A Mirror Shattered #103&104 - "Gamblers and Players"


[Unknown Location]

Caelen was sitting at a bar, empty pint in hand, appearantly wasted beyond all recognition. "Tender!" he shouted holding up his glass having the bartender fill it up again "put it on my tab" he pointed to the bill the bartender kept for him before he stood up and walked back to the table that was rather busy, he sat down and watched the other players at the table, two he didn't know another girl he could vaguely remember from earlier and right next to him Evans, sitting rather closely to aforementioned girl.

"Ah, dear Caelen, would you care to join us in a game of cards?" Evans asked in a tone not out of place for a spider talking to a fly in his web. "I just discovered the joy of blackjack a few moments ago... It's quite exciting." The last part was spoken truely, the first was the most blatant lie within know Federation space.

"Why the hell did you think I sat down you retard..." Caelen said before placing the pint on the soft green of the table. On the other side of the table was a rather attractive looking Orion female, barely dressed off course, "...deal already" he then almost ordered the Orion.

"You're that keen to lose all your life's savings, are you?" Evans asked in a mocking tone. "Alright, the more money for me, I guess..." He turned his head to the (very attractive) croupier, and gave her a special nod. The croupier looked at Evans and just blinked her eyes and dealed the cards:"Game is blackjack, house holds on 18, bets please..." she said in the sweetest voice and with the sweetest smile in a one-lightyear radius. (which was actually the best part of the entire Federation...)

Caelen got his cards dealt and he tried to pick them up without anyone seeing them, a seven and an ace, he could take the risk of asking for another card as the worst case scenario would put him on 18 again. A confident smile as he awaited the Orion to finish dealing and return to him with a warm smile

"Card sir?" that same sweet smile that would make the Vorta instantly alter their genetic coding to include lust and certain physical aspects.

"hit me..." Caelen said to have the half nude Orion deal him a card, another Ace, that would make nineteen "hit me" an eight of clubs that would make 17 and a hell of a risky play. "I hold..." he then said placing the other cards face down on the table.

"Ooooh, playing it safe, mr. Labrie?" Evans taunted. He looked at his own cards. Two kings. "Split 'em." he said, and doubled the ante. "Card..." he almost ordered the girl in front of him. A nine appeared on the table. "Well well well... Let's hold this hand shall we?" he said, turning his head to LaBrie with a predatory grin on his face.

He pointed at his other king, and ordered another card. "He's black, and he's called Jack..." he said as the Jack of Clubs appeared in front of him. He stroked his goatee as he pondered his own question "...Who could he be?..."

"Show off..." Caelen bit at his 'mate' at his side before taking a big swig from his pint and placing it back on the table, whiping his mouth of the foam with the rag that he called a shirt.

"Thank you..." Evans merely replied, taking a sip from his (not too legal) moonshine. "Potent stuff, this..." he said, as he felt the unpure alcohol-oid substance burn his throat.

"Bank has 15 and draws a card..." the croupier announced with the same soothing voice, as she turned the cards. A seven and an eight. "Bank draws 7 and busts."

"Niiiiice..."Evans responded, as the bank payed him twice the amount he had bet.

Although Caelen was playing safe it did pay off as he got handed double the amount of gold pressed latinum he had bet "Off to a good start..." he said with a grin turning to Evans and seeing how the girl next to him was getting a bit closer to him. <If only I had such luck with women> he thought before snapping back as the cards were dealt again.

"Now now, dear, can't you see I'm doing business?" Evans said, as he noticed the warmt of one of his girlfriends trying to snuggle against him. "We'll investigate the nuances of pleasure in a moment..." He turned to Caelen again. "Still feeling lucky?"

"I could be the Commander of a starship you know..." Caelen reacted to Evans, although this wasn't really an answer to the question it did make him feel better slightly "...if there are still starships left..." a sigh as he looked at his cards, two eights, one of hearts and one of clover, "Hit me..." he then said to the croupier, who revealed for him the queen of hearts... "Meh..." he snarled as he threw his cards on he table hoping that Evans his luck would plummit along with his.

Evans looked at his cards. A 6 of diamonds and a 4 of hearts. "Hm, this has potential..." he murmered. "Draw..." he commanded again. The ace of spades rolled onto the table. "Well, whaddya know... Jaques Noir..." as he revealed his cards for all to see.

He gave another special nod to the croupier, and again, she just looked at Evans and blinked just once. The croupier turned her cards around and revealed a queen and a 4. "House had fourteen and draws." A 6 turned up on the table, for a total of 20. She drew anoter card, but in a slightly different manner, not picking the ace that was on top, but actually the second one. A 7. "House busts..."

"Well, that was exciting..." Evans grinned, as he tipped the green angel on the opposite side of the table, and got on his feet. "I think Iĺl retire now... Nice playing with you, mr. LaBrie..."

With his girlfriend on his arm, he also winked at the croupier. The croupier nodded back.

"Meh..." Caelen now snarled at Evans before finishing his pint of lager and placing it back on the table with a dull thud, he couldn't believe the luck of that guy, with both the girl and his cards, it was impossible for one to be so damn good and lucky. Perhaps if he had went through with his Starfleet training and became a commander, maybe then he would've had a wife and a kid... but after the USS Alexander was lost Caelen never fully recovered, on that ship he had so many friends... he couldn't finish the Academy, not with the prospect of dying.

As Caelen was slumping back in his seat, the croupier said:"Sorry sir, but this table is closing. You may wait for the next croupier to serve this table, if you wish..." She locked away the chips and cards, stood up, and walked up to Evans, grabbing his other arm. The three of them went off, exploring the nuances of pleasure as Evans had promised, leaving behind a very amazed Caelen behind.


Caelen LaBrie (Mirror)

The Man on the Wrong side of a 3 to 1 advantage

Ronald Evans (Mirror) Gambler/Player extraordinaire "What is a mirror universe without a goatee?"