A Mirror Shattered #205, 206 - "Idiocy on the High Seas"

OCC been off line for the weekend, unfortunatly that makes linking up hard. so my character is still 'under guard' and I am figureing he is getting a bit bored

--------------------------------- =/ON\=

[USS Pegasus,Guest quarters]

G'ulf-fey had been glade when the replicors had come back on line, mostly as this ment that the various systems were avalible again. Unfortunatly that had been some time ago, and he was growing restless.

He knew that the Night-seacraft's Pack leader woudlk be busy, that weas to be expected, but surley there was no real cauise to leve a fellow fighter locked up in a cage, unless he had fallen for soem kind of trap. True he was not one of the 'seekers' but he might find out a few things from the avalible data these rooms had.

However the little he did find, after geting into what data files he could via the rooms data terminal, Was most discouraging. the lounge manager was appearatly living in discrace due to using the weapons the goods had given his preditor species. It seems that the race had been mistaught that such acts are wrong.

Appearntly also the ships security person had suffered some kind of bvreakdown and was now off duty pending reassignment. if he read that statement correctly and also what some other files suggestde that officer had probably attempted to rise in position and had failed to do so. If that was so, then he woudl be off the ship or dead in very short order. Gulf-fey looked at the 'crew ID shot of the vulcan mix, is they ever met he would need to assume the man was there to kill him.

as he was considering that a small indicator graphic came up on his screen, permission to transmite the messages had been givven appearnantly. This was good as his comrades would soon be comforted that those whomlived knew of them. He doubted that Willie woudl ever receive his twin's message, as given how dedicated Thomas was, the chances of WIllie-T haveing lived till now were very small. Still he knew a chance was a hope and who knew maybe the messages woud, bring some comfort to someone sblood-kin,

As for him, if Captain Cheese didnt have some work for him to do soon, he might be trempted to test those two outside hgis door. Either that of maybe see if they might be talked into a run on the holodeck of something.G'Ulf-fey sat down then and breathed=, such thoughts were the way of the death seeker, he was vargur, he wodul stay where asked to be until his master told him otherwise. The gods had taken the producs of nature and made them useful, to forget that was to become lost and less of use.

Meditation woudl remnind him of this, meditation and preperaation. Moving to a corner he mad certain that the door was in vbeiw for him and not from outside. Then he activatred the 'dreamin stone' and began to see the world as it trully was.

Deeply he dived into the trance and cast off those things that were not needed. Then he faced the final barrier between here and the realm of the mind. H eopend his mouth and let loose a loud yell for those he lost and who he find, it was an expression of all the hurt and the ties he had to them. G'ulf-fey recalled the time the others mediated with him and Hitoshi had become alarmed and had lept t her feet that the sound of that yell. according to her it was as if hearing a dog howl as loud as it could, but more to her it sounded line he was casting off his soul and diveing into a hell. G'ulf-fey hoped that the two security types didnt thnn he was in danger here, and more that they were smart enough not to rush intot he room blindly.


G'ulf-fey fighter pilot (temporearily grounded) USS Pegasus

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