A Mirror Shattered #178 - 180 "Dream of Mirrors"


[Surface 1st planet in the Badlands]

A shuttlepod appeared in the sky, it was a Jem'Hadar shuttlepod. People on the surface stared at the sky, at the shuttlepod moving towards the ground. The crew aboard the pod contacted the ground. A calm Vulcan voice spoke =/\= Are we safe to land? =/\= The ground reacted =/\= Everything is safe, proceed to land =/\= A few moments later the pod landed and the door opened. A group of 5 Vulcans proceeded out of the Jem'Hadar shuttlepod. People gathered around the group. They seemed a little different from typical Vulcans, they looked a bit more tense.

Caelen and T'Rell just walked outside the HQ when they saw the shuttlepod land rather close to their own. But as the Vulcans came closer the doors behind them opened again, a redheaded woman rushed past them Caelen looked at T'Rell "Looks like you're going to meet that evil you after all" he smirked a bit walking closer to the Vulcans and the Starfleet female.

Barreling through was an apt description of what the red haired woman did to part the crowd. Good shoulder down she bulldozed right through until she was toe to toe with the cluster of Vulcans, old fashioned clipboard clutched under one arm. "Now just hold on a second here!" Maggie Deacon announced in a no-nonsense tone of voice. Her aide called it the drill sergeant voice because people around her tended to stop and listen. "You're three weeks early and it doesn't look like you've shown up with the grain that was promised. What happened?" Cautious- yet not to be cowed- she kept herself tuned to their body language for clues on whether the answer would be a strike to the face or a show of hand.

"Me and my crew have acquired a Galor Class warship, it seemed appropriate to show our new weapon in the battle against the Jem'Hadar. It could be reassuring for these people." The Vulcan spoke. "We will be getting the goods in a matter of time." He said to Maggie.

The woman shuffled her clipboard to the other arm, her expression softening a little but still wary. "Beacon disabled and ran through for bugs all ready?" Deacon barely blinked at the word 'acquired'. They were a shifty bunch for Vulcans and she didnít doubt anything from trespassing to murder to get such a prize. So long as it wasn't tagged and bow tied to lead a tracker right into their midst.

"Off course, do you think we are foolish?" The Vulcan upfront said to Maggie "The ship is clean, we checked it thoroughly, there will be no way the Dominion is getting this ship back." He smirked.

T'Rell walked closer to the people around the Vulcans and saw something he would not have expected. He turned around, now facing his Commander "Sir, I have seem to found..." he paused for a moment, then continued. "Myself. I didn't think it would be that awkward to find myself, but, as a leader of a group of renegades...?" He looked somewhat puzzled at Caelen, with a slightly arched eyebrow.

"Yes indeed..." Caelen was just as puzzled as T'Rell and walked up to the group "...T'Rell I presume" he said putting out his hand to the other T'Rell, ignoring the Starfleet officer for now, however she had not stopped to be useful to him yet, he would have a talk with her in a minute. He shook the hand of Mirror-T'Rell "...I hear you don't nearly suppress your Emotions enough... I might have use for you"

"Explain your intentions, human." He spoke a little angry. "But your are correct in your assumptions, we do not control our emotions like our forefathers did." Mirror T'Rell explained to Caelen. "Not in that way, if we 'Renegades' as you call us, want to reason with people like down here on this planet, we have to force ourselves to use a drug. That will suppress our emotions long enough. Otherwise we are almost an unstoppable force."

"I have one of yours on my vessel... and I want you to help her get over it because I can't have a 'Renegade Vulcan' on my ship" Caelen said firmly, just putting his intentions out there before turning to his own T'Rell "Contact the Pegasus, tell them to prepare Sulan for transport" before he turned back to the Mirror-T'Rell.

"I do not recall agreeing with your request..." Mirror-T'Rell glanced at Caelen's pips "...Commander"

Caelen cocked an eyebrow "I don't recall making a request, as I understand you are here under Federation protection, don't you think it would be Logical to give us something in return"

Mirror-T'Rell glanced back at his crew before turning to Caelen again "Very Well, contact me in an hour and we will arrange transport..." he folded his arms over his chest.

Maggie raised one scarlet brow over the exchange. She could hear a pin drop as quiet as the crowd around them got. Oh bloody hell. Whatever was going on- whatever the truth behind it was- it had no place in the middle of a bunch of people looking for trouble or salvation or both. "This ain't the time or place for this conversation 'less you're all lookin for attention that you don't want." Deacon warned in a purposely low flat tone.

Caelen turned to the Starfleet officer now, "To me it seems that there is no place for this conversation, ever... and furthermore you are running out of time..." he stated flatly at her, but then he gave a warm smile "...now you seem like a feisty one, I could use you on my ship... Admiral Grey told me to get one of your people on my ship..." he smirked a bit "...for obvious reasons"

Setting her jaw, Maggie turned around to face the gaggle of people hanging around. "All right now! I haven't heard one whistle blow for shift change! Unless you want a half dozen demerits sittin' in your lunch trays instead of protein packs I suggest ya'll get back to your posts 'fore I call in security! Get on now!" She all but yelled, hands on her hips like a schoolmarm scolding her class. They scattered on that note, leaving the odd assembly to talk in relative peace. "Now.." Deacon said, turning back to face the captain and Vulcans with the same cautious eye. "You can tell me about those 'obvious reasons, sir. I'm Lt. Magdalena Deacon, sir."

