A Mirror Shattered #181-182 - "Vive la resistance!"


[Tora Bora Mountains, Earth]

The transporter system had been repaired just in time to transport to the intended location on time. Emerson, Lake and Palmer worked miracles again to get the system back on line. They had to make it work with whatever resources were available. Those resources were growing thinner by the month. Russell wasn't much of an engineer but during the occupation of Earth he had learned a few tricks. Especially rigging the transporter system to send out several hundred beaming signals all to different locations to make their real destination untraceable for the Dominion oppressor. All of the resistance cells did the same thing at exactly the same time when they organized such a large scale meeting just to remain undetected.

"Jenn, it's almost time." he said while putting in the final commands into the transporter computer.

Jennifer rushed into the transporter 'room' and stood next to her husband on the transporter pad "I'm here...", it initialized the scrambling procedures right before they were beamed to the location that was requested.

[Undisclosed city ruin, Earth]

After the blue lights died out Jennifer and Russell found themselves in an even more dim lit ruin of a building in a city she didn't know, probably Tokyo or perhaps even New York itself. Jennifer immediately unsheathed her phaser and proceeded with caution towards where the lights and sounds were coming from "It could still be a trap" she whispered to Russell, although it was highly bloody unlikely with all the precautions they always took.

Russell also immediately grabbed hold of his phaser. "If this is a trap we've completely been compromised." he quietly whispered back to her. He carefully walked ahead and looked around instinctively. An instinct developed over the years. But there was no more to see than the pitch black darkness and shadows except for a faint light in front of them. "The others should be close." he whispered.

Jennifer followed Russell in similar fashion, making sure not a corner was unseen, even though Jem'Hadar could render themselves invisible they would still be able to see some ripples. They arrived at the source of the light, a small fluorescent lighting box. It had been there for years on end, ever since they last held a meeting like this, ever since they almost took control of Earth back.

"Delta Five Two Omega Six." Russell stated his identifier code for this occasion. As a precaution they changed the code on regular basis and they didn't refer to their real names. Contact between the different resistance cells was kept to a minimum. "And you are?"

"Omega Seven Three Five Alpha" the man now came walking out of the dark and turned to Jennifer and immediately pointed the phaser at her "So you are the famous... or should I say, infamous, Floyd couple..." he then put the phaser back into his holster "...only matched by Bonny and Clyde."

"If it isn't the bush tucker man himself." Russell smiled recognizing the leader of the Australian resistance. "So you got here first, Les?"

"You'd better stop socializing" a heavy British accent came strolling out of the shadows "We got business to attend to" he walked up to the table, if that's what you could call it, and placed several PADDs on them.

Jennifer stepped closer to the table as well, they might not need a fancy number from her but she was one of the major Cell leaders anyway, and one of the two female ones at that.

Only the Asian one was also a female. "Anyone seen Taki?" she asked looking around, it wasn't as big a turnout as they expected.

"Four Five Delta Pi Seven, reporting in" a small slender woman jumped into the room and smirked a bit walking closer as well. "With a place like this it's a miracle they never caught us."

"The best way to hide something is to put it in plain sight." Russell said smiling. "So far we've done a pretty good job."

"Except for the Americans." Les added looking down remembering everyone that their self proclaimed safety was very fragile. "It seems the Dominion is not our only enemy."

Russell looked at Les and nodded to confirm the Aussie's statement. "Who hasn't reported in yet?" he said looking around performing some sort of head count.

"Seven Zero Three Gamma Da." it suddenly sounded from the shadows with a heavy Russian accent changing the Greek alphabet to Russian. An almost seven foot tall Russian male joined the gathering. "Sergei reportink." he smirked making fun of his own accent.

"We're almost all here, perhaps it was an internal struggle with the Yanks" Jennifer said, knowing that not one Cell could know a lot of details of the other Cell, only when she heard the news of them being eradicated did she find out that they were hiding in the sewers of New York City.

"We're only two people short... the African resistance leader and the flying resistance" Taki said waiting and looking around for the two she just mentioned. The co-ordinates allowed for people to beam into slightly different places so that if there was an ambush they wouldn't all be caught immediately.

"Alpha Beta One Two Three" David G. Hopegod stepped into the room. He never liked the codes, all the other people knew that, the leader of the flying resistance. How they had gotten their hands on a Defiant class And a cloaking device was a mystery to them but they weren't complaining and they were vital to any plan to take the fight back to the Dominion. "So what's the plan?"

