A Mirror Shattered #86, #87 "The words of the beast"


[Non-descript corridor, Brig, USS Pegasus] Kristiana wasn't feeling well at all. But she needed this. She needed to face the one who had caused her all this pain, to begin with. She'd heard that Sulan had been brought to the brig, and that she has some sort of suppressant that makes her able to function at least with a semblance of control and logic. Still looking like a zombie movie reject - and feeling like that, too - Kristiana made her way through the corridors of the ship, towards the brig.

Sulan sat in the center of the cell, in the lotus position with her eyes closed and her hands pressed palms together resting on her chest lightly. Her back was straight, and her head was bowed slightly.

"Lieutenant .. " Petrova's raspy voice spoke. ".. although not for much longer, I'd assume .. " She added quietly. Standing in front of Sulan's cell, leaning against a bulkhead, watching the Vulcan before her. Sulan didn't move, nor open her eyes. "Ah, Commander. Come to gloat? I'll have you know your attempts to insult me no longer matter." She said in the typical emotionless Vulcan tone.

I'm a Starfleet Officer, Lieutenant." She spat at Sulan. " .. I do not 'gloat'" she added, as if to make sure that Sulan understood what that first part meant. "I came to see if .. " She winced a bit and closed her eyes for a moment. ".. If I was right showing you pity."

"Oh? You've not come to gloat? I could have sworn that was joy I heard in your voice at the thought of my demotion." She still remains unmoving with her eyes closed. "Perhaps I will be demoted. But you, Commander, will still be a weak old human. Demote me, if you will, but I will still be strong long after your bones have turned to dust."

Kristiana's eyes narrowed at that. "Tell me this .. Vulcan .. Is it logical to .. " she coughed a bit, still leaning against the bulkhead. ".. insult the person who will decide your future ? Weak as you think I am .. You are rotting in a jail cell, while I was in command of the ship." She had to use all her remaining self-control not to just snap at this insubordinate, arrogant green blooded .. monster .. sitting before her.

"Should I be concerned at the weak plays for power of a frail old woman? No. It is logical to assume that when your frailty overtakes you, it is I that will guide this vessel to greatness. Flail about all you like, it's only a matter of time before your dead of old age, or from a lapse in judgment."

Petrova just shook her head, not even dignifying that bit of arrogant mispresumption with a response. ".. And I had such high hopes for you .. " she muttered quietly, under her breath, not caring whether Sulan heard or not, as she turned to leave the brig again.

"Do not worry, I will protect this ship, as I promised, that has not changed." She calls after her.

".. Right .. We've seen what a grand job you've been doing, so far .." Kristiana muttered as she reached the door. ".. Especially your quarters look like the safest place in the universe .. " She shook her head again and exited the brig. Kristiana made her tortuous way towards Ryylar's quarters, there to simply collapse into a haunted, restless sleep.

Sulan tills her head, showing no expression as she departs. Indeed, she continued her meditation as if no conversation had ever occurred.


Lieutenant Commander Kristiana Petrova U.S.S Pegasus


Telek Sulan U.S.S. Pegasus "I'm sorry what did you say? I have trouble listening to the rantings of the old and senile."