A Mirror Shattered #208, 209 - Secrets...

On: <Bar On Planet>

Melina looked around she'd taken a seat near the bar. She sighed softly it seemed rather slow for a bar. The information she had gathered wasn't the most easy to get at. It seemed that what they had been told was correct to a point. It seemed her 'twin' as it were was a clone. She sighed and sipped at the drink in front of her.

Ryylar walked by the transporter room and the chief noticed Ryylar walking by.

"Warrant Officer!" He called out into the hall as Ryylar strolled by, lost in thought. He turned as he heard his rank being called out.

"Yesssssss?" Ryylar asked.

"I have this communication for you... Ensign Bradbury wanted you to contact her on the surface." He said, handing over the communication she left.

"Thank you..." Ryylar said and made his way down to his quarters. Once into his room, he adjusted his comm badge and tapped it.

=/\= Rrrrrryylarrrrrrr to Enssssssign Melina... =/\= He said over the communications protocol.

Melina smiled softly.

=^="Hello Ryylar, we need to talk it seems our new friends arn't telling us enverything I hacked into the main database and accessed their logs. It seems they have been using Caitian clones. I'm not to sure if they have been very truthfull about how many ships they have left...ah..oh dear...I think you'd better get a transpoter lock on me really soon. Seems I might have run into some trouble."

Ryylar frowned and he tapped his badge.

=/\= Melina... Melina! Rrrrrreporrrrrrt! =/\= He said, not caring about the fact that she outranked him and he couldn't order her around.

=^="Get your hands off me you...aghhhh..Oh godess..goddess...I've...been stabbed...=^=

He slapped his badge.

=/\= Trrrrranssssssporrrrrrterrrrr rrrrrroom! Beam Enssssssign Brrrrradburrrrrry back NOW! =/\= Ryylar barked and he got an acknowledgement as he dashed out of his room to the main transporter room.

As soon as Ryylar entered the main transpoter room Melina appeared. She had a torn peice of of her top off and over held tigh on her lower stomach. A spreading scarlet stain could be seen between her fingers.

His eyes widened and he leaned down to cradle her in his arms, scooping her up, barking out an order to the transporter chief to alert the medical staff, cradling Melina close as he sprinted out of the transporter room and moved to run to sickbay.

"Ssssssshhh sssssave yourrrrrr ssssstrrrrrrength." He said to her, running and jogging along the way to sickbay.

Melina smiled softly as the two came to sickbay. "No matter what happens...I don't regret what's happened and if I had the chance I don't think I'd change it at all"

"Sssssshhh you'rrrrrre talking like you'rrrrrre not going to make it... Doctorrrrrrr Floyd will have you patched up assssss good asssss new." Ryylar said as he brought her to a bio-bed and laid her ever so gently on the bed, holding her hand gently as medical staff began scanning her and taking vital signs.

"I just wanted you to know I'm really glad I meet you" Melina replied. She watched as a doctor came over and injected her neck. She yawned softly and murred and looked to Ryylar. "Thank you"

"Come on Melina, don't talk like that." Ryylar said as he moved away gently, squeezing her hand as he let go to allow the doctors to save his friend.

=/\= Rrrrrryylarrrrrr to Commanderrrrrr Petrrrrrrova... we have a prrrrrroblem. =/\= He reported, tapping his comm badge.

"No...I ...mean...oh I feel tired...I mean your a good friend and...with some luck...I'll see you soon" Melina replied.

"No luck needed... Doctor Floyd will have you patched up and back on yourrrrrrr feet in no time at all." Ryylar said as he turned to leave to go find and report this to Kristiana.

Melina Bradbury Cheif Science Officer USS Pegasus


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Acting Security Officer USS Pegasus