"Waitin' for our African colleague." Les answered. "I don't like telling the same story twice." He was the mastermind of their latest scheme and had requested the help of all known resistance cells.

"Zulu Three Five Five Zulu is here." sounded from the shadows and a broadly smiling African male walked into the light. "Traffic was murder." he joked.

"Mbele, right on time." Les said greeting him. "So, we're all here? Time for the plan. I called y'all here because we have another great opportunity to strike against our common enemy, those blasted drug addict killing machines. As y'all probably noticed they're getting a bit sloppy lately."

Jennifer stood close to Russell and held his hand, sloppy wasn't the right word. "I would say infuriated." she corrected Les, as he was correct that the Dominion forces weren't doing surgery, or at least not doing it with a scalpel. "We have annoyed them long enough for the Vorta to lose their grip, little by little the Jem'Hadar become more and more angry with us and you know what they say about desperate times."

Sergei nodded slowly "But I am fearink that they are tryink to provoke us..." he said, not joking with his accent anymore, just talking English the best possible way "...and they are succeedink..." he referred to what happened to the Yanks "...but I don't think they realise what they unleashed."

Russell felt Jennifer standing close and softly squeezed her hand. He nodded at her explanation of Les' idea of 'sloppy' and added to Sergei's statement "You're right. Us joining forces like this is very risky but I bet Les' idea is worth the risk." He looked questioningly at Les to get him to tell his master plan. "What did you have in mind?"

"A lot." Les said with an evil smile and a twinkle in his eye. "Like the May-raid but even on a larger scale. We're gonna take over the planetary defenses, free prison camps, bomb key Jem'Hadar settlements, you name it. The flying resistance will take out several orbiting ships with the help of some friends." he added semi- mysteriously.

Taki frowned at this "Friends? Earth has not had friends for almost a decade" she said sarcastically "Perhaps we can make better use of the Flying resistance in atmospheric flight" she looked around the table to measure response "I mean they can quickly bomb several key bases in rapid succession... more then we can on foot, and if they do we would have more people to free prison and mining camps."

"Yes, we need some more resources to pull of such a heist." Russell added. "I've been checking our inventory lately and we're a bit low on... well, everything. Taking out Jem'Hadar ground defenses with the USS Resistance will help a great deal to secure a big part of their inventory." he said looking at both Taki and Les.

"You were sayink something about friends?" Sergei asked Les. He was more curious about them than about Russell's inventory.

"Yes. We were able to contact the Renegades." Les explained. "It appears they have strengthened their forces and are eager to help. Perhaps they are able to take out the orbiting ships so we can adjust my plan to your ideas. We still have a few days to make final preparations until they arrive."

"Another one of these meetings will be our end, we have to decide now." the unnamed British rebel leader stated with his queen English accent "I say we use the USS Resistance to take out the ground installations we don't want to salvage so that we can focus on renewing our resources and troops." Like any other cell on this Godforsaken planet the English resistance had lost men and was getting no new supplies from anywhere. This raid was a means to survive as much as it was a retalliation.

"Agreed." Mbele added to the conversation. "I still have quite a few explosives left we all can put to good use." he added with his trademark broad smile. "But with the USS Resistance we can strike at even more places at once."

"Alright. If everyone agrees..." Les said looking around at the gathered leaders. "The USS Resistance will take out ground defenses. You'll probably know in your own region what places to pillage?" he asked around.

All the other leaders nodded in harmony.

"Very well, three days from now, zero hour... the ground will shake under our very feet as we take back what is rightfully ours!" Les threw a fist in the air as he made this statement and all the leaders followed suit.

Except the Brit, who complied with a mere "Hear, hear."


An retaliation plotting post by:

Dr. Russell D. Floyd (Mirror) Cell Leader H.O.P.E. Tora Bora Mountains "For God's sake, Jenn. I'm a doctor, not a rebel!"


Jennifer Floyd (Mirror NPC by Caelen LaBrie) Cell Leader H.O.P.E. Tora Bora Mountains "It is possible to fail in many ways...while to succeed is possible only in one way."

Also starring:

Les Australian cell leader & Mbele African cell leader & Sergei Russian cell leader (NPC's by Russell)

Taki Asian cell leader & David G. Hopegod Flying resistance cell leader CO USS Resistance & The Brit English resistance cell leader "Hear, hear" (NPC's by Caelen)