A Mirror Shattered #135-137 - "Gagh makes me gag..."

OOC: words are indicated as "spoken" , # needed translation #


[Outside guest quarters, deck 8, USS Pegasus] [shortly before "If you could just sign here..."]

Russell walked towards the guest quarters where a passenger named G'ulf-fey was staying. He had received a message from him and after the emergency with Ryylar had been dealt with, Russell found the time to visit this person. He had no idea what to expect so he brought his standard medical kit along just to be prepared. He halted outside the guest quarters and pushed the door chime awaiting an answer.

G'ulf-fey was sitting inside the 'place of sleeping' awaiting the visit from the 'Pack-leader', or perhaps a response from the other of the same name. So he was not unduly startled when the door chimed. He doubted it was the guard, they would not ask, they would just enter. So it must be a visitor. Getting up from the floor, he moved so he could see the door clearly and then called "Enter, if you will". He also took hold of his sword as he did. The chance of this being an enemy was small, but so was the Federation being destroyed as fast as it was. If there were "gray skins" there he might enjoy the next few moments.

However the being out there was human, as far as he knew, and by his uniform was not of the warrior caste. So the blade remained sheathed "#Greetings of the day # to you" he said in a slightly growling voice, "how can I help you?"

Russell walked into the room after nodding to the guards. Behind the door was what appeared to him as a biped gray wolf. From the visible scars on him it was fair to say he had been in combat. Russell was unfamiliar with this species and seeing a big hound like that startled him a bit. He decided to introduce himself. "I'm Doctor Russell D. Floyd, Chief Medical Officer aboard the Pegasus. G'ulf-fey I presume?" he asked the werewolf look alike in front of him.

"yes, I am G'ulf-fey, once of Silverfur Sharpfang , Lately of the Star Tygers, now perhaps unattached. Soon I will meet with the Star Pack leader, he who shares name with 'the lady' who sounds so tasty." As he says this G'ulf-fey looks past the doc, and there before the door closes sees the pair of guards "'Humph', I thought I smelled someone out there." He mutters, then in a slightly louder voice, "Worry not 'I do not bite', not humans at any rate. Might I offer you some refreshment, you seem my first visitor."

"No need for that, but thanks." Russell answered to the offer of refreshments. "Lady with the tasty name?" he asked while raising his eyebrow. "Ah, forget it." he added waving away the question. "I'm here because of your message and also on Commander Petrova's request to come see you. Are you in need of medical assistance?" Russell asked while he put his Med-kit down on a table.

G'ulf-fey smiles in his way "She of 'the Cheese'" he says with head cocked to one side, ignoring the U-man's request to 'forget it', then he continued "No, I am well, these," he indicates his ear and face. "are old badges. No I sent the message as, by my understanding, new people to the ship must 'check in' with the medical staff." he moves to a table and picks up a small statue of 'Areek-nay' the seamstress, goddess of healing. Who like its little cousins possessed many arms, so could help many as needed. Then from the carved base drew out a pair of a data chips. One gray one black. He held up the black one first " this contains some data on my people, For the more who remember them, the better the memory of them. I don't know if it will be useful, but I believe someone here will enjoy reading our tales. Thou it does contain one fact of note, that being to Varg'r chocolate is a poison" Then he held up the gray one "This is a copy of my medical history and such things, it also contains a 'caution' about that allergy of my people. Other than that, and a note about my diet being normally very rich in meat protein, there is not much. I am generally not about sickbay much, unless unlucky in battle"

"Then I suggest you don't order any." Russell smirked at the warning G'ulf-fey gave about his chocolate intolerance. He took the cartridges with the medical data from G'ulf-fey. "I'll have this analyzed and returned to you." Russell said holding up the cartridge and then put it in his Med-kit. He got out his medical tricorder and approached the 'wolfman'. "I'll perform a routine scan to check for pathogens and such. Just standard procedure." he said.

"I understand, and it will be better than my last check. there the tricorders were all offline"

"This one is working fine." Russell said smiling while activating the device. "At least as far I know." he added jokingly. The tricorder beeped in it's trademark way while he scanned G'ulf-fey from top to bottom. "It seems your in good health apart from some old scars. You have seen some combat action, I guess?" Russell said while his tricorder registered some chemical traces and faint smoke residue in his fur.