T'Rell walked back a meter or two, and then tapped his commbadge. =/\= Ensign T'Rell to USS Pegasus, respond =/\= He waited a moment for answer.

=/\= USS Pegasus, to Ensign T'Rell, go ahead.=/\=

T'Rell continued the conversation =/\= Prepare for the transport of Lieutenant Sulan =/\=

=/\= All right, will do. USS Pegasus out. =/\= The USS Pegasus replied to his hail. The communication was now terminated.

"Sir, I have contacted the USS Pegasus, and are now preparing for the transport of Lieutenant Sulan." T'Rell said walking over to his captain.

"I will... once you're settled in on my vessel" Caelen said before turning to Mirror-T'Rell again "as for you... I will contact you in one hour... starting now..." he then nodded him goodbye and motioned Lieutenant Deacon and T'Rell to follow him to the shuttle.

Deacon laughed, her head tilted to one side. "Oh no sir. You don't seem to understand exactly what's going on here. Word of mouth donít carry no weight without a chit in your hand confirming orders. I've got responsibilities to all the people on the base makin' sure that they've got food in their bellies and enough munition to keep them and all their brother's covered come the next string of attacks. I donít walk nowhere unless it's been cleared."

Caelen stopped in his tracks and turned back to this Lieutenant "I don't know if you noticed, Lieutenant..." he now looked grim and even threatening "...But I am the one wearing the clean uniform and the three pips, I don't know how it works in this universe but in mine it means that you Follow My orders..." he folded his arms for confirmation "Am I understood?" he added just to be a bit more clear.

Face darkening with a moody shift of anger, Maggie grumbled out a low string of dark curses but trudged after the Captain anyhow. Her rear was going to fry when Captain Fletcher heard that she wasn't at her station. She could all ready hear the screaming now. But one CO screaming at her at a time was enough. Might as well go with the proximity rule.

"Lead the way ensign" Caelen motioned T'Rell to lead them back to the Shuttle, his perceptiveness was higher then a humans so he wouldn't lead them into a wrong alleyway.

"Agreed sir." T'Rell started to walk into the direction of their landing site. He walked upfront of the group of three, as he looked around he saw a few more classes of ships being modified into houses or other buildings. T'Rell saw the shuttlepod from where they were walking "Sir, there appears to be someone at the shuttlepod, taking it apart." T'Rell said in a rather calm tone to his captain.

"Ohw Bloody!" Caelen shouted and started running towards the shuttlepod, Phaser in hand and ready to fire anyone who wouldn't comply with his next Commands "Get away from the shuttlepod! We will give you medical Supplies and food if you get your hands off the shuttlepod!" he took aim at the nearest 'assailant' and shot on the ground just in front of him "I Guess we're back to square one..." he whispered to himself knowing how the human race became after the Third World War.

Firing on your fellow man in such a tight knit and desperate community was like tossing a grenade in a lake to fish. The scene exploded quite literally into an instant riot. Juuuust beautiful. Mindful of her still healing arm, the woman gripped her clipboard with her good hand and drove it hard into the face of the first person that charged on her, breaking it in two. She hooked a leg around the man's ankle to bring him to the floor then dropped a hard kick to his chest to keep him there. "Anyone coming to fight will be dropped and detained!" She yelled, knowing it wouldnít end the fight, but it'd thin it out a bit. The threat of not eating in a day went a long way these days.

Caelen hit another with the back of his phaser before he fired it again on a third "I strongly advice against this, we are highly trained in hand to hand combat!" he then turned to T'Rell "I am sure you all know my esteemed colleague T'Rell" the people stepped back a bit hearing the name.

The people backed up a little bit more when T'Rell walked towards the shuttlepod, to review it's damage. "The men haven't damaged our Shuttlepod yet, sir." T'Rell picked up the plate they had screwed off and set it back in place. He walked around the shuttle a final time, to make sure not else was loosened or wrong with the pod. "We can board the shuttlepod and make our way back to the USS Pegasus, sir" T'Rell said as he walked over to Caelen.

"Not yet, Ensign, I promised these people something didn't I?" Caelen stepped into the pod but realized that his promise had been rather empty, they had already taken all the rations and medical supplies "never mind that, begin pre-flight... Ensigns B'Inca and Bradbury already reported back on the ship, correct?" he tapped in a few pre-flight procedures closing the doors and awaiting the response from his Chief Flight Control.

"Yes, B'Inca has already contacted me that she had managed a way to get back to the ship with Ensign Bradbury" T'Rell said as he helped his Commander with the pre-flight checks. A few moments later the pre-flight check was finished. "Everything is within specified parameters, we are ready to leave." T'Rell said. With that said, the shuttlepod began to hover above the ground and a course was said back towards the Pegasus. For the people back on the planet, the shuttlepod became a small back dot in the sky.


Commander Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus

Ensign TíRell Chief Flight Control Officer USS Pegasus ďCalm and BadassÖ cool!Ē

Lt. JG Magdalena Deacon Starfleet Diplomatic Core Ferin, Badlands

TíRell (Mirror) Commander Galor Class Vessel (NPC played by TíRell)