A Mirror Shattered #102 "Mouse"


<Fighter: Fang-Alpha one, somewhere in the badlands>

G'ulf-Fey Glanced over at the operations panel and growled, to have come all this way and then die from mechanical breakdown. It was unacceptable, there wasn't even a target, decent or otherwise to throw what was left of his ship against. He had been given a mission to lead this group of survivors to what was left of the Free Federation.


Pack-leader had called him aside after the meeting. The meeting had been more reading of obituary than reports. The situation was simply a mess, the Lizards' masters, the false gods had apparently turned their attention to them and the losses they had faced in the last few skirmishes had been very bad. G'ulf-Fey knew that he would soon join his family in the Dark Hunting Ground. There was no other possibility he had decided. But until they killed him he would fight, and perhaps the Pack-Leader had more throats for his flight to tear into.

"Wolfie, I will be talking to everyone, but I needed to talk to you first. I have a mission for you, probably the last one I will ever give you. " The man sighed and seemed to grow old as he continued. "You see the Star-Tigers are breaking up, and within a day or so will not exist."

G'ulf-Fey tilted his head, and said nothing, orders were coming form this man, the same one who spoke of the bombardment and occupation of the Bajorian worlds. The same one who's daughter had given him the nickname "Wolfie" as it was easier for the child to say. The same man who had first sat him in the pilot seat of one of one of the old `Warhawk' fighters they still flew.

The man lead him over to the small bay that was his `office' speaking as he did so. "the Spoon-heads were bad enough , but once they had Jem-Huds things went bad, worse than most of you know. Whole cells of us have disappeared without any word. Not even bragging about how many they captured. Rumor is that the Cardys have been slaughtered by their once allies, but we don't know. Only thing we do know is the Cardy ships that are about seem to fight differently than when they flew them. That last engagement made clear how futile it is to fight those ships with the small craft we have left. So we need to change how we operate."

The man sat down at his desk and lifted a small box form under it and inside G'ulf-Fey could see what looked like a red and black uniform, one he recognized as like those worn in the holos of Federation crews. He also saw the man pull a case from the box as well as some star-chart modules.

"Wolfie, As I said we are splitting up. Some of us will remain here till the others are away. The rest will fan out to try to hook up with other `rebel' forces out there. Each unit will who we were and what good we did, maybe one day that will see us remembered as heroes, but for now it will show the others that we are not collaborators or worse. Carrying this is dangerous, but not much we are all criminals and they can only execute us once. However I called you in her for a reason. I want you to lead a flight and try for what is left of the Free Federation. According to reports the survivors are fighting still out in the Badlands. When they were powerful they would have turned up their noses at us, but now they might welcome what help we can send. It wont be easy to get there, But I think you should be able to do it. As such need to ask you to take a letter back with you as well. I don't know if my brother is still alive, but if he is this should go to him. Tell him `Tom' sends his regards." Then he handed G'ulf-Fey the letter, and dismissed him.

=/\= <later>

It was a few hours after that `Fang' Flight had lifted and set course for the stronghold of the Free Federation forces. Three groups of three, had launched. The federation normally used flights based on 4 but three was how the Pack leader preferred things for some reason. Their fighters had been fueled and a IFF squawk was programmed into their transponders, hopefully that would allow them to land if they got there.

Almost as soon as they set course the loses had begun. The first to die was Brunhild, who lead the second element. G'ulf-fey doesn't know if that light cruiser was crewed by Grey skins or not but it looked like one of their ships, but it was cutting across their path. Brunhild called to her wingmen to join the other elements and then went to full speed strait for their bridge. The Cruiser wasn't badly damaged from her sacrifice gave the others time to get past it and escape the system.

White and Gustoph went next, near as he could tell their systems weren't able to take the strain of running so hard. One moment they were there, the next there were comets of fire in their place. Worse those deaths resulted in other for as they ended, their wing-mate was hit by debris and he barely had time to scream before his ship's structural integrity failed.

<end flashback>

By the time G'ulf-fey brought them out of warp there were only two of them left, himself and B'dar, and neither of them were doing well. He would have preferred to die in a skirmish to end his life in a fight with an other warrior, but this was not meant to be, for in the endless night of space it often happens that one survives the fight, but dies before getting to safety. Both their ships were damaged and according to his readouts he would be lucky to survive to get to the planet let alone land there. As well, from what he could see B'dar's ship was far worse than his.

"Fang one, to Fang three: B'dar keep it together a few minutes longer, we made it, to lose now would not be an act of honor." G'ulf-fey transmitted hoping that the other man could make it despite the damage. One of them needed to.

"Fang <cough> Three to one: Machines have no honor <cough> and I suspect this one has given all it can." Sounds of some alarm could be heard in the background. "Howl for me when I am gone, My batleth is at my side, and my Love Brunhild awaits me with the others on the other side. Fly well, I will toast your victories with them till you are with us. May your gods be with you. Out"

G'ulf-fey didn't look as the craft died. His mind hoped against hope that the escape system might work and the man picked up, but it was foolish. Their craft had been repaired so many times and jury rigged to keep going that even if B'dar had triggered it, it would fail, and he knew the man always had said he didn't want to outlive Brunhild. They were together now, time and space being no distance to such as they were now. But he needed to find a place to land and the blessings of A'gue and the other sky-gods to get this heap down in a way that would let him walk away.

Then he saw it, and wondered, for a moment if he had died as well. In orbit about the planet was a ship, but not one of the flying wrecks he was used to. This, thou scorched a bit was almost like new. It looked like it had just come out of the fleet yards or something her hull gleamed with the bright paint pre war Federation ships. Her name "Pegasus" painted on her hull for all to see.

"I may have gone to meet the gods, but if so what better mount to do so on" he said then activated his transponder to full power. And activated his com-systems. ** Fighter Fang One, to USS Pegasus control, Fighter Fang One, to USS Pegasus Control, requesting landing clearance.** G'ulf-fey hit the trigger to release his warp engine, they could salvage what they might, this craft would never fly with them again, In fact it was a question if it would even survive landing. ** Fang One, to USS Pegasus control, Unable to land on planet, Am declaring an in flight emergency request immediate landing clearance.**

G'ulf-fey didn't know if they believed him or not, but as he flew the remaining distance, well coasted as his engines were pretty much off line. He noticed that he was scanned by someone, and wondered if the person reading it believed that the scan told. Then the doors to the hanger deck came open and he saw them activating the "Crash barrier net" system. Were he flying anything else he would be insulted but a Fighter in this bad shape with melted weapon mounts and with many offline systems he didn't blame them. Even so landing the craft took all he had. And he was fairly certain that something broke away by the time he stopped.

Shutting down the last of the(working)systems he opened the hatch and stood up. Stepping slowly so as not to cause any trouble he turned toward the Officer of the deck and saluted. Then He reached up and removed his tinted flight helmet. The human's jaw opened and his face went slack. Had he never seen a Vargur before? Perhaps not, G'ulf-fey knew his people were rare.

"I am G'ulf-fey, Pilot of Fang One, I thank you for allowing me to land, may I make arrangements to speak to the ship's commander I have some correspondence to deliver and perhaps a place here to arrange. Also perhaps, might I be allowed to refresh myself, fighters are not designed for long trips.

<tag: Acting CO, or ??>


G'ulf-fey Fighter pilot (to be on) USS Pegasus

The only good 'grey skin' is that on dead flesh