A Mirror Shattered #149&150 "If you could just sign here..."

[USS Pegasus, Guest quarters]

Evans was reading a pad he received from Letek. It involved one completely wrecked fighter class starship. One that was going to have to be stored, after it's various parts were collected from all over the cargobay... <One piece of junk collecting the other one...> he joked inside his mind. He was so preocupied with his pad, that he actually bumped into one of the guards.

"Oi, watch it!... eh... Sir!..." The guard tried to save himself from a mark on his record.

"Sorry, sorry, my fault... At ease..." Evans responded. He recomposed himself, and asked to see their guest. "He needs to sign some releaseforms for his... eh... ship..." he elaborated.

- "Could I see those for a minute, sir" - "Alright... But please hurry, I have work to do..." - "Looks fine..." the guard said, as he rang the chime. "Sir? You have a visitor." the guard said to the person inside the quarters via the intercom.

G'ulf-fey looked up as the chime rang again. "What?" he said and then turned back to the replicator he was attemptingto program "enter freely and of your own power" he said and then looked as the door opened

"Ah, hello... Eh, oh... A wolf?" Evans stammered, as he completely forgot what he was about to say, as he spotted the humanoid canine form mostly naked at the replicator. "Eh, sorry... Could you sign these release forms for your ship, please?"

<coks head to side as if confused> "sShip, what sship" then he blinks "ahh you are meaining the wreckage of my fighter, humm?" then he (slowly) moves to the other person "yes , allow me to read over the form and I will sign a release of it,"

"I'm Lieutenant Ronald Evans, by the way. Well, actually Lieutenant Junior Grade... But everyone just calls me Evans..." he said, a bit taken by surprise by the wolf in underpants...

"U-mans mispronounce my name as 'Wolf-ee" but it is more rightly pronounced as G'ulf-fey. I am I think, to join this crew as a warrior, but I do not yet know." then he sees the man's discomfort "does the sight of my fur bother you? I can put something on if you like."

"Wulfie?! You're kidding, right?..." Evans responded. He looked at the wolf's face, and concluded "No, you're not... Eh... Well, about your attire, or lack thereof, normally you would expect someone to be clothed on the middle of the day... I mean... No problem, I'll be on my way after you sign those forms, anyway..." <Real smooth, Evans!> "But please, take your time... It's not like you're completely buck naked..." Evans mentally slapped his forehead at his last comment...<d'Oh! Shut up, you idiot!>

"Why woudl I be doing something with livestock, especiually imature goats? " he says then takes the pad and scanned it quickly then signs it "as for this, well it is warm enough here and I had to dispose of my old fight suit, then this replicator refuses to provide anything but an orange jumpsuit, then it refused to do even that."

"When did I mention hurding animals?" Evans asked himself more than anyone else. "About those replicators... Yeah, they have been taken offline. It appears one of the replicators suffered a dangerous malfunction, and we don't know if all the replicators are affected... I could arrange something brought to you from spare stock..." he offered.

"you did say 'Kidd-ing' did you not?" he shruggs a bit "for now I am fine , should this last a while I might need rations sent to me. I have lived with worse situations." he hands back the Padd signed wiht his mname and paw print.

"I... Eh... " was the last thing he could say before bursting out in laughter. "WAHAHAHA! I meant JOKING! Kidding also means joking! You sure have a sense of humour..."

He tried to straighten himself. "Don't worry, I'll make sure the galley sends something your way when it's time to eat..." he said, tears of laughter still rolling over his cheeks. "Kidding... You sure are something..."

"I am glad you found amusement in this, as a fighter pilot one learns laughter is good where you find it." he then 'smiles' not telling the man the joke wasn't one , but that slang sometimes isn't as clear as one woudl like. "And I thank you for seeing I do not starve. That is a bad way to die. perhaps the worst one, according to some. Now then is there any other service I can do for you?"

"No, this was all... Thank you. Nice meeting you..." Evans said, as he turned around and left.

G'Ulf-fey nodded "You are welcome."

The doors closed and the guards took their positions again, as Evans went off to the cargobay, and look for himself how much damage this wolf's ship had sustained.

<Oh, wait> =/\=Evans to galley, do you have orders to make sure that the person in our guest quarters is given proper meals during the replicator outage?=/\=

=/\=Galley to Evans, Right here on my desk, Sir...=/\=

=/\=Very well, thank you... Evans out.=/\=


Now all I need to do is sign this post:

Lieutenant Jg. Ronald Evans Chief Operations Officer USS Pegasus "To kid, or to joke, that's the question..."

G'ulf-fey Guest pilot USS Pegasus "Death to the Greyskins"

Writer's comment: "kidding" not only means joking, it also referes to the herding of young goats (kidds)