk to the big cheese."

"Sssssso sssssssaysssss the woman who jusssst rrrrrran arrrrrround a corrrrrrner, kisssssssed me, and admitted sssssshe had a crrrrrrusssh on me. But I'm jusssst a walking carrrrrrpet.... rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiight." He said with a slow nod, cynicism coating his words.

"Stress on the 'had', fuzball." Hannah said, and turned to leave. "The answer to the earlier question is 'No, I don't have a crush on you.' Thanks for helping prove that, by the way." She grinned. "To say thank you, I shall pretend not to notice you checking out my fine rear-end as I walk down this corridor." She gave Rylaar a hug, and then started to walk away.

He hugged her and turned, not checking her out at all. He whistled softly to himself as he made his regular route through the ship to get his morning walk in.


Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Tactical Officer Acting Chief of Security USS Pegasus


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Acting Security Officer USS Pegasus