G'ulf-fey gives a heavy sigh. "No, not recently, more is the pity. My last flight was to this place and during it those that flew with me were lost to the gods. I also was, almost, but managed to land before my craft fell apart. Lost to battle is acceptable, lost because of a wrecked ship is flown is not." He sighs again "but I suppose that is how things are." "So do you know when the Pack-Leader, the Capt. might be back, aside from that odd tone just now, there seems little to doing here." G'ulf-fey said referring to an odd bi-tone he could just hear form outside the doors.

"I was not aware Commander LaBrie had left the ship." Russell answered truthfully. "I must have been too busy in Sickbay to keep track of the news." He closed his tricorder and said "Little to do here you say." Russell smiled. "You have no idea. Even on the simplest missions things tend to go wrong causing ME a lot of work." he said pointing at himself, referring to the events on their previous cargo mission to Earth.

"Perhaps, and un-busy time is usually good, but in the here and now, being under house arrest, I wonder. as for 'simple missions' well as I said I lost comrades on a simple station change run, so I can understand how busy you must be. My job is to stop a enemy who can die, your calling is to fight an unkillable one." he bows formally "not a life path I would have chosen, but perhaps a much better one."

"In my case it was like 'daddy was a doctor, mommy was a doctor, so I became a doctor'." Russell explained with a smile on his face. "I'm not the one to decide if it's a better life path. I think we most of all choose what we want to be. But for some of us the choice is forced upon us." he added looking at G'ulf-fey with a more serious look.

"there is no choice, there is only the will of what the gods chose for us at birth, or so my people say. but then, given my people may be no more who can say? I only know I prefer to give work to those that dispose of gray skin bodies, rather than see gray skins give work to us." he smiles "not that I wouldn’t welcome peace but when facing these sort of foes , one learns it is unlikely"

"Grey skins? You mean Cardassians?" Russell asked. "So they're real bad-asses in this universe as well?" he added with a pondering look on his face. He hadn't kept track of the flow of information about this alternate universe they were in now. He hadn't been looking for his "mirror-self" either. "They attacked your world?"

G'ulf-fey heard himself Growl, and felt himself go into what his old wing leader always called 'game face'. "Yes the Lizard-Fish #may they be trapped in their rotting flesh# did that, but the #inedible dead# gray skin cousins are worse." He felt his fur bristle even more and his mouth open as if he were about to tear out something’s throat "they came from the hole in the sky, worship false gods and they kill, not just those that fight. But any they come across. May their demon hides be taken back to the hell that spawned them. and their name "Ooh-dar" be lost and forgotten by the sands of times."

"Ah, the Jem'Hadar. They're not the most likable fellows either." Russell said making a huge understatement. "I've seen what they can do in battle." he said remembering his time aboard the USS Sarek during the Dominion War. "Bunch of drugged fighting machines." he added with a grim look on his face.

"Yesss, just as drugged U-mans were once called 'zombies'. These are much the same. They stink of decaying flesh, taste worse, and they are cannot be eaten by those of the realm of Gech-Ky-Uther. I am even told they brag of not needing females to breed.” Shakes himself “even more 'unnatural'. But we should talk of other things. Unless we go to face an enemy, do not remind me of that. What is the U-mon expression, best not to tempt a dog to bite'?"

"I'm not sure if it's an actual proverb but I know what you mean. I wont mention them again. I'm not particularly fond of those memories as well." Russell said. He packed his Med-kit and headed for the door. "I think it's time I got back to sickbay to see how my patients are doing. I'll let the commander know you're not a threat to this ship. At least not a medical one." he added with a grin.

G’ulf-fey nodded "Thank you, and may all the blood you deal with not be of your friends."

"Yeah, I'll think about that one." Russell smiled and headed out the door.


Lieutenant Jg. Dr. Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer USS Pegasus "I'm a doctor, not Martin Gaus."

& G'ulf-fey Visiting pilot USS Pegasus

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