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[Brig, USS Pegasus]

Petrova wasn't in a good mood. Both her tactical officer and her boyfriend were in sickbay after what by all accounts looked like attempts on their lives. And everything pointed in Sulan's direction. Either Sulan was involved, or had information that Kristiana needed to know. So, to the brig, and Sulan's cell in particular, Kristiana strode. "Alright, Lieutenant. Talk."

"Ah, Commander. Welcome to my humble abode. What brings you to visit me? Surely not a social call?" Sulan sat in her typical meditation pose, with her eyes still shut.

"Cut the bull crap, Lieutenant." She narrowed her eyes, folding her arms over each other. "My tactical officer and morale officer are in sickbay, fighting for their lives after what looks like attempts to murder them, and everything indicates that you know more about this. So. Spill it. That's an order."

"H-hannah?" Sulan said, her bravado quickly forgotten. "But... the Caitian said he would protect her..." She got to her feet and walked back to the cell, starring at the wall, but not really seeing it. "How? How did the incident occur?" She asked quietly.

"He did try to protect her." Kristiana explained. "From what I understand, a console Hannah was working on exploded. Ryylar saw it coming, and shielded her from the explosion with his body. That is how He got injured. And Hannah fell victim to what by all counts looks like poisoned gagh from a replicator. I've ordered the entire ship locked down, and every spare engineer to work on finding out what happened to the console and to investigate the replicator."

Sulan nodded. "An excellent precaution. But there is one more you could take. Let me out. I'll find the assassins. I trained them, when we worked together in the past...." She voice sounds distant, almost lost amid the hum of the force field.

Petrova raised an eyebrow, looking at Sulan. ".. And what assurance do I have that you won't turn on innocent crewmembers and try to kill them ? After all, you've done it before .. Besides. I gave you an ORDER, Lieutenant. Tell Me Everything You Know, as long as it's relevant to the situation."

"You can hold a phaser to my temple during the entire search, if that's what you wish. But, if you don't let me use the skills I've acquired, we'll loose more crew in the time it takes me to convince you to trust me."

Kristiana balled her fists, exasperated. "I'm not ordering you to try and convince me, I'm ordering you to Tell Me What You Know ! NOW, Lieutenant !"

"Very well." She said, turning back to her. "They use a personal cloaking technology similar to that the Jem' Hadar use. But... the Theta radiation the suits emit will kill them, after such long-term exposure. The suit blocks enough radiation to fool a sensor sweep, but the suits can't protect the wearer. That, is why the suits never went into production. Though I can assure you that they will attempt to strike again before they die of radiation poisoning."

A slow nod from Kristiana, as she pondered, mulling the information through her mind for a few moments before replying again. "How did you get involved with these people ? Who are they ? Who do they work for ? And can you track those suits ?"

A tricorder set to the E band of the theta spectrum can get you within fifty meters of them. But, I can promise you, they won't be taken alive." She said, ignoring the other questions. "I wouldn't have, if I'd been them. There are two of them, I believe. The leader's name is... Hartman.... He's a good soldier, and won't..." She hesitates.

".. And won't .. What .. " She leaned in towards the force field, starting to get sick and tired of Sulan's games and reluctance to co-operate. If it'd been up to Petrova, Sulan would be floating outside the airlock by now. But it's not up to Petrova.

"Josh won't stop till his objective is completed. I taught him that... " She shook her head slightly. "He always did lack imagination though. Chances are, he'll be in the Jeffries tubes, or near the engines, where background interference in highest. You should let me... " She nearly chokes on the words. "Kill them. After all, I made them, I should break them."

Their lives mean nothing to me, Sulan. If their deaths means that My Crew is safe, then by all means, kill them." Kristiana tapped her comm badge, calling two of Sulan's best security officers. " .. Escort the Lieutenant, outside of attack reach. If she so much as blinks wrong - Kill her." as she stepped back and dropped the force field of Sulan's cell, looking straight at the Vulcan officer, ".. Don't betray my trust, Lieutenant."

"It appears I... was wrong about you, Petrova. Who knew you had such iron?" She stepped from the cell, her eyes darkening. "A red letter day, to be sure..." She heads out of the brig, the security guards flanking her. "Please follow, Commander, I have former comrades to kill, and I need your help. I want to see how hard that newly shown iron really is."

Kristiana just watched Sulan, still eyes narrowed. Then she gave a nod and followed. Those bastards that had hurt her boyfriend were going to PAY .. If indeed Ryylar fell victim to the assassins.

[Off] : Actions: Engineering, please discuss with ship's CO as to what investigations on the exploded console and the poisoned replicator would yield, before posting.

Everyone else: The ship is locked down. Nobody is leaving without Petrova's approval. Armed security has been posted in sickbay, shuttle bay and transporter room.

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