A Mirror Shattered #113 "Awake"


<Petrova's quarters, USS Pegasus>

Kristiana yawned and stretched. She was still feeling a bit weak, but she felt strong enough to be awake and go on duty. She spent the next half hour under the sonic shower, washing the last of the tired out, before getting dressed in a clean uniform.

She combed her hair, and decided to wear it back in a simple ponytail, this time. Grabbing a quick bite to eat from the replicator, as she exited her quarters, and made her way towards the turbolift, ordering it to Deck One, Bridge.

Once there, she spoke up. "Mister Evans, report, please." as she sat down on her chair. She listened to the Ops officer detailing the events, so far, and gave a nod. "Good work, Mister Evans .. I'll take over now."

She pulled up a few status checks, and started reading department reports, enjoying the relative calm of the moment. She frowned as she read a report addressed specifically to her. Her mirror counterpart in this universe was missing .. Has been missing, for about eight years now. Eversince her transport landed on the second world of this brave-but-tiny alternate federation.

But even those musings were interrupted by an incoming transmission.

=/\= Fighter Fang One, to USS Pegasus control, Fighter Fang One, to USS Pegasus Control, requesting landing clearance. =/\=

She frowned, pondering. Fighter Fang One ? They had fighters onboard - four Razors - but no pilots for them. She quickly checked her inventory. None of her fighters had been launched.

=/\= Fang One, to USS Pegasus control, Unable to land on planet, Am declaring an in flight emergency request immediate landing clearance. =/\=

She sighed, deciding that as Starfleet Officer, she had only one thing she could do.

=/\= USS Pegasus to Fang One. You are cleared for docking, main shuttle bay. Repeat, cleared for docking, main shuttle bay. Emergency teams will stand by. Pegasus out. =/\= as she rose to her feet. "Mister Evans, you have the bridge. Again." and headed to the turbolift.

She tapped her comm badge =/\= Engineering and medical team report to main hangar bay, emergency call. Repeat, engineering and medical team report to main hangar bay. =/\= as she headed there, herself, making sure she was armed.

She wandered into the hangar bay just in time to see the wolf reveal himself and introduce himself, and her flight control officer on duty looking flabberghasted. She muttered a soft curse in russian as she headed over, offering a hand in greet. "Lieutenant Commander Kristiana Petrova .. Ship's executive officer. Welcome aboard. Do you require any medical assistance ?"


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus

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