A Mirror Shattered #102 "Mouse"


She watched the casino from the shelter of the park, across the street. It was night-time, and all the drifters, homeless people came to the park, at night. She was no different, herself. Also one of the homeless, the chanceless. Her heart skipped a beat and her eyes widened slightly as she saw what she came here for .. A handsome fellow, flanked by two beautiful women, all dressed fancy. They were laughing and talking, as the headed into the casino.

"Hey ! Mouse !" .. The woman cringed. "Mouse ! Are you deaf ?! Are you watching Evans again ?" a man's voice, from behind her. She sighed, shoulders slumping. "Yeah, what is it to you - what if I am !" she answered back. Laughter from the man. "You should stop dreaming, mouse. Evans only likes PRETTY girls."

She turned around and crawled back to the others. She glared at the guy who'd been speaking to her. "But I love him ! I mean, I'm in love with him .. I .. I could be pretty .. For him .. If I could have a bath .. and some new clothes .. And a comb .." More laughter. "You're dreaming again, mouse ! You haven't been pretty in Years ! Not since before we met !" She gave a glare at him again. "My name isn't mouse !" she yelled. The guy just seemed amused. "Yes it is. I'm calling you mouse, and that's that." as he used his knife to cut off a slice of a stale bread-roll and chomped down on it.

The woman's eyes widened slightly again and her tummy growled, as she spotted the bread-roll. Slowly she edged closer, then as she neared it, reached a hand out, grabbing the bread-roll. Quickly she turned, started to run and - was tackled from behind. "Hey ! You're stealing again, mouse !" he pinned her down and forced her to turn around, as he straddled her waist.

She didn't struggle. She knew that he was stronger. She knew she didn't have a chance against him. "I'm hungry .." She quietly admitted. "Well, if you want something from me, you're gonna have to give Me something that I want." he replied, with a grin, eyes wandering down her smudged, stained face, her shoulders, her torso covered in turn, dirty old clothes."But I don't wanna !" she started struggling, but stopped and flinched at a sharp crack and a sudden pain to her cheek. He had slapped her. Hard.

"Don't argue with me, mouse ! You Are Mine, remember that ! I own you, and anything I Want, You Give !" as he reached one hand down to fondle her breasts, through her clothes. She spat at him, but he just laughed and wiped it away, as he stepped off of her and pulled her into the bushes. She knew what was going to happen. She knew she couldn't stop him from taking what he wanted. And so she started unbuttoning her top. Otherwise he'd just tear it off.

The other homeless people barely even noticed the moaning from inside the bushes.

Afterwards, he rolled off of her, satisfied, smiling. "Good as ever, mouse. Mmm, yes, finding you was the best thing that ever happened to me. You keep daddy real happy. The food is yours." She sat up, quickly straightening her clothes again. "My name isn't Mouse !" She spat at him, grabbing the bread-roll and the knife, angrily cutting a slice off, and starting to munch on it.

He sat up as well, reaching over to caress her shoulder. "Yes it is." He said with a devious smile. She shrugged his hand off. "My name isn't mouse !" She yelled at him, turning her back towards him. He started to become angry. "If I want to call you mouse, I call you mouse, mouse !" and grabbed her shoulders, trying to force her around.

"My Name Isn't Mouse !" She screamed at him, pushing him back. He glared at her and grabbed her wrist, twisting it "Stop that, you bitch !" and he shoved her. Instantly she recovered and shoved him back. "I am not mouse ! I am not a bitch !" she screamed at him. He fell back, clutching his chest. Red starting to appear where the guy was clutching his chest, he was gasping for breath.

She stared at him in shock .. Then down at her hands .. Also covered in red .. And the bloodied knife. She screamed, lept to her feet and dashed out onto the street. People startled and stared at her."My name isn't mouse !" The older woman with unkempt auburn hair, torn dirty clothes and bloodstained hands screamed. "My name is Kristiana !"