A Mirror Shattered #91, #92 "Deal with the devil."

[ON:] [USS Pegasus, Kristiana's Quarters]

Ryylar awoke with a stretch and smiled. He noticed Kristiana sleeping peacefully there beside her. After a moment of watching her he crept out o bed and stood, getting dressed in a clean uniform from the replicator, tossing his blood stained one in the waste reclamation unit as he walked out the door, but not before leaving a note explaining that he wanted some exercise before duty.

Sulan paced the brig, centimeters from the force-field. She'd been at it so long, that she did it without giving much thought to it. Step, step step turn, step step step. Repeating over and over. The need for action was nearly overpowering. Waiting too long made warriors weak.

After walking through the corridors of the Pegasus, Ryylar found himself by the brig and frowned, thinking about what Kristiana had said about defending her. It was time for some answers of the more concrete nature. Ryylar walked in, making his way to Sulan's cell.

Sulan watched him enter, as she continued to pace. "Ah, Mr. Ryylar. What an agreeable surprise. To what do I owe the honor?" She'd stripped off her uniform coat and stood in her tank top undershirt and slacks.

He blinked at her and looked straight at her.

"Anssssssswerrrrrrrrrsssssss Lieutenant... I want to know what happened in yourrrrrrr quarrrrrrrterrrrrrsssssss." He said to her.

"A most regrettable incident, to be sure. I would be most honored, if you would kindly overlook it." She crossed her arms over her chest, unscarred over scarred arm, looking at him evenly.

"My girrrrrrlfrrrrrrriend wassssss nearrrrrrrly killed... and if she had been, you likely would have killed me too. That'ssssss harrrrrrdly sssssssomething I can jusssssst overrrrrrrlook Sssssssulan." He said to her sternly.

She nods. "That is another thing I am curious about. How is it that you can favor that... human? Do you not realize that there are things which I can teach you that far surpass anything she can do for you?" She said silkily quiet.

"Sssssshe hassssss taught me the meaning of honorrrrrr and of love... you could not hope to teach me thosssssse thingssssss, esssssspecially ssssssince you arrrrre Vulcan and do not feel love." He said to her flatly.

"You are correct in some ways. But, if that is so, why is it that lust is the only emotions Vulcans cannot control? I will tell you why: because Vulcan love is a force so powerful that even we ourselves must yeild to it."

"Lussssst isssss ssssssomething I've rrrrrrisssssen above mysssssself Ssssssulan. Sssssso it mussssst mean that Vulcanssssss are inherrrrrrently weak." He said with a shrug.

"Is that so? You've risen above it, have you? Well, if that is so. Why not test yourself by joining with me? Become my ally, and I can give you more than simple physical pleasure. Imagine, pleasure, on both a physical, AND mental level? I can give you this, but for the small price of your loyalty." Tag>

"You'rrrrrre asssssking forrrrr mutiny and forrrrrr the death of the woman I love Sssssssulan. The anssssssswerrrrrr isssss no." He said firmly.

"Ah, not death. Though you may not believe me, I respect her deeply. No, I would simply prefer your friendship and loyalty. With you, on my side, I could avoid mental stresses for both Krisiana and myself. Would that not be in her best interests? Everyone would win. You, me, and Kristiana. A logical bargain, if ever there was one."

"I pledged my loyalty to Sssssstarrrrrrrfleet and to Krrrrrrrissssstiana asssss herrrrrr loverrrrrrr. To you I give frrrrrriendsssssship, but you attacked me assssss well. Sssssssomething that asssss I ssssssaid before, issssss not eassssssily overrrrrrlooked." He said, looking to her.

She waives the comment away, in an oddly human gesture that's she'd been practicing. "Come now... surely you cannot hold such a disconcerting lapse against me? I was ill, and it was beyond my control. Ah... I see... perhaps you wish me to make up pain with pleasure then? You see, my training didn't only involve learning how to kill..." She leaves the sentence hang, watching his reaction.

He shook his head.

"I don't want you to make it up to me... I want to know why you did it. What made you sssssssnap on me like that. What makesssss you sssssso ssssssurrrrrrre that you won't jusssssst lapssssssse again and kill half the crrrrrrew?" He asked her.

She pauses. "What make s you believe I would? The doctor has treated, if nor cured my affliction. Would I not make a more powerful friend that enemy? And I ask so little in return. Why, I'd really be a small, trivial thing, I'd ask of you. Simply to protect O'Driscoll in exchange for bliss. Such a small matter really. I would bet that it would be no difficult task to a being of your stature."

"Prrrrrrotect O'Drissssssscoll? The Chief Tactical Officcccerrrrrr? Why? Issssss ssssssshe in dangerrrrrrr?" He asked her. She shakes her head. "She is being slightly shunned by the crew is all." She lies. "Recently a treasured statue of hers was broken, and it caused her great distress. I would have you see that no harm befalls her, or her feelings. Surely your honor can bear such a small task? I understand that you have a fondness for damsels in distress anyhow."

"I'm ssssstill morrrrrrale officcccccerrrrrr on thissssss sssssship. I will do my besssst to help herrrrrr adjussssst and sssssssee what I can do to make herrrrrrrr happy." Ryylar responded.

"I would require more than that. I would have you see to her physical safety as well." "Physssssical welfarrrrrre? Isssssss sssssshe sssssick?" He asked her, cocking an eyebrow.

"No. As I'm sure your aware, her father made some enemies with his... indiscreetness. I would have you make it so that none of her father's sins are visited upon her by any over-zelous crewmen."

"Keep herrrrrr ssssaafe? I'll do my besssssst, though I'm not a fully trrrrrrained officccerrrrr in ssssssecurrrrrrrity." He said.

"Fair enough, but I may require you to step outside of the bounds of your security capacity should the need arise in protecting her."

"What do you mean?" He asked her, his tone growing a bit more concerned.

She raises an eyebrow. "I'm not at liberty to discuss it, until I feel I can trust you." She paces, once again more slowly this time.

And I would of courrrrrrsssssse have to do what to get you to trrrrrrrusssst me?" He asked her.

Find the crewman that detroyed the statute, and 'deal' with him, as I would." "I'll deal with him in Sssssstarrrrrfleet mannerrrrrr." He said nodding.

"Ah ah... I'd like you to do this... off the record. I'm not saying that you should harm him directly, just... be present when he has an 'accident' which leaves him disfigured, or perhaps break a limb of his during an effort to restrain him. Whatever manner you choose, I care not."

"I can't willfully harrrrrrrm sssssssssomeone out of sssssssspite. I won't do that." Ryylar said emphatically.

"Oh won't you? And what of my security officers? You seems to have no trouble in doing the same with them."

"They werrrrrrrre attacking me and made a physssssical asssssault on a juniorrrrrr crrrrrrewman that wassssss unprrrrrovoked." He said with a sharp tone.

She nods. "Correct. And an assult is being made on the wellbeing of O'Driscoll. Doesn't your honor cry out to do something about it?"

"Yessssss, but ssssssincccccce taking out the trrrrrrrassssssh you trrrrrrrained, I've learrrrrrrrned to do thingsssssss accorrrrrrding to Sssssstarrrrrfleet. If I sssssstill did thingssssss my way, you wouldn't be in the brrrrrrrig. You'd be in the morrrrrrrgue." He reminded her.

"Perhaps. I do not dispute that you could have slain me in my madness. Just as I do not dispute the fact that had I been well, in control, and willing, YOU would be dead. But that is not the issue. The trash you fought were not under my training at the time. As you recall, had I not been stopped by the Commander, I would have dealt with them far more harshly that you. But, that, also is not the issue. You know as well as I that there comes a time when you must take off the com badge from time to time. Disorder can only be made into order through force, and freedom can only be defined by boundaries. Law, comes only from lawlessness. Te get what we wish, sometimes we have to leave the boundires of so called 'goodness'."

"What you dessssscrrrrrribe assssss frrrrrreedom thrrrrrrrough forrrrrrrcccccce isssssss nothing morrrrrrre than ssssssimple desssssspotisssssm. Might doesssssn't make rrrrrrright Sssssssulan." He said with a careful look. "And if you continue to trrrrrrry and sssssssuggesssst that I act inapprrrrrrroprrrrrriately then you can forrrrrrrget my tessssstimony on yourrrrr behalf." He said to her.

"Who defines what is right? The people that are strong enough to take power and enforce order. Everything you know as 'right' was written by someone who won power at the point of a sword, phaser, or claw. Why do you find it so hard to see the galaxy as the way it exists?"

"Everrrrrrything I know assssss rrrrrrright isssss what the Federrrrrrration hasssss taught me... The Federrrrrrration which wasssss founded on peaccccce and underrrrrrrsssstanding and knowledge, not on sssssubjugation of thossssse who werrrrrre weak... I thank you forrrrrr ourrrrrr talk Sssssulan... It hassss left me with many quesssssstionsssss." He said with a nod as he turned and made to leave.

"Before you go, I ask you: How is it that a government came to exist that promoted peace? Because the founding worlds killed off their weak and stupid, and the strong were able to form peaceful societies. I only ask that you take the time to consider my porposal, Mr. Ryylar."

"And I asssssk you to consssssiderrrrrrr thissssss Sssssssulan... If the sssssstrrrrrrong make and enforrrrrrrccccce the rrrrrrulesssss... what am I doing out herrrrrre while you'rrrrrre in therrrrre?" He asked her, turning and walking out of the brig to go track down the Tactical Chief.

Sulan watches him go, wondering if she can achieve her motives through him.


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