A Mirror Shattered #191-"I Wonder"


=== Begin Flashback ===

=== Location: Andoria, Paan Mokar City ===

"Mr. DiRisio please come in," said a stern female voice.

A man who appeared to be in his mid-thirties stood up from his chair, he stood at about six foot four, he wore a diplomat's uniform and two gold pips. The man breathed deeply and stepped into a office the first thing he saw was an intimidating image of a Andorian female warrior "You wanted to see me senora?"

"Please have a seat we've got much to discuss Lieutenant," the woman said calmly. She gave the Lieutenant a short smile. "Now you sent a request to Starfleet Command you wished to serve on a vessel…any vessel," she said. She leaned back into her chair "Well Mr. DiRisio we've found you a home aboard the USS Pegasus, she's a Centaur class vessel, assigned to the Obsidian Fleet. It'll be your home if you want it to be that is, you'd be serving as Strategic Operations Officer…following after your father's footsteps."

Lieutenant DiRisio thought for a moment this was a lot to consider, finally he'd be serving on a vessel. Working as a Diplomatic Officer was fine but he really missed being on a starship. "I would be honored to accept the position Admiral."

"Very good, Lieutenant Giovanni DiRisio consider yourself Strategic Operations Officer for the USS Pegasus, get your things and congratulations."

=== End Flashback ===

=== Mess Hall, Deck Eight, USS Pegasus ===

Giovanni sat at a table near the window eating a sandwich contemplating the current situation. Trapped in an alternate reality, a place where the Dominion War is still going, a place engulfed in turmoil and chaos. Giovanni sipped on his coffee, since he had come aboard the Pegasus he had only been focusing on what his alternate self was like, did he an Cecilia stay married for that matter did alternate Giovanni die? DiRisio stood from his table the massive man returned his tray to the replicator and stepped out of the Mess Hall only to roam around the ship asking himself questions.


Lt. Giovanni V. DiRisio Strategic Operations Officer USS Pegasus