A Mirror Shattered #189, 190 - Sulan was right?!

ON: <<USS Pegasus>>

Ryylar walked through the corridors of the USS Pegasus, smiling as he made his way to the quarters he was walking towards. He reached down and tapped the chime for Hannah O'Driscoll's quarters. She had asked him how she could repay him and now he was here to collect on that.

Hannah looked up in surprise at the door chime. She had just been preparing for bed. Who could be calling at this hour. She checked her appearance in the mirror to make sure that her admittedly low- cut pyjamas didn't reveal too much, and went to the door. She smiled as she saw who it was. "Rylaar..."

"That'sssss rrrrrright Hannah..." He said with a smile as he moved inside of her quarters, the doors shutting behind him. His eyes glowing dimly in the low light of the room. <ta> "Let me put some lights on." She said, turning to head for the control.

"No... I like sssssseeing you in the gentle glow of the night..." Ryylar said, catching her hand in his and softly holding it as he moved closer to her.

"Oh." Hannah said, smiling. She didn't remove her hand from his. "And what can I do for tonight?"

"Hmmmm the quesssssstion isssss Hannah... what can I do forrrrrrr you?" He said with a wry grin, showing off the glistening white fangs in his mout as he leaned forward, putting his other arm around her waist, pulling her close and pressing his lips hard against hers.

"Ry..." Hannah said, as their lips met, but that was all. Her tongue slipped inside his mouth, and she allowed herself to go limp, putting her completely at his mercy. The kiss finished, and she pulled away slightly. "But...what about Kristiana..."

"What about the old bag? I need a young vibrrrrrrant woman to make me feel alive... Sssssomeone firrrrrm and grrrrrraccccceful... ssssssomeone virrrrrrile like you Hannah..." He said as he kissed her neck ravenously, nipping as he held her close.

"Oh, I can be virile alright." Hannah grinned cruelly. "But not right now, baby." She pushed him away. "I just don't feel like it tonight." She winked at him, and turned away, giving him a nice view of her arse. She wiggled it provocatively as she walked away.

He grinned and moved towards her, nearling pouncing on her as he wrapped his arms around her waist and growled a bit, pressing his body against hers as he gently ran his hands over her sides to caress her supple womanly form. His kisses raining over her shoulders and neck like a thunderstorm of passion.

Hannah thrust him off her, laughing. "Oh no, pussycat. You don't get it that easily. You've gotta put some effort into it. You need some practice at seducing, honey."

"Rrrrrrreally? Why don't you show me how it'ssssss done?" He grinned challengingly at her.

Hannah smiled at him. "Well, you asked for it." She sashayed her way up to him. She kissed him lightly on the forehead, and let her fingers run their way up the front of his body. She kissed him on the lips, and then stepped back. She pulled her low-cut top down a little further, enhancing her cleavage, and then blew him a kiss. "Your turn, hotshot."

He grinned, putting his hands behind his back.

"Computerrrrrr... lightssssss off.." He said and the lights cut out completely in Hannah's room leaving her in the dark. She could hear him, and through the starlit windows could see vague shadows, but his dark form blended in too perfeclty with the darkness. Soft as a whisper, the large Caitian was behind her and ever so slightly she felt the warm heat of his breath gently flowing over the back of his neck as his tongue flicked out and gently traced the vertical line of her vertebrae.

"Mmmmmm...." Hannah moaned as she felt his tongue caress her. "You're doing good, pussycat. You've almost won a ticket into my pants." She smiled. "I'm still not sure though..." She guided his paw up the front of her body. "Do you really want this?"

"I don't know... do I?" He asked, extending a claw and ever so slowly and gently running it down, popping the buttons with his clawed fingertip one by one down the front of her shirt as he flicked his tongue over her neck and whispered her name in her ear, nipping softly at the lobe.

"Oh, I think you do." Hannah said, shucking her top. "You have to ask nicely, though, pussycat."

"Hmmmmm will you let me give you the pleasssssssurrrrrrre you desssssserrrrrrrve Hannah?" He asked her with a whisper as he kissed lightly over her neck, his whiskers playing with the skin of her shoulders as he caressed her body softly with his hands.

"I think I could do that." Hannah said amiably. "I'm all yours, Rylaar - do whatever you wish."

"Mmmmm I thought you'd neverrrrrrr ssssssay that." He said with a grin as he pulled her into his strong embrace and kissed her lips, moving towards her bed as he hastily shed his uniform.

"Oh Rylaar..." Hannah moaned. In the distance she could hear a beeping noise. What was that...could it be...suddenly she sat bolt upright in bed, wide-awake. She looked hastily around. She was alone in the room. Beside her, her alarm was beeping noisily. Hannah's breathing slowed. <It was just a dream, Hannah, just a dream....> She shook her head angrily. <Guess there might have been something in what Sulan said, after all...I don't know which is worse - that I had a dream about Rylaar, or that the dialogue was so cheesy.>


Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus "You'd think I could dream up some wittier dialogue..."

Warrant Officer Ryylar (Dream) Morale Officer Acting Security Officer USS Pegasus "Only in your dreams..."