A Mirror Shattered #96 - "Small messages and big responsabilities"


[USS Pegasus, Bridge, just before Caelen leaves the bridge in Evan's capable hands]

Evans took the bridge as his CO ordered. It felt nice, that big chair in the middle, even if it was just patched up after it's console exploded... Against all odds, this was already the third time this day, that he was ordered to assume command of this whole ship, and although it felt nice, it also felt quite heavy on his shoulders... And that was still without all the paperwork.

Make no mistake, as chief operations, he had his fair share of paperwork to go through. Resupplies, cargoes, stocks, energy flows, and recently, plasma calculations too... When he suddenly saw the PM from Kitty on his console, requesting plasma flow calculations for a very unnerving set of circumstances in a red alert situation, he became slightly, nay, quite... wait, let me rephrase that... extremely worried about his new girlfriend's working conditions. Of course, he had his duties at his station, but those are not extremely difficult, even during battle conditions, so he could sneak in some time to try and work out a working solution. Again, make no mistake, should he have presented his solutions to his teacher on the academy, he would have been drop-kicked out of Starfleet Academy from the top floor, and beamed straight to Rura Penthe just after he hit the ground. Time and spare parts were a luxury he could not afford right there and then, so he probably ignored every safety-precaution and margin ever invented since the pre-war NEN9002 standards...

He did take the time to quickly scan his results, before PM-ing them back to Kitty. He would normally do that three times. However, something told him Kitty needed that solution even before she sent it to him. He was worried sick about her, right up to the point that she stumbled onto the bridge. At that point he sighed in relief. He felt his worries flow away as he could see her get better as time passed.

"Get our engines back up to spec, Lieutenant, I want to be out of here as soon as we find a door" Caelen said, as he exited the bridge, to go off on an away-mission with Petrova and T'Rell.

Ronald noticed the drop in energysupply as Kitty shut down the heavily damaged engineering section to the bare minimum. He adjusted some settings from the undamaged part of the captain's chair. He saw Kitty smiling at him and waving shyly as she exited the bridge, and only now noticed an extra shining point on her collar. He smiled back, and slightly lifted his hand to return her greeting, not really at ease seeing her go back to that previously heavily irradiated room.

He returned to his task as acting CO and Chief Ops, and decided to do some of the aforementioned paperwork associated with both jobs. It was only a couple of hours later that another message came up on his screen:

::It's been a heck of a day. Would you like to catch dinner at the lounge with me, when we go off-duty? If you haven't got something else you need to do, of course... Or something you already had planned...::

He didn't even have to look at the sender to know who it was from, but he still did... That's his nature. He wrote back a message:

::Hi Kitty, or should I say ma'am? I noticed the solid pip on your collar just yet.

It has been one of those ones indeed. I've already taken command of this ship three times today, and I'm fourth in line... That should say at least something.

Dinner sounds great, I would love to. Sure, there is a lot I could do, but nothing that can't wait or would be more fun.

As of something planned, I now have something planned during that time. It's dinner with a very cute, very smart young lady...

Love, Ronald::

Evans looked at his message, and was worried that it might be too sappy. He decided it was just fine, and he too closed his eyes as he pressed the send-button.


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