A Mirror Shattered 93&94 - "Visitors"

-={On}=- [Main Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

Caelen saw the planet coming into view and felt a bit of relieve "Ensign take us into a low orbit" he ordered his helm officer before rising from his seat and walking a bit closer to T'Rell.

"I will, sir" T'Rell said after he looked at the planet on the view- screen. He then pressed a few buttons on his console and the vessel was taken into low orbit. "We are engaging towards a low orbit, sir" he spoke.

Caelen nodded slowly "I think it's time for us to find out what happened out here..." he turned to the communications officer on duty "Contact Ensign Kennedy and tell him to report back to this Pegasus" he said before turning to the Science station "Ensign Bradbury... Can you scan the planet's surface?"

"Scanning, I can just about see the surface sir, however we can not use transporters as they are being effectively blocked by the dampening field Sir" reported Melina.

"Very well..." Caelen said "...T'Rell, Melina, you're with me... Evans you have the bridge" he said before turning on his heels and made way to the turbo lift knowing that the two Ensigns would follow him, he glanced shortly at Kathleen, who was still present on the bridge "Get our engines back up to spec, Lieutenant, I want to be out of here as soon as we find a door" with this he stepped into the lift and waited for both the ensigns to enter.

T'Rell stood up preparing to follow Caelen into the turbo lift, not saying anything. An ensign almost instantly took over the console. T'Rell walked over the bridge into the turbolift. "Proceeding towards the planet with a shuttlepod sir?"

Melina stood and walked along into the turbolift behind Caelen she stopped and allowed T'Rell to enter first. She thought quickly and listened to the Vulcan. "I think that would be best sir, what should we expect once we get to the surface?" she asked softly.

Caelen first turned to T'Rell "It would be the most logical course of action, wouldn't it?" he didn't wait for a response but instead turned to Melina "Your guess is as good as mine, Ensign, I figure it will be a lot of people on very little space and the peace a prosperity we know in our Federation might be hidden far from sight" a soft sigh thinking of the prospect "Deck Three" he ordered the lift as the doors closed. He then tapped his combadge =/\= Cmdr LaBrie to Ensign B'Inca, please report to shuttle bay three with an emergency medical kit =/\= he ordered before closing the channel again.

[Main Sickbay, Deck 6, USS Pegasus]

B'Inca her combadge chirped and she received the call to report to Shuttlebay three. =/\= Agreed sir, B'Inca out =/\= She walked over to a cabinet in Sickbay, she had to leave Dr. Floyd alone with a few patients, but she knew he could handle it. The EMH was there to help him. B'Inca gave a nod to the doctor, just before she left. She walked out of the sickbay and into the closest turbo lift. "Computer, deck 3" B'Inca 'ordered.' After a short period of time, the turbo lift arrived and she stepped out. B'Inca saw Caelen, Melina and her fiancée T'Rell standing before the entrance of Shuttlebay three. She walked over to them and joined the group.

Melina looked down she sighed softly "Then we should expect the usual problems crime, people having more than they need and such Captain. I thought the Federation has risen above the petty needs of a few privileged persons... I guess things change with circumstances"

"It would seem illogical that the Federation will drop 200 years of evolution. Starfleet Counsel and Command would never allow such things." T'Rell said to Melina. "It is just matter of adapting, the most logical choice."

"Mister T'Rell we don't know if there is much of a Starfleet Command left never mind the Federation it use to span over one hundred and fify plus worlds including Cait...obviously things have gone very badly for the Federation of this universe" replied Melina.

"I agree with T'Rell on this one, after hearing Falor mention several things I am fairly sure that there is still a Federation Counsel and absolutely sure there is still a Starfleet Command" Caelen said to Melina, notifying her that with this the subject was put to rest. He stepped inside the shuttle bay and walked straight to the shuttlecraft Paramount, a type six shuttlecraft.

Melina followed Caelen, she let the matter finish and looked to him. "Sir...do you think. I mean do you think Earth and Cait have been destroyed?" she asked softly "Both planets in our universe fought very hard...but I'm left wondering. There was a Dominion threat to bomb Cait out of existence. It didn't happen in our universe but. here...well things are different.."

T'Rell followed Caelen into the shuttlebay and towards the shuttlepod. He listened to Melina, and thought about the chance of planets being destroyed.

"Both Cait and Earth have a very diverse source of materials... I doubt that they would simply shoot them out of the sky..." Caelen answered the seemingly worried Caitian/human half-breed. He stepped closer to the door and opened it. Allowing T'Rell to step in first "...chances are that Earth, Cait, Vulcan, Andoria, Betazed, Trill and all those other planets are still in one piece but in very bad shape..." almost a defeated sigh "...chances also are that there are several Federation Citizens being forced to labour on those planets to extract aforementioned materials or refine them... not unlike the Cardassian occupation of Bajor" with this he also stepped into the shuttle and took place in the co-pilot seat, "begin flight checks Ensign" he said while doing his own set of flight checks, as was to be expected from a co-pilot.

