"Renegade Deception" #16-17 "Sounding Quarters"


USS Pegasus--Main Bridge

The Pegasus was still drifting about, their location not exactly known at the moment. With the ship without propulsion the ship could easily find themselves defensively compromised. Takashi quickly browsed open a systems window on his console and took a look at the status of the Peggy’s defensive systems. He turned back the XO who currently had the Conn.

”Tactical, Conn. Commencing check listing on weapons and defensive measures …all systems show green” Takashi reported as he looked about and checked for the XO’s reaction.

She looked up from her console, distracted from her train of thoughts for a moment; she shook her head a bit before turning her attention to Matsu. "... I'm sorry, Lieutenant? What was that?"

”I’m completed a systems check on our weapon systems ma’am… we’re sitting ducks at the moment and near or in the neutral zone at this point. I recommend sounding general quarters and setting condition yellow until we have propulsion control again.”

She frowned a bit, rising from her chair, heading over towards Takashi's console. She looked at the readings for a few moments, before speaking again. "… It's a valid suggestion, Lieutenant. However, raising shields might be the wrong sign to any possible nearby ships."

”Yes Ma’am, however if we find ourselves adrift in this region of space too long we would be defensively compromised. It would be prudent to take up standard precautions especially in this political unstable region…”

She'd nod again, and heave a sigh. She's going to catch hell for this if nothing happens. On the other hand, the lieutenant JG had a point. A very good point. "Very well, Lieutenant. Sound general quarters, condition yellow."

"Sounding general quarters, condition yellow aye ma'am. *opens comm.* This is the Bridge... all hands to General Quarters...repeat all personnel to general quarters...set condition yellow throughout the ship and batten down the hatches" he said as he closed the comm. and brought up the actions window on his console effectively bringing the ship's defensive shields online. "Tactical, Conn. All decks have confirmed General Quarters, shields have been raised with offensive and defensive measures on standby for condition red"

"Very good, Lieutenant." is her short reply as she heads back to her XO chair. "Keep a sharp eye on sensors. Anything suspicious, warn me." A nod and a soft smile as she sat back down and tried to pick up her earlier train of thought again - finding it very difficult, with the condition yellow in the back of her mind.

"Aye Ma'am... warming up sensor relays...and commencing first tactical sensor sweep."


Lieutenant Kristiana Petrova XO, USS Pegasus


Lt. JG Matsu Takashi Ship’s Tactical Officer USS Pegasus