A mirror shattered #88 - 89 "In weakness there is balance"


<USS Pegasus, Ryylar's quarters>

When the chime rang he shifted out of his sleep on the couch and stood, walking to the door to open it. Ryylar blinked and yawned as the light of the hallway crept in. His uniform was disheveled.

Kristiana looked forlorn, tired, ready to collapse, and still very much bloodied. She leaned against the doorframe. ".. Help me, Ryylar .. " Wincing as she pushed off and stumbled towards him. ".. I need a shower .. And rest .. "

He picked her up and nodded, carrying her away from his room.

"Melina came to sssssssee me and collapsssssed on my bed frrrrrrom exxxxhaussssstion... Let'ssssss go to yourrrrrr quarrrrrrterrrrrrsssss." He said, explaining his actions before she could question them.

Kristiana snuggled into his arms, then BLINKED and gave him a LOOK. ".. There's Another Woman .. In your bed ?!" She tried to struggle, but then just groaned and curled up - well as she could - in his arms. But she definately wasn't pleased.

"In my bed yessssss, which issssss why I wassssss napping on the couch..." He said with a soft smile as he gently kissed her forehead, stepping into a turbolift and taking it to her quarters. Commander James Conrad: Star Trek: Katana - The Sword of the Federation zegt:

".. Ryylar .. " She had her eyes closed, and did her best to control her breathing and temper, but everything about her just screamed that she was Not Please. ".. there is another woman .. sleeping in the bed .. that we make love in." She shook her head a bit. ".. I don't want that. She can sleep on the couch .. But that bed, is Ours."

He nodded and softly kissed her forehead, knowing he screwed up royally, but at the moment having her in his arms he needed to take care of her more immediate concerns.

"I know dearrrrrr." He said softly as they entered her quarters and he laid her on her bed ever so gently.

She winced as she sat up on her bed. ".. I need you, Ryylar .. Help me shower .. Stay with me. Deal with Melina in the morning .. Please ?" looking at him, reaching a hand out to him for support.

"I won't leave you Krrrrrrrisssss..." He said with a soft reassuring hug as he undressed her and himself, carrying her to the shower together.

She gave a nod, snuggling in his arms again, starting to take her uniform off. "I went to see Sulan before coming to your quarters .. She hasn't changed one single bit - started insulting me and threatening me. I'm gonna recommend that she be removed from duty and kicked out of Starfleet."

"She'ssssss changed a lot. She'sssss not calling me ensssssign and foaming at the mouth anymorrrrrrre. I'd sssssssay give herrrrrrr a psssssych eval firrrrrrrssssst." He said with a slow nod as they stepped into the high frequency sonic shower together.

"Ryylar .. " She leaned against a wall, looking sternly at him. ".. She attacked me .. Tried to kill me .. Just now, she called me a frail old woman .. She said that her time would come, when I was dead." She winced, and slowly slumped, sitting down on the floor of her shower, pale, looking almost like a corpse. "Heroes .. Knights in shining armor .. " she spoke weakly, under her breath ".. protect .. their ladies .. Not the ones attacking and insulting them."

"If I prrrrrrotected you the way I wanted to, then Ssssssulan would be dead rrrrrright now. But I pulled my clawsssssss back at the lasssssst sssssssecond becaussssssse that'sssss what Sssstarrrrrrfleet demandsssss me to do." He said, looking into her eyes. She had wanted a Starfleet Officer and a Ryylar at the same time, thus he had to sacrifice parts of his code of honor in order to give that to her.

"Besssssidessssss. I committed the ssssssame crrrrrrime and wassssss orrrrrrderrrred to have a pssssssych evaluation." He said softly.

".. It's not the same, Ryylar, and you know it." She continued to sound weak, as she pulled her legs up and wrapped her arms around them, looking and feeling miserable. ".. You fought to protect someone .. She attacked without just cause or provocation .. You fought to stop them from hurting another crewmember .. She attacked with intent to kill .. They were dealt with appropriately .. She's still insulting me and .. She hasn't changed a single bloody thing." Her shoulders started to shake softly as she buried her face against her knees.

"Sssssssshhhh... jussssst rrrrrrrelax Krrrrrrisssss... I love you and it'sssss all overrrrrr now..." He said gently, holding her in his arms.

Kristiana struggled, weakly "Don't you shh me, Ryylar ! Damnit .. Are you just protecting her ? Why ? She bloody tried to kill me .. " She started sobbing now. "And .. I don't .. need .. no shrink .. To see that .. that .. she'd want to .. finish the job .. And I .. She .. She's so strong .. And I'm weak .. "

"You'rrrrrrre not weak and I'm not prrrrrrotecting herrrrrr, I'm only rrrrrrrreminding you of Sssssstarrrrrrfleet prrrrrotocol." He said softly as he held her close.

"She wassssss absssssolutely wrrrrrrrrong to do what she did." He said softly and gently kissed her cheek as he held her.

He held her close in the shower, realizing that he was only making things worse and just shut up. He held her in his arms and tapped the shower off, picking her up to carry her out once more, slowly making his way to the bedroom as he laid her on her bed and curled up with her beneath the sheets.

She let him wash her, and remained silent, as he did. Her tears slowed and stopped, as time passed. She let him pick her up and carry her nude form towards the bed .. There, she'd cling to him, cuddling up against him, burying her face in the fur of his chest. ".. Thank you .. " She whispered quietly, giving one last sob.

He held her in his strong arms, and if he could would have enveloped her in a second skin. He held her close and gently caressed and smoothed out her hair, kissing her face every now and again.

"I love you Krrrrrrisssss... I am only trrrrrying to do my besssst." He said softly.

".. I know .." she spoke quietly after a few moments of silence. She pulled back slightly and looked him straight in his eyes. "I know I'm a difficult bitch sometimes .. But .. I do know. And I do appreciate that you're doing your best."

He smiled and kissed her, gently moving over her as he nuzzled her.

"You may be a difficult bitch at timessssss... but you'rrrrrre ssssstill my difficult bitch... And I love you forrrrrr it." He joked and held her in his arms, holding her close to his body.

She smiled softly and nuzzled him, then kissed his lips. "And I love you .." as she closed her eyes and snuggled again, just wanting to sleeeeeeeeeep ..

He held her as they snuggled and laid his head beside her, the two drifting off to sleep.


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