Melina shivered softly she doubted most Caitians would take slavery very well. She nodded and slipped into the shuttle pod. She thought about what had happened, it seemed she needed recalculate their chance of returning home. The odds were stacked against it. "Sir I've been wondering what happened to Captain Sisko?" she questioned.

T'Rell sat down and started the flight checks as ordered. He checked everything, and found everything to be alright. T'Rell opened the comm channel of the shuttlepod. =/\= Shuttle pod Paramount to Flight Control, are we cleared to leave? =/\=

=/\= Flight Control to Shuttlepod Paramount, you are cleared to leave =/\= The shuttlebay doors opened.

T'Rell flew the shuttle pod out of the Shuttlebay and then set the course towards the planet. T'Rell went on to continually check if everything was in working order. B'Inca turned slightly to Melina "You're line of questioning is quite irrelevant to the assignment ahead... I am puzzled by your curiosity and am wondering if your amount of worry has a negative effect on your ability to perform your duties"

At this remark Caelen turned around and faced B'Inca "Melina is a worrier... she worries... there is nothing we can do about that and normally this character trade could keep us out of a lot of trouble..." he said before turning further around and facing Melina "...in this case however, the things that happened here has no effect on our universe... so B'Inca is right... what happened to everybody here is irrelevant"

"We are entering the atmosphere" T'Rell stated. The shuttle pod rocked a bit. "Everything is within specified safety parameters"

"Aye Sir, it should be interesting to see how much they have diverted from the Federation we know, we can learn a lot from this" commented Melina.

Caelen gave a mental sigh at this remark "This universe might be called a mirror universe but it is in no way a reflection of our own... a very specific chain of events has gotten this Federation where it is now... it's like comparing apples and cows..." he grinned a bit at this himself. They had entered the atmosphere and T'Rell was already making way to a landing spot. They landed with relative ease, the planet seemed rather serene, despite the fact that it was in the middle of the badlands, plant life flourished and cities were visible on the surface. Most of them still bore the markings of the ships the initial buildings were erected from. The shuttle touched down and Caelen and T'Rell performed a quick aft- flight check before the Commander opened the door and stood up from his chair, motioning B'Inca and Melina to exit first.

Melina slipped outside and scanned the area "M Class slightly higher barometric pressure than Mars, gravity 1.2 g, air breathable with a slightly higher oxygen content well within a compatible range sir. Most of the buildings have been reacted from damaged starships. Other than it all seems normal Captain" replied Melina.

Several of the local civilians came walking closer to the shuttlepod, it was an interesting sight especially the uniforms they were wearing, all in mint condition. But then they quickly took several steps back as B'Inca and T'Rell emerged from the shuttle and started whispering to each other. Caelen was the last to exit the shuttle and looked at the buildings nearest to them "Can you identify the ship classes T'Rell?" he asked knowing that T'Rell had a more extensive knowledge about Starship classes then Melina. He didn't pay any attention to the citizens that had come to their landing sight.

"I see several classes sir. Galaxy, Akira, Nebula, Prometheus and I can identify several others as well. Would you like me to do that sir?" T'Rell asked final as he had named some classes of ships, now doing service as homes.

"Hmm how long do you estimate they have been here T'Rell?" questioned Melina.

"The closest estimate I can give, is five years, although some buildings are not older then two." T'Rell said as he walked closer to one of the buildings. "The building over there is made of a ship that has been out of service for seven or eight years" He pointed at a building in the distance. Caelen nodded slowly and walked closer to the group of people who had gathered "Can any of you tell me where Starfleet Headquarters is?" he asked with a friendly tone.

A helpful citizen stepped forward "I can get you there, it's only a five minute walk"

Caelen turned to his away team "Melina and B'Inca, you'll investigate the city a bit, try to get information on this universe... preferably from as many different people as possible, T'Rell, you're with me" he then turned to the citizen and let him lead the way. The others talked a lot more extensive now, after they heard the name of the Vulcan in red.

Then a small girl came running up to the two men clad in red uniform and touched T'Rell on his arm before sprinting off again to her friends in the distance.

T'Rell slightly raised his eyebrow and then followed his Commander and the inhabitant of the planet. "Can you give an estimate of time you resided on this planet?" T'Rell asked the citizen.

