A Mirror Shattered #183-184 - "An end to a beautiful friendship"


[USS Pegasus - Brig] Hannah stepped into the Brig waiting area. After a brief discussion with the officer on duty, she was escorted into the holding area. She smiled wanly at Sulan.

"How ya doin', Sules?"

Sulan looked up from her meditation, not showing the gladness she suddenly felt. "All is well. It is agreeable to see that you have recovered." She said simply.

"That's all I get?" Hannah said, pouting a little. "Don't I mean more to you than that?" She gently teased.

"I do not know what more I can say to please you." She said not getting the attempt at humor.

Hannah nodded at the guard, who lowered the forcefield. She stepped into the cell. "How about a hug then?"

"Of course." She said, standing and embracing her. "I trust there are no unplesant side-effects from your malady?"

"Well apart from the fact that my mouth is dry all the time, no, I don't think so."

Sulan nods, remaining silent for a moment. "I cannot help but sense something else brings you to speak to me. Would you care to discuss it now?"

"Always straight to business, eh?" Hannah said, smiling. "Well, it's pretty simple, Sules - what are you doing still in here?"

"Maintaining my honor, of course." Her eyes narrow slightly.... "Did Petrova ask this of you? Did she ask that you speak to me?"

"No, Sules, I did this off my own back. What exactly are you acheiving in here?"

She turns away from her. "I do not expect you to understand." She walks to the bench and sits. "Leave me." She said tomelessly. <tag>

"What?" Hannah said, frowning. "What just happened?"

"Petrova seeks my disgrace, then, distruction. And I fear that she would use you to convice me to walk into her trap."

"What makes you think that?"

"The plan is quite simple. I am surprised that you cannot see it. First, she uses my moment of weakness to separate me from my men, then, she wishes to further weaken my position my making it so my security forces do not have to follow the oders I give them. Last of all, she makes it so I cannot carry a weapon, the very essence of a security officer's pride. Such humiliation is far too much to withstand. I cannot afford to look as though I've been humbled."

"Look at it another way, Sules - you attacked her and tried to kill her - she put you in the brig to protect you and those around you. She takes away your power to order your men in case you order them to take over the ship, and she doesn't give you a weapon because you nearly slaughtered her without one - Lord knows what you'd be capable of with a phaser. Think about it Sulan - not everybody's out to get you.!

"If I wished any of that, it would be so. I-" She stops, realising that she is getting far too angry. "You are far too trusting, Hannah.... You do not see how people will use circumstances to achieve their goals..."

"No Sulan - you're blinded by your paranoia!" Hannah said, angrily. "People are trying to help you, and you're so choked up on your own pride that you'd die before you'd let someone give you a hand!"

"Oh? Is that so? Perhaps your too enthralled with Petrova's pet walking carpet to see things objectively." She said coldly, regretting it imediately.

Hannah slapped Sulan hard across the face. "How dare you?" She hissed. "While you were busy nursing your wounded ego in the brig, Rylaar saved my life twice. Think about that before you speak again."

Sulan grabbed the front of Hannah's uniform and held her aloft with a single hand. "How dare I?! How dare YOU! I've GUTTED people for doing less to me than what you've just done! Why I've got half a mind to-!" With a shove she tossed Hannah from her cell. The girl flys with such force that she bounces off the opposing cell's forcefield before landing on the deck. Sulan blinks looking down at her with regret plainly evident on her face.

"Forget it Sulan." Hannah said, quietly. "I guess I was wrong." She called to the guard. "Get me out. I'm done here."

"Very well then..." Sulan watched her go, her pride forbidding her from speaking what she really wished to.

Hannah wiped away a tear as she left the cell, her face set, angrily.

Telek Sulan Chief of Security U.S.S. Pegasus "I was a fool to think I could live in such a society. I am, a creature of darkness, no more, no less."

Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus