OOC Message on Mirror Characters

Hello Crew!

As you might or might not have read in the previous post, some of our Mirror Characters appear to be alive... Since Admiral Alexander Grey is crosschecking our manifest you can decide what the Admiral will find on your Character. If you want to be found on a list of survivors in the badlands then you will have to make a post putting you there... what you also could do is post your Mirror-Self on a prison Colony or on Earth, Vulcan, Andoria, etc to extract resources under the whip of Jem'Hadar soldiers and their Vorta oversee'er.

So I let you decide what the Admiral will find! If you do not have to time write a post please inform me of what you would like to have Alex dig up... and I will put it in there. If you do not post something about your Mirror Character _and_ you do not inform me of anything then we will assume that your mirror Character is Dead...

Mirror Characters are Protected-NPCs and can only be played by their respected creators (So CO can't make mirror of the XO or vice versa) If you need suggestions on your characters please don't be afraid to ask me.

Cmdr Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus NCC-49885