The man turned slightly to T'Rell "When the Dominion overran every single Starfleet installation in the alpha quadrant in '74..." now raising an eyebrow as well before coming to a stand still and folding his arms "...where are you from?"

Caelen watched the little girl run off again and wondered what was going on with T'Rell, as he heard the name being repeated after he called him "We're from the USS Pegasus..." he then said

"Impossible... the Pegasus is being commanded by Kayim Falor..." the man said in return "...and there hasn't been a Vulcan officer serving onboard a Federation vessel for years..." he stepped closer to T'Rell "...you're not like any Vulcan I've ever met... so where are you from?"

"We are from the USS Pegasus, NCC 49885, I serve aboard as Chief Flight Control Officer." T'Rell stated clearly as they were walking over a barren road.

"Then it is true..." the man said before turning around and continue on the road to the local Starfleet Headquarters. "You see in our universe you are very infamous..." he then started, assuming that the rumours about a ship coming from another universe were true. They rounded a corner and at the end of the road was something that they could all recognize as Starfleet Headquarters by the logo decorating the arch over the entrance.

"Is that why all the people shunned when T'Rell and B'Inca stepped out of the shuttle?" Caelen asked, he was wondering what the Vulcans did wrong in this universe "They are still in the Federation aren't they?" hoping that they wouldn't be allied with the Dominion as that would spell trouble for B'Inca, for sure.

"If they weren't they would've already been shot... wouldn't you think?" the man replied not slowing down in his walk towards the building "No... they shunned because the Vulcan Renegades are the only force that can attack Jem'Hadar without losing ships and with minimum casualties"

"Is that because of their intelligence and logic? It would seem the most logical." T'Rell said. "Could you also give an explanation, for the erratic behaviour of that child?" T'Rell asked the man.

The man laughed out loud at this remark "Intelligence and logic have nothing to do with it son..." he stated in a loud fashion adding some more laughter after the statement. He pulled himself together "Vulcans are three times stronger then the average human male ... however ... when you people lose control over your emotions you can withstand more pain then a Klingon on cocaine..." he pondered a bit "... the little girl was probably dared to touch you by her friends... and she was very brave in doing so... you see not using that logic of yours for a long time does things to you and your kind... you become more human..."

Caelen understood how a ship full off rabid Vulcans would be able to kill some Jem'Hadar, but how would they get close enough to kill them all? "So the Vulcans in this universe are on starships trying to destroy Jem'Hadar fighters?" he asked.

Another grin from the man as he shook his head "Most Vulcans are on the Planet Vulcan... strip mining their own resources as slaves... but the Renegades... now that's a whole different story. And they aren't on Starfleet vessels..."

"They reside on ships belonging to other species, I presume." T'Rell said, "Like for example, Jem'Hadar ships." he continued. "Or is this incorrect?" He then asked.

"There are three Jem'Hadar fighters out there wreaking Havoc and last news has it that they've also taken a Galor class..." the man answered as he came to a stand still in front of the building "...now don't take this the wrong way, you seem like a reasonable guy... I just wouldn't expect a warm welcome... Vulcans... especially you... usually bring more trouble then good news..."

Caelen turned to the man and nodded "Thank you for all the information and you bringing us here... it's much appreciated" he said before turning to T'Rell motioning him to follow inside.

"Whatever man... it's not like I had anything better to do..." the man replied a bit sarcastically before turning around and walking off again.

"What an interesting universe this is, don't you think Ensign?" Caelen then asked with a small smirk.

"Yes, indeed, very interesting. Fascinating, to say the least." T'Rell said as he made a small bow towards the man, walking off. He then followed Caelen inside the Headquarters. Once inside, there were indeed people who were looking at T'Rell, although they didn't say anything, he could feel that he wasn't that welcome, just as the man outside had told the two.

Caelen walked up to the desk but before he could ask the girl behind the counter something she responded "Admiral Grey is on his way down sir, if you would just wait over there please" the name Grey run a bell in Caelen his head, Grey was the last name of his best friend, Alexander, the one he named his daughter after. He nodded to the girl and turned to the seats she had pointed out. He sat down pondering, off course the chance was big that the Admiral Grey was another person, there were more people with that last name, even in their own universe.

T'Rell sat down next to Caelen, he closed his eyes for a second. He could still see and feel everybody looking at him. He quietly sat next to Caelen, waiting for Admiral Grey.

-={Off}=- Touch down by:

Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer "Rabid Vulcans… this is… Fascinating…"

Ensign T'Rell Chief Flight Control Officer "Why is Everybody Staring at me?"


Ensign Melina Bradbury (Acting) Chief Science Officer

Also Starring: Ensign B'Inca Nurse (NPC by T'Rell and Caelen)

USS Pegasus NCC-49885