A mirror shattered #88 - 89 "In weakness there is balance"


<Ryylar's Quaters>

Melina woke slowly she yawned and looked around, for a few moments she couldn't remember where she was. She stretched and sat up in the bed.

"Hmm that's right I fell asleep and Ryylar must have put me to bed" she commented to herself.

She hwasn't suprised she'd fallen asleep, she'd pulled two shift straight the early and mid shift. She wondered where Ryylar was. She stoood and padded over and spotted the mark of there he'd been sleeping on the couch. She laughed softly and shook her head. She padde to the replicator and made herself annew and clean duty unifom she stripped and put the dirty uniform intop the replicator and recycled it. Slipping into the clean one she thought a little and quicly replicated some flowers. With some luck she hoped they would work. She needed to report the science teams progress on the weaons anyway. Melina sighed softly and left Ryylar's quaters, she left with a little smile as she had put a note and a single red rose on Ryylar's bed thanking him for a 'wonderful' night.

Melina knew she shouldn't wind the XO up but she was just being herself a little. She knew Ryylar had chosen his mate, but Melina also knew there was a little room for teasing. The Caitain padded to the turbolift and entered as it was already on the deck.

"Deck Seven" commented Melina.

Melina stood against the side of the turbolift and waited she soon left it and made her way into science lab two. She nodded to the three science officers on duity and smiled, she looked to the engery damening cannon heald in place by two large anti-gracv clamps.

"Let's not test this thing on board we all know either the Captain or the Ice Queen would have a fit" she said softly.

There were a few smiles at the comments and the three went back to work. Melina put the flowers into a vase and put them on a small table nearby, she touched her com badge.

=^="Lt Bradbury to Lt Commander Petrova, I have a report for you and...a gift, I'm inscience lab twoBradbury out"=^=

"You don't think they will be wasted on the Ice Queen Ma'am?" asked and Ensign.

"I'm not sure but I promised Ryylar I'd try, get back to work" replied Melina.

<Tag Lt Cmder Petrova>

Lt Melina Bradbury Cheif Science Officer USS Pegasus