A Mirror Shattered #192&193 - "Illogical Requests"

-={On}=- [Main Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

Hannah watched the minutes tick by on her chronometer. As her shift ended, she took a deep breath. <Into the valley of death...> she mused to herself, as she walked over to the ready room door. She tapped the door chime.

Caelen had returned and immediately found refuge in his Ready room, "Enter" he spoke as if automatically at the ringing of the chime, looking at the door, wondering who would walk in.

Hannah stepped inside nervously. "Uh...I was wondering if I might have a moment of your time, Sir."

Caelen gave one of his trademark warm smiles and motioned Hannah to sit down "please, sit down Lieutenant..." he added to make it more clear. Waiting for her to sit down he brushed aside some PADDs "...what's on your mind?"

"I understand you're overseeing Sul....Lieutenant Telek's punishment, Sir." Hannah said.

Caelen nodded "Commander Petrova is to personally involved to give a punishment... and it's a severe crime she is being accused from" he explained just why it was him that did the punishing "why?" he was wondering what Hannah had to do with this.

"Well Sir, I came here to ask you to...well, to go easy on her." Hannah said, knowing how ridiculous she sounded.

"She bit my Executive officer and nearly killed her..." Caelen said with two raised eyebrows "...she also assaulted the Morale officer... and you're asking me to go easy on her?" he shook his head "I am sorry Lieutenant but I cannot comply with your request"

"Sir, she wasn't in control at those times - she's not well, Sir...if you could see her when she's well... she's a wonderful person, Sir, really she is."

"I have seen how wonderful she is, Lieutenant" Caelen became a bit more grim "and frankly I wasn't impressed... but don't worry... she's in good hands, the Federation doesn't allow executions... not even this one"

Hannah threw up her hands in frustration. "Sir, when I came to this ship, you told me the Pegasus was about second chances. That you gave everyone the benefit of the doubt - Sulan has done everything she could to protect me, and this ship. I know...I *know* she attacked Commander Petrova, but the Doctor himself said that she was not in full control at that time - she has a problem, Sir, and arresting her is not going to help.We should be trying to cure her, not punish her."

"And I will be trying to cure her, Lieutenant..." Caelen remarked, trying to calm her down with his tone of voice "...she is being made ready for transport as we speak..." he added, not explaining what was going to happen "...so if you want to say something before she leaves you have about..." he glanced at the chronometer "...fifteen minutes" he said looking back at Hannah.

"Transport...where is she going?"

"Honestly, That is none of your concern, Lieutenant" Caelen didn't need to justify himself to his Chief Tactical officer "but she will be in good hands... and in the meanwhile you will be in control of both Security and Tactical" he added, probably to her misery.

"Yes Sir." Hannah said, visibly upset. "I'll get back to work then." She stood.

Caelen stood as well "Lieutenant..." he said to stop her from walking away if she wanted to "...I to hope that Sulan can return to normal... but there is a chance that she becomes out of control... and then locking her up might be the only chance we have for survival" he knew that Sulan was trained to kill in more then several ways, from blowing up an entire ship to knifing you from a dark corner.

"Yes sir." Hannah said, her face emotionless. "Whatever you say, Sir."

Caelen leaned forward "If you don't trust me Lieutenant, you have permission to speak freely" he looked into Hannah's eyes knowing that this was more then concern for a colleague. Almost as if Hannah and Sulan were friends, Caelen didn't realise that Sulan was capable of making them.

"Sir, Sulan is a friend. In the short time I've known her, we've become very close. I'm just concerned that people have given up on her, is all."

"I will never give up on a member of my crew, Lieutenant..." Caelen frowned a bit "...I don't know what gives you this idea but I assure you, giving up on someone is not one of my qualities... I learned that from my wife... who never gave up on me either" he stepped around the desk and placed a hand on Hannah's shoulder looking into her eyes again "I hope Lieutenant Sulan will get over this as much as you do Hannah..." he spoke reassuringly "...although I might be a bit more objective on the matter"

"Yes Sir." Hannah sighed. "And...I do trust you, Sir. I really do."

"That's good to know" Caelen stepped back a bit "You're dismissed Lieutenant" he said with a nod, hoping that he wasn't lying to her, was Sulan ever going to get better? Or would he be forced to lock her up until her dying